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YouTube Attacks Small Channels / Creators

Hey everyone! You may have seen in the news that YouTube rolled out a sudden new policy attacking all smaller channels / creators by completely removing monetization. From now on, it does not matter if you create good content or not – if you are small then everyone is penalized and they will only consider you again if you have achieved 4000 hours of watch-time.

While a lot of people and places on the internet are expressing their outrage I am not sure if those big companies (YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter) give a dang. They just do whatever they want whenever they want it and no matter what rules exist they can choose to ignore them if they feel like it or change them at any time they wish. So if they can do anything they wish anytime they want then in fact there are no rules.

Wartune is a niche game and as a Wartune blogger/vlogger I am defined as a small creator and so I am also affected by these attacks.

So if you regularly visit my blog/channel and like the work that I do please consider to sign up to support via Patreon, even for a $1 per month. And the same thing applies if you follow other small channels or blogs – if you love their work support them.

You can be sure that without income most small creators/channels/bloggers would die off.

I have considered moving to another platform such as Steemit, so that’s something i might still do, but unfortunately most people are on these big platforms so any alternative has much worse possibilities at present.

Oh and you can also check out my Angel of Gaea design – if anyone buys any t-shirts or hoodies of that design I will also get a % of that.

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Thank you to those Wartune players who are supporting my work, COSMOS Wartune blog and DolyGames gaming portal & the games that I create for people to play for free.

My goal is to reach 300 PATRON SUPPORTERS to help pay my monthly costs. Currently I have 29 Patrons! (Also thanks to Patrons who supported in the past!)

So please consider supporting my work via Patreon and check back for new articles and updates at the COSMOS Wartune blog and/or follow announcements on the Twitter page or Facebook page.


  1. yep…

  2. Your videos just not important enough when not enough watch times. Its expensive for YouTube too to keep videos on there so ofc policies are needed.

    • Hi Xerxes, it is generally not a good idea to make statements when you are not informed about the situation. If you do not wish to support – that’s fine, but there is no need to make false statements.
      – COSMOS

      • what is the correct statement?

      • If you want to only use people and not support them that is your decision, otherwise if you want to find out what has been going on with the mentioned companies it will take you several days of research which I cannot summarize in a simple comment.
        – COSMOS

      • I think you are misunderstanding what Xerxes means ….. he means that YouTube doesn’t view videos such as yours as important enough, he is NOT meaning that he personally doesn’t find your videos important enough!

  3. Hey Cosmos, try to do gameplays,
    helping your guild on rift, week dungeons,
    trying time portal, time vortex, endless abbys,
    events, exchanges, etc…
    this will increase your watch time

    • I think only Events can work. Since you can solo most of the weekly dungeons or barely need 1 more player nobody want to see (NR cleared with one hit for example) unless is a new MPD. Events may work like a recopilation of the 3 days.. Not the first player doing that but may work. Also in the patreon he uploaded vortex vids with tips so…

    • Guys I’m blogging/vlogging about Wartune for around 6 years and have created literally thousands of articles and videos, so please don’t try to educate me on what works and what does not regarding Wartune if you have not had significant experience or success yourself (in which case I’m happy to receive such feedback).
      The matter here is VERY SIMPLE:
      Either you enjoy/use/benefit from all my work over years and are happy to support or you want everything free and don’t care what happens to me as the creator.
      Same thing applies to other blogs/channels that you like/follow of other creators who put great effort that people enjoy and struggle to survive.
      – COSMOS

      • I hope all things work out for the doly team a lot of players like to be informed and through the site we all get to see things before hand as for u tube ther are many resources through the web and a lot of players that come here will follow u cosmo, been a follower for some time

      • Thank you 🙂

  4. i think youtube do this because if your videos are interesting, you will have a lot of subcribers and so you get the money for make videos. If your video aren’t interesting you get automatically few subscribers and that’s why youtube remove the money. Little channels won’t die off anyway, because if they just started (new channels) and their contenent is appreciated, they rapidly will grow up, and most of little channels are people who do this just for fun and not for a real work, so if they don’t get money is ok – is an hobby anyway. It’s not like you said “there are no rules”, there are the rules i wrote before, if the things you create are interesting you get money from videos, if not, you don’t get money. btw i am not attacking you, just expressing my opinion. I wish you best of luck

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