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Who The Focka is Devo?

Hey guys, with great pleasure and excitement I share with you the below Italian complaint letter to the Wartune GM by Giovanni. Please like/share if you enjoy it and if you can please support us for all the many hours of work we do.

The Letter

Who The Focka is Devo?

Dear Mr. Game Maestro, my name Giovanni, I now comma to you, and I gonna tella you the story of what peoples speaking to me during the tournamente of the 2 Guilda in Wartune.

So I comma to your game and join a Guilda. Then start the tournamente and I say plis I comma to help. My Guilda Maestro tella me OK you comma. I so happy I start attacco the torre, ummm… this towa in English. Then all the people shouting to me – they say Giovanni you idiote, first we takeing the Devo. I say I not know Devo I taking the towa. They say you no touch the towa you sonnawabitch! We focus first on Devo. What is sonnawabitch Mr. Game Maestro?

OK so I think OK, I gonna helping to killa this focka Devo. So I go to look and I see this enemy next to our towa – I say I not gonna let you take our towa I gonna do protection of towa! I stand at towa and doing good job! Then all the peoples say “Did everyone get Devo?” – I say no I not this Devo I protecting this towa and they say you no touch that towa you sonnawabitch – you go fast get Devo! What is sonnawabitch Mr. Game Maestro?

So I go again to look for this Devo and I find the granda towa of the enemy but I no see Devo. I thinking maybe Devo run to attack our grande towa, so I quickly run back for this focka Devo. I no see Devo there so I run 1 time by clock directione and then 2 time anti-clock directione looking for this focka. All the peoples shout to me Giovanni you idiote why you run in all directione??? I tella I wanna take a piss focka Devo! They then say to me you bloody focka better not take a piss stop wasting our time you sonnawabitch!

I no like this no more! I abbandonare this tournamente and I tella I no like this Guilda see you later. They say to me go and piss be with you! I say piss on you too you sonnawabitches!


This work was created by Cosmos with the aim to bring many smiles to people, inspired from the original “Italian Complaint Letter”. (If you can please support our Team)
Basic/medium understanding of Wartune is required for this work (“Devo” = Devotion).

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  1. Hahahahaha😂😂😂

    • :)))

  2. Lol hahhhaha

    • 🙂

  3. lmao, myself i am italian also xD

    • love @ Italy

      • thank you ❤ 🙂

    • You sonnawabitch! Jk

  4. Can’t stop laughing lol

    • 🙂

  5. omg… People use your brain.

    that Looks like a big fake, nothing else. why should an Italian talk that Kind of ghetto slang or whatever that should be.

    if this is no fake, it isnt much better.
    how u get a mail addressed to gm?
    and how you respect privacy …. great. :/
    just makes me think who you might be and what you doing with the personal data you get here….

    so, what is it?

    • I guess someone forgot to read the disclaimer section at the end of the article… Dork.

      • Yes indeed he sort of made a fool of himself.

    • Thank you for your comment. We appreciate it.

  6. A really great job on this! I laughed my you know what off. I needed a laugh after the screw ing I’ve been getting in Outland lately. Thanks

    • Thank you 🙂

  7. That’s unbelievably offensive. And I’m not even Italian.
    You’re a bigot cosmos.

    I agree. issue in here is big. GB devotion is steamy pile of bs.

    • It is very unfortunate that you have completely misunderstood this post. Hundreds / thousands of people have enjoyed this post very much.
      Kindly do not make any decisions or statements based on this post as you have not understood it.
      Best of luck,

      • Rather rude of you. I was stating my opinion. Also if this is not real or meant to be funny then perhaps you should post that somewhere, as I thought it was real (why wouldn’t I) Farther more, its rude to say I misunderstood and then not tell me what I misunderstood. Also how do you know that hundreds/thousands have enjoyed this? At any rate I wasn’t trying to be mean/rude or anything. I was merely stating my opinion. And your reply comes across as snubbing.

      • My reply to unfair insults was absolutely not rude while a lot of people would argue I should be rude with you – I said and I quote “it is unfortunate that you have completely misunderstood this post”.
        It is unfortunate that you continue your arrogant behavior and I find no pleasure in taking time to reply to someone with such behavior, but I will answer in hope that you will recognize and correct your behavior.
        1) Exactly for people like you I had put a very clear disclaimer at the bottom of the article. Your failure in reading is certainly not anyone else’s fault.
        2) This article is published in the FUN / FUNNY category.
        3) The writing is not terrible, it is intentionally created or crafted to be exactly like that by hours of work. If you are lacking knowledge of where this type of writing is coming from that is an issue of your knowledge and your education is not my responsibility.
        4) If you had any sense of decency or a basic sense of respect towards people you would ask a question kindly asking to explain what this whole thing is about and many kind people including myself would be happy to reply and explain, but you chose to immediately attack hard working honest people and display your arrogance and disgusting behavior for which no kind reply is deserved.
        5) The reason I know that hundreds/thousands of people have very much enjoyed this piece of work is because I am spending many hours working and learning which gives me education and information which includes statistics.
        On top of that I can use my eyes to read all the publicly posted replies of gratitude and appreciation both on this page and on other pages on the internet.
        I can also read private messages people send me expressing their gratitude.

        To conclude, it is very sad that people like me spend many hours working to make people smile and people like you spend hours in attacking creators like me.
        My advice to you is to speak to people in a human way as you are a human, so if you do not understand something ask kindly for a clarification, people are not your enemy, people are just other humans as you are and deserve humane respectful treatment.
        Good luck in your future,
        P.S. here is an example of a difference between you and a kind person: //

      • I understand perfectly what you did here. You took almost century old stereotype about italian imigrat barely speaking english and tried to turn it into “comedy”. This isn’t comedy, it’s borderline racial slur. Thinking that hurtfull things are funny makes you a bigot. Just because few other bigots laughed at it doesn’t make it any different. I don’t know who the fuck you think you are, but if you pulled such shit on real media getting to more people you’d get prosecuted and convicted.

      • You understand very little Sir and have very little knowledge of the background or the source of this creative work. This is in fact an establish work of humor, which as noted in the disclaimer, which you either did not read or did not understand, is inspired from the original creative work “Italian Complaint Letter” which has been enjoyed by millions of people around the world.
        Your insults, your lack of education and your aggressive extremist behavior are not welcome and not appreciated. You are more than welcome to take your uneducated business elsewhere as you are not at all forced to visit the home of honest and kind people and attack them with your dirt.
        – Cosmos

      • I’m sorry that you feel the need to have the last say. I said I wasn’t trying to be mean or insulting and yet you still have to reply – trying to defend your response. I didn’t even waste my time reading it save for the first sentence to know your being insulting and defending yourself. I’m sorry you feel the need to be like this, I do appreciate your effort into the game, I from now on will not bother commenting on here. I happen to not find anything in the Italian post funny, and yes I went through it all this time, and its not funny to me. I agree with the post Anonymous to some extent.

      • You should learn to laugh!!! It is good for the soul..especially if u can laugh at yourself! If you cannot laugh at yourself, then I feel sorry for you soul.:(

  8. It was a pain to read that I didn’t bother going to far into this. The writing is terrible.
    I don’t know if this is real or not, and frankly I don’t care – I just find it odd and appalling that someone would post something like this. You certainly wouldn’t write like this to someone that was the boss of you.
    Don’t get me wrong if it is real – then it would be good to have, but who writes like that and expects it to work/help/be useful?

    • It is very unfortunate that you have completely misunderstood this post. Hundreds / thousands of people have enjoyed this post very much.
      Kindly do not make any decisions or statements based on this post as you have not understood it.
      Best of luck,

  9. Omfg, youre the best hahaha xD

    • Thank you 🙂

  10. Damn that way funny.. I couldn’t stop laughing… humour of the year lol 😀

    • Thanks 😛 hehe

  11. WoW.. Did giovani find who is devo? LMAO.. Nice story consmos.

  12. Are we not men, no we are Devo 😉

  13. hahahaha best laugh i had in ages

    the end of story should of stated he sent a invisable ticket to r2 which will never be answered and devo is still around hiding lmao

  14. Awesome

  15. Just my 2 cents.

    I read the post and your disclaimer in its entirety. While it wasn’t your intention to offend people, the words you write can still be offensive because it casts a stereotype on a group of people. I think there’s a fine line when it comes to politically correctness and its something you should be cautious about because you do have a wide audience.

    To quote Jef Rouner, “Intentional or not, certain jokes and ideas contribute to a world where things are hard and dangerous and joyless for all but a privileged few.”

    Where do you draw the line? Would the reactions be different if your creative writing post was about about a Chinese wartuner? How about a Hispanic wartuner? Or a Black person’s complaint letter? What can pass off as comedy and what cannot?

    Just something to think about.

  16. Could have omitted the nationality but god its wartune all over with miscommunication/misunderstanding!, made me laugh!

    • Glad you enjoyed.
      Nationality could not be omitted as it is an integral part of the original inspiration / the creative work.
      – Cosmos

  17. Love the story…think im going to change my ign to Devo.

  18. italians are the best madarfacars xD from Italy with love

    • hehe, thanks chicco 🙂

  19. very good :o)

    thx Cosmos

    • Thank you! 🙂

  20. LOL That’s hilarious!!! I got a good laugh out of it. Thank you!

    • Happy you liked it, thank you for writing 🙂

  21. buahahaha
    just like me when i started game long ago !

    and btw i’m italian ahahahah 😀 and not find it offensive or rude, because in the end … We Are all Devo !

    • Thank you Vi 🙂

  22. Cosmo you Devo Focka, I lova the posta. lol

    • hehehe, thanks 🙂

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