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2x Instant Kill Trick for Titan Temple

Hey everyone! In this short article I share with you a nifty little Wartune trick to get 2x Instant Kill in Titan Temple. I want to give thanks to Rork, a buddy from my server, who shared it with me. I really like and respect all those players who dig a little deeper and manage to find something cool, even if it is small, that many don’t know about ๐Ÿ™‚

I made a video of this so if you prefer to watch the video just scroll down to it or watch it on my YouTube channel. Otherwise I am also posting this article version for all those people who prefer reading articles on my Wartune blog.

2x Instant Kill Trick

This trick has to do with using a combination of Arcane Power Titan together with the special skill or ability that we have only inside Titan Temple called Titan Wrath. Now most Wartune players probably know that Arcane Power allows us to cast 2x AOEs or 2x strong sylph skills which is a wonderful ability especially if timed well, but many players did not think to experiment it together with the special Titan Temple skills. The good news is that it works! ๐Ÿ™‚

Arcane Power

Titan Wrath

How to do it:

  1. Decide where to place your Arcane Power.
  2. Once it is activated use Titan Wrath to instant kill.
  3. Then again use Titan Wrath (assuming the enemies do not neutralize the Arcane Power).

Note: using Titan Force to reset Titans also cancels the effect of Arcane Power.

When to use it and is it useful?

For those players that can beat Titan Temple this will be just good fun to know. It is always wonderful to learn something new about Wartune even if you don’t need it (e.g. highlighting monsters in red :P)

However, lower Battle Rating Wartune players can actually find this trick to be very useful. So if you you can beat some stages but there is a difficult one that you could never beat before this trick gives you a big chance to win that.

I would suggest putting Arcane Power in the 1st Titan Slot and start with whatever attack you like (e.g. AOE) followed by 2x Instant Kill with Titan Wrath.

There are 8 enemies in total. 4 of them are players, so you have 50% chance of killing a player. That’s a pretty good chance. If you do not kill a player on the first attack then the second attack has a 57% chance to hit a player. If you do kill a player with the first Titan Wrath then to hit the 2nd player from the 3 remaining is 43% chance.

So the chances are pretty good and lower BR players can find this trick quite useful I think.

Video: 2x Instant Kill

And here is the video I recorded demonstrating and explaining this:

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