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Titan Temple Tips and Strategy (including Video)

Hey guys, in this article we talk about tips / strategy for Titan Temple @ Titan City in the Outlands. I will start by sharing inputs from 2 players and then share my video guide below that.


  • Archer Class – Dave’s Tips
  • Mage Class – DarkDealer S47’s Tips
  • Knight Class – COSMOS’s Tips
  • Video: Titan Temple Gameplay / Strategy

Archer Class – Dave’s Tips

First, a short paragraph on tips shared by Dave (Archer class) on our facebook page (thanks for sharing). He generally passes all stages of Titan Temple and had the following to share:

If you play with your titan skill order and the 3 free skill boosts, all 8 are pretty easy, as an archer.

  • Start with Advanced Brutality Rune,
  • Then Cluster Bomb (30 rage),
  • Sylph up (I use red Frigga) and cast Steal,
  • Then Tsunami. And that usually takes out the first 5 levels in that order, maybe 2-3 other shots to clean up if they Frigga/heal and shield.

Titan skills order is important, and keep the Def and Heal skills as the last 2, and use the Titan Heart bonus skill to reset titan skills after sylph up.


Archer Knighthood Skills and Talents

Mage Class – DarkDealer S47’s Tips

DarkDealer (Mage Class) has the following to share (he also clears 8 stages if I recall well). His Hero and Eudaemon skills are shown below and with these:

  • He starts with Brutality Rune
  • Then hits with Hell’s Requiem (80 rage)
  • Then keeps spamming Fiery Lotus AOE (10 rage)

His Hero Skill setup is as follows:

His Eudaemon is the Battle Oracle with the following set up with 2 skills:


Mage Knighthood Skills and Talents

Knight Class – COSMOS’s Tips and Video

As you could capture by now, Archer and Mage class players have a lot easier time with Titan Temple due to their affordable AOE skills. Archers can AOE with 30 rage and Mages, even easier, with 10 rage (and have another 80 rage stronger AOE).

Knights are in more trouble with TT since AOE is so important here. Knight Class’s Spin Attack uses 80 rage and that’s all they have. Still, gotta work with what you got ๐Ÿ™‚

Here the KH Knight Class reference and tips / strategy / video below that:


Knight Knighthood Skills and Talents

From my side I prepared a video where I do my Titan Temple run and explain exactly what I do at which exact situation. I have 2 different starting strategies:

Method 1 – New Start

  1. Gash to gather rage
  2. Spin Attack AOE
  3. Rage Rune to gather rage
  4. If Awakening points lowered by enemy then 2nd spin attack
  5. If Sylph is ready then go to Sylph mode for 2 x AOE and cancel if enemy is still alive

Method 2 – Killed 1 enemy in previous battle

  1. Wraith Strike to take out the near dead enemy
  2. Rage Rune to gather rage
  3. Spin Attack AOE
  4. Sylph mode to do 2 x AOE

For complete explanations and all tips please watch the video:

Video: Wartune Gameplay and Strategy for TITAN TEMPLE at the Outlands Titan City

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  1. what about the archers who doesn’t have frigga?

    • i use red hecate as i ave no merged slyph

      very usefull with the damage titan 200% brute

      if u got will titan to bring ur slyph out early

      • Dmg titan=Celestial Strength?

      • Yes +100% Crit damage is very popular; I also mentioned about that in my video. Another popular is instant awaken.
        Ideally we all work to get both ๐Ÿ™‚

      • I use brutality and crit dmg titan don’t even go sylph to kill them. Ps I’m archer

    • you can use any sylph that has 2 or more AOE attacks – you are looking for basically strong and fast AOE damage
      – Cosmos

      • They cannot use 2 aoe if there rage to begin us 40 n under. U start at 50 there it will work.
        Also that Dave guy probably have 7 Titian skill like the awake Titan in order for him to go syphl mode right away. Therefore these strangers will not work for a non casher.
        Let me give u all a tip for non casher.
        Turn off all ur shield if u run into frigga. Than use ur power Attk to kill them off 1by 1 if ur not strong enuff. That way u can damage there health down n they kill u off before they heal back.
        For me now I can get to lvl 5. As a 1omillbr khnight 100% no cash n my syphl is only 220kbr electro yup a crappy syphl. But I have lvl 7 Damarion. I rage rune n deciced my deplic . N than try to wraith the lowest boss every chance I get to kill 1 of them off.

    • My spouse’s account doesn’t have frigga, but has a Wind Sylph. He uses that for the steal, and then uses the Delphic Apocalyptic Hurricane with good results. Previously he was only able to get 4 levels cleared, and using this method today was able to clear 7. The Wind Sylph isn’t all that strong, only 1 orange star, so I was surprised it worked as well as it did.

  2. first i wouldnt call that tips, it is just telling us how some get it done sometimes. thats all.

    and all your “tips” just work if everything works like you dream about. but life is no dream…..

    and as i expect, the most important thing you dont talk about.
    what BR they have?
    everyone can do with those “tips”?
    i doubt it

    and dont tell me i have to watch your boring videos to get the most important info… -.-

    • thats defenitely not fair. cosmos and co are working hard and they are trying to give us the best information.

      yes br matters. starting rage also matters. but imagine giving tips for any combination of rage and br… no way. so I see this as a vague range of actions that show how we can maximize our rewards.

      • It is fair, just maybe not as well said as it could.

        Posting 2-3 strategies a class and BR and some without merged and with, and how many titans is huge on success.

        I’ve never not cleared it from the day it came in, but my in game spouse (a very very light cashing mage) has a very hard time with it – and it’s heavily based on both starting rage and number of titans (i have 12 he has 4).

      • your in game spouse REALLY sucks. and i bet he has higher stats than me. I’m 10M br mage now, starting the TT at below 9M br, only 3 titans, 29 initial rage and I got TWO free titans already by now.

        wont tell some whinny biatch with attitude about how i do it tho.

        and oh are you ok now? think about that before you thrasing other people work.

    • My archer is around 15 Mil br but I my friend is 9 Mil br kh archer and he clear 5 stages easy with orange goddes

  3. i start with rage rune and celestial strenth, and then spin attack twice (passive rage skill) and try one shot them, my patk is same as cosmos.

    after when got 5 titans, start with sylph and steal twice with arcane power and delphic, work with frigga or wind sylph + passive recover hp skill if u need

    • class knight

      • for knight, cold killer got chance to avoid enemy frigga heal back too, take it in consideration ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. These seem like tips for bigger BRs to possibly get an extra level when they are already able to do pretty well anyway and would gradually get the stones for new titans anyway.

    Smaller players without dual sylphs or half a dozen titans already seem to be the ones complaining since they can’t pass the first level and so don’t get any animation stones to unlock further titans which would make things easier.

    On my 4 month server with titans starting at around 11m+ at the bottom levels I’m able to do 2, sometimes 3 levels at 6.5m BR and was doing the first level at 5 million, others on our server with similar BR to me are struggling with the first level so the following tips might be useful for the newer servers (probably won’t help on older servers where the top 100 are super strong)

    1. Attack is by far the most important stat, once your guardian rune runs out you will probably only get one further shot off at best so focus on upgrading attack, crit would be second most important since it crits allow you to do more damage.

    2. If you are free from lag (the wartune client (not the r2 client) is better for this) then you can get your first shot off followed by either a rune or the kill/deflect skills you have before the enemy attacks. If you can do this then it count’s as 2 turns so put your guardian rune in the 2nd slot otherwise put it in the first if you can only get a single shot off (the exception to this would be if you have enough defence to survive the initial hits in which case putting it one slot later may work out better). The heal rune should generally go 2 slots later for when the guardian wears off to get you back full although if you can survive the extra turn put it 3 slots later than the guardian.

    3. Save the deflect skill for when you have killed 3 or 4 players and use it before they do their first move so the deflect kills them. If you can’t do the first level normally then use the kill skill for the first 3 tries and hope they hit players, if you can do levels without the kill skill it is better to save them for levels you can’t, the kill skill has an element of luck, if you hit players it is positive, if you hit eudemons it is basically a wasted turn so it’s usually best not to use it if you can kill the level anyway.

    I play as a knight on a 4 month old server (although merged with 5 and 6 month ones) so still have little starting rage, I’m listing the skill order I use below since it might help similar knights and might give a suggestion for other players
    1. gash (for rage) followed by brutality rune (Guardian titan in slot 2 activates here for me)
    2. gash (again for rage)
    3. Spin attack (Guardian wears off after this, heal titan activates if I’ve put it in slot 4)
    4. sylph if I can otherwise wrath strike (for chance at -50% damage)
    5. Will normally be dead at this point if I haven’t killed at least 3 players, I should be in sylph mode and I use Cerberus so I normally use Devouring lava here to hit any remaining players or to usually kill all eudemons if all players are dead, exception is when there is just one player left and he is almost dead in which case I use firestorm aoe so I also hit eudemons.

  5. can u give us tips and how to get off using mage and a fair br range knights can almost like archers but mages havin the most problems can u pls help

    • mage is written just after archer in the article
      if you don’t have rage with brutality then switch that rune with a rage rune

  6. Letting people know the approx BR of the person giving the tips and number of titan bonuses is huge.

    I’m big enough to one-shot first couple of levels and often at least one-round the next couple, but when it was new, I found that the number of the titan skills you earn (from amount of titans) makes a huge huge difference.

    Strategy for those in the 10-12m BR is very different from 13-15 and again for those over 15. At least IMHO

  7. Well so far I have not got past 1 with my 1 mill br mage mainly because I always seem to come up against knights with defensive shields who then have defensive shields and regen from the sylphs with healing mages no matter what damage I can do before they start with the defence and regen is wiped out and there is no chance to kill them.

  8. One thing for archers which I use is that no-cd titan. Brutality,then titan and then cluster twice..usually gets job done at 12m or so BR. Awaken to clear remaining ones if needed.

  9. Or you could raise your br. Most of us archers just need to use a cluster bomb no runes no sylph and they die first hit

  10. For knights, the pattern of gash-spin-rage-spin doesn’t work as well once you have the crit boost (Light) titan. You’re wasting a round of that buff on the rune when you could do rage-spin-gash-spin instead. That extra gash in the middle will sometimes get lucky and take out one of the players, and if you’re really lucky it will be one of the frygga users.

    The Light titan should be everyone’s first priority, since it makes TT vastly easier. Before I got it, I had a hard time clearing 3, after I got it, I was clearing the full 8 without too much trouble.

  11. I use arcane and rage rune. I get enough energy i can use hells requeim twice right away and for the real hard on a couple of normal aoe. I rarely have to sylph, but my attack is quite good. I also wait til I at east get the euds killed then use the kill one skill and reset titans so i can remove their shield if they are sylphed with frigga. I am often in titan temple so I personally leave off my titans if i can remember to.

  12. anyone ever thought of setting iron will titan (instant full awaken) as 2nd titan and awakening into venus .. delphic hits all, rey hits all + heals you a bit, divine prayer hits 2-4, light arrow hits 2-4, light beams hits 1-2.. there is a reason light sylph is king of the AoE

    • first titan slot better for faster action, but some people have reported possibly bugs with that titan not working properly
      as for AOE, 2-4 is really no good vs 8 enemies, need true AOEs, so just take whatever strongest sylph you have that has at least 2 true AOEs
      in this way Wind might be a good idea since you get into Sylph first you can Steal to prevent them from entering
      – Cosmos

  13. My mage is 11 mil br,what are the minimum requirements for atleast 1 stage in titan temple? Got 6 titans actived

    • Temple has a lot to do with skill as well, so with your BR and mage class 1-4 stages should be possible

      • I tried,can’t pass 1st stage lol

  14. Can everyone spread word to brainless players from their servers to not put SeaWitch and Frigga (Tassie, Crol, Kimmen, etc) it makes it impossible that way and it just helps r2 – not players.

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