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Where in Wartune is this? Pipes & Wheel Structure

Hey guys, sometimes we like to play the “where in Wartune is this?” game at DolyGames Wartune and in this installment we challenge you to see if you can guess where is this location in the game?

Pipes & Wheel Structure in Wartune – where is it?

Try to guess and put in the comments below what you thought. Don’t cheat, otherwise with cheating is too easy! 🙂

The location is hidden below, scroll down when you are ready to see it or if you give up! 😛

Scroll down only if you give up or know it! 🙂

Otherwise it’s cheating! 😛

The picture is definitely from the game! It is from Wartune!

And chances are that you have seen this place!

Guessing Game Answer:

Click here to reveal the right answer

This Pipes & Wheel Structure is located in the bottom left part of the Cloud City in Wartune – click to see the picture

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  1. WOW i’m so glad you provide such high quality services for your patrons and the ad revenue you get on here for visitors with stuff such as this ‘lets take a random screenshot and post it!’ man i wish i was as talented and dedicated as you are cosmos i really do…

    • What is your motivation for spreading hatred? Anyone can see the hundreds / thousands of articles we create of all kinds. This one is a short / easy / fun article just for smiles, which is very obvious. Here are a couple of more complex examples: and and

      So the question is what is the motivation behind your hatred and jealousy?
      Who do you work for / what negative agenda are you trying to push?

      – COSMOS

      • Ah yes, because i don’t like you i must be working for some company or have an evil genius agenda. no honey, don’t flatter yourself. This game sucks enough money out of people by itself, we don’t need crybabies basing their income off it. It’s bad enough that 7road and r2 make tons. The ship is sinking anyway, we all know a lot of big cashers have left with the continued crap updates. Maybe you should pick up an English for Dummies book with some of that patron money instead of balens 🙂

      • whining about getting muted/banned for breaking a concrete rule that is plain as day to see for anyone makes it harder on the rest of us that get/got banned or muted unjustly that can’t even get through the ticket system. You were lucky enough to get that, maybe try not to cry as much

      • OK well thanks for visiting and expressing your hatred, insults and false information. Please be aware that we do not force you in any way to visit our website or read our articles or watch our videos, you are absolutely free to go anywhere you wish.
        If there is an area that you think we can improve upon please let us know and we will consider if we can improve that, otherwise, if you just generally hate us, no problem, you are free to hate anyone you wish to hate.
        Have a nice day,

      • this guy told you are talented and dedicated and you answer with anger? omg…

      • Hi Anonymous, he definitely did not say that, he was being sarcastic in his comment which was in fact purely expressing hatred and insult. Perhaps you could re-read again.
        Thanks for re-checking,

  2. well that pic is situated in cloud city bottom left of map

    • 🙂

  3. I think its at the amethyst exchange place.there is a platform there. And there you can find it

    • 🙂

  4. ok dont comment here ever….but bitching about a fun little distraction is a bit over the top i think…


    • Ya, also don’t know what’s the problem, we do all we can to make people smile, both big and small things, but it seems at every step there are haters who just want to hurt people.
      Thanks for taking the time to post,

  5. and btw….ty for all the info you provide COSMOS and team

    • Thanks a lot for the appreciation.

  6. Regardless of how the game is going, you, COSMOS and team have stepped up. Without your guides, many of us, myself included, would be totally lost in the myriad of illogical changes thrust upon us by the devs.

    Kudos and hats off to you, for keeping integrity strong and clear.

    and,hugs, cuz Im that kinda gal 🙂

    • Hi hi, very kind words, thank you very very much
      and, I gladly accept your hug, cause I am a bear of a guy who likes hugging 🙂
      – COSMOS

  7. YW….dont pay for the extras but if ya can make a bit off my traffic happy ya can. The FREE info is worth a look or 2 per day. Been playing for 2 yrs or so and think this site had some good heads up info.


  8. I believe the work Cosmos and Eliatan continue to do on this site is nothing short of awesome! I have gained much just by visiting and soaking in their collective wisdom! Keep up the great work!

    • Thanks for the very nice words HardTimes 🙂
      – COSMOS

  9. there are so many perfectionist players everywhere and every game, im used to all of these for ive played lots of mmorpg games before, so many players wants to get ahead and if theyre left behind they whine and whine until they start to spread that hatred in public, this game is cool and perfect the way i look at it, and the response of wartune is fast too, dont judge the way u see this game, leave if u dont want this game no need inform us that u suck at this game and had to leave for being so high standard player -_-.

  10. it is on the extreme left hand side of the screen of eudaemon above amethyst exchange.

    • 🙂

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