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Wrath Strike Defensive Kill Strategy

Hey guys, in this post I share with you my Wrath Strike tip/strategy for 1v1 battle success such as Road of Glory or other 1v1 PvP.

Wrath Strike, a basic Knight Offensive Knighthood skill, has one very nice feature – a 50% chance to reduce (not deduce :P) damage taken by 50%. That said players often prefer to use Deicide or switch to Sylph mode for maximum damage output, however…

…there are specific cases, such as the 1v1 battle in Road of Glory where I have found that spamming Wrath Strike brings a bigger and safer success.

This is because spamming this skill almost guarantees a permanent 50% damage reduction which is a fantastic defense vs enemy attacks. I find that it is even totally OK to allow the enemy to go sylph mode first and let him/her dish out all their damage on 0% or 50% while protected by the 50% of Wrath Strike (and also dealing a decent 380% damage). This gives you more control and allows you to switch to maximum damage for 50%-100% damage range. This also lets you not fear the strong Delphic attacks which get nicely cut off by 50% (unless you managed to Holy Seal in time for a nice heal).

An alternative, which is less predictable, is to cast Wrath Strike right before an enemy Delphic or any strong attack, but because of the 50% chance this is risky as it might not work. This is why I prefer spamming it as rage cost is limited.

This strategy does require patience because you will have a strong urge to use a powerful skill or go nuts in Sylph mode, but staying in control, being patient and unleashing maximum damage at the right time is also a nice road to success.

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  1. hehe…he…(cries in non kh playerish) 🙁

  2. As I like this idea, but think you could add in bring a rage rune and watch there titans to see when the are unshielded and delph on them. It has worked well for me. Side note make sure it is after there heal titan as well. As most are putting it in slot 4-5.

  3. Not sure how effective this method would be if you had only lvl 1 WS. I always recommend that you never have the 2 common skills above lvl 1 so you can maximize your Fury attacks to lvl 5 and boost your passives. At lvl 1 you are nickel and diming the opponent and it may not work as well.

    • Any “good” knight knows to take level 5 WrathStrike. If yours isn’t at least level 4, well then that’s my point exactly.

      • Well… my 22+ million BR says I am a “good” knight and it is a waste of those precious skill points on either shared attack skill.

      • 22+million BR says you spend money. Doesn’t say anything about actually being “good”. You should of just said nothing in response.

  4. when u cast deicide, it dispel 1 positive buff even if it is 90% of guardian shield, so it is useless vs deicide

  5. Thanks for letting an archer in on this will be sure to pass it on so non knights are aware also

  6. Knighthood? what is it? 1 still dont know… Maybe two years layer i will see knighthood on my character)

  7. From the amount of adv henna/henna you can get without paying anything i would`ve kh 3-4 times by now. I don`t know why you have such problems with getting the stats to kh.

  8. guys i will keep my henna to 40k and adv henna to 9999
    and make strong tatto

  9. Nice outfit/clothes, Cosmos 🙂

    • hehe thanks 🙂

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