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Fugitives in Wartune

Hey guys, it seems Wartune has become a dangerous place with criminal fugitives loose in Balenor! So be careful when you go on quests or to dungeons and here is the report of the latest futigite in Wartune from the announcement of Balenor Magisters Control bureau:

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  1. is this a joke? or an actual event?i fit is, what is it?

    • This was posted with “fun” tag

    • if you attempt to do 2 cross server mpd’s it really does bring up the message that so and so is a fugitive and must wait x amount of time before entering.

      • this happen if you enter a cross server mpd but you dont finish it(this is what we usualy do to get devo). so if you want to do a 2nd matching cross server mpd, you need to finish the first one (beat the last boss) this way you can do many without getting the fugitive message.

  2. Hahaha Nixxy is a fugitive lmao

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