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Wartune Update 5.2 – First Changes Announced

Hey guys, there is already some official communication about Wartune game update / patch 5.2 and here I share with you the 2 pictures / info about the game update.

Firstly, there is the sneak peak / overview type of a communication where there is an artistic representation of the Wartune update 5.2. If we look closely at the picture we can get an idea about what’s in the update, which could be a poker-like mini-game, the new Clothing Tattoo system (see below for more), the character picture could be the new Dragon Whisperer system [details], the building could be the new Auction House perhaps, and of course there would be more things which are not yet announced.

Wartune Update 5.2 – First Taste

Wartune Tattoo System

And the second piece of information is more specifically about the new Wartune Tattoo System. Tattoos will directly increase character attributes and are said to be “cooler” than any clothing.

Player reactions and expectations

Even though there are lots of nice / cool things that can be added to Wartune (and they need to do that to get more money), what I see is that there is a major anger against not solving ongoing problems out of which the main problem I believe is the inability to enjoy the game due to lag. For this they often blame the players, but I am 99% sure it is 100% their fault because I am playing this game for years now and while my PC and internet have gotten more powerful I lag more and more after every update. And consequently player feedback on this game update 5.2 so far as been:

  • “we know what’s in the new patch you don’t need to tell us ….Lag, lag , lag oh and lag”
  • “no fixes on all last bugs, making it very unplayable, close to quitting now”
  • “it’s so lag it’s not playable no more so who cares?”

but there are also, of course, some positive comments towards Wartune such as:

  • “Wooot poker, love it, looking forward for that feature”

The problem with that though is that poker has nothing to do with Wartune…

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  1. more lag ;(

  2. those bottles the colored ones if i am not mistaken that looks like what they have in Chinese servers to merge eudomon diamonds together when they get higher lvl but i am not quite sure

  3. Is the Auction House or tattoo system already exist in the Chinese Wartune? Anyone have more info about it?

  4. he saw cards at a table and thought “poker,” the game is Black Jack, but hey..strange things are just familiar things seen differently. 🙂 ..still WT, the base idea anyway. Pleasing new players AND old, along with Big Spenders is not easy for this sort of game. Seperating events on ‘Toon Worth,’ would be so much more ideal. $20 Exp. Scrolls to level in flash sale, then Adv Sep. the next day. Coordination needed..

    • Check the cards in the middle, its probably Texas Hold ’em (form of poker), not blackjack. Strange things are just familiar things seen differently :D.

    • Check the cards in the middle of the table- its probably Texas Hold ’em (form of poker) and not blackjack. But as you said, strange things are just familiar things seen differently :D.

    • psst thats texas hold em

  5. Have no idea about building, tattoos and potions, but character is not a dragon whisperer. A whisperer has horns and wield a chakram as a weapon. My guess it is a new enemy boss… Hope, we’ll know it soon.

    • Or they totally redisigned it just like they did it with Eudaemons. My bet is that the new tattoo systems are actually equivalent of Dragon Whisperer’s equivalent, but we’ll see.

      • Redesign – maybe, but I do not see a point here. Eudaemons is another case – they have to remove “kids”, or there will be a serious law issue. Tattoos are equivalent of a Whisperer equivalent? Sorry man, I do not understand this. If you mean that tattoos are equivalent of a Whisperer – I again see no point here. Whisperer is like a new class with it’s own skills and tactics. It does not increase your BR directly (but symbiosis system also exists). And Tattoos are said to directly increase characteristics (and thus, BR). There is a system in china wartune, some kind of temporal enchant for gear. But I know only a little about it. This seems like it, but we can only guess…

      • About tattoos I thought of these: and the character in promo image got me thinking about the Dragon Whisperer. But it kinda does not make sense as where the tattoo belong (it would make sense to have a subclass based on you without usual armor/clothes and a tattoo instead, but then the character makes no sense).

        Also, what is the serious law issue when it comes to kids o.o?

      • I thought about symbiosis, but it do not give a direct boost – it gives a percentage boost.

        About law issue… It is a bit tricky. I do not know for sure, but it looks like you can’t put a kid in a game if you can hurt it. How many games have you seen last 10 years where you can actually hurt a child? Or kill him? Even if a game has kids, they are immortal little bastards! I remember Fallout 1&2. Kids were killable ;). Now, F3&NW – immortal. WTF? And all PvP in Wartune is basically a killing. So they can’t just put a kid in Wartune. And they have to find a workaround (eudaemon system).

      • There is no legal issue, “Kid” is not an official term from Wartune, but a slang term used by players. The official term for them is Eudaemon, which means “A supposedly benevolent, supernatural being”.

      • We know that.We call it kids system cause this is the name of the original system.

  6. the problem with the poker game is it could be to gamble balens turning wartunes into a full on gambling game lol

    • if they ave a gaming liscence then they can apply for poker

      • the n if they ave a gaming liscence then they need to set rules as certain countries ave diffrent policies
        u.s casino style gotta be over 21
        u.k over 18

        dont know about rest of world

      • to gamble in the USA you have to be 18…21 if there is alcoholic drinks being sold in the casino


    • Noob these pics are from Wartune Community FB (PC’s Official FB) not from your wanker fansite.

  8. OMG tattoo is horrible, my character is a princess, cute and inocent. i dont use this bitch tatto in my MissUniverse. OMG with this notice i need another game fast. 🙁

    • i agree with you i hate tattoo system too, i have a cute mage in game and i can’t ruin her outfit with tattos. well tastes of people are different so lets hope someone else will like it.

      • Well, BR does not stink.
        All this fancy outfit is just a BR. If they implement any kind of a weird stuff for BR gain – so be it. I do not care for the look, I care for the battle effectiveness.

      • i hope they will put a hide button for tattoo (like the hide clothes button which exist already)

    • Don’t worry the tattoos are invisible.You can see them in the teaser picture only.

  9. have the boys tattoo too?

    • i think boys have too, because tattoos seems increase battle rating as its explained above, however i don’t like them for boys and girls both 🙁

  10. OFC its 99% anger when talk of new patch. The game is BROKEN……… FIX IT.. Players are leaving.. not spending…. talk of new patch before the game is playable again angers the players base. At least cosmo FINALLY made mention of the players anger. Love the site so dont take that wrong but i think sites like these often overlook reality or shy away from it…..

  11. Have they fixed even one thing they broke with the last patch. TOK is unplayable, solo arena is ruined with no skill bar, the so called hide button is terrible and you can’t turn it off for more than a couple seconds and it didn’t fix lag. If you are fighting 4×4 in arena, we still have a screen full of crit and heal reports while your toon cant move. Why in gods name do we want to hear about them introducing more new stuff.
    I made a rune unicorn after the last steel war(a 30day mount). It expired in less than a week. But when I filed a ticket, they claimed I used the card 30 days ago so it was correct, before I even had the material to make it.
    Some of my friends got stuck in EF Hell and have not been able to log in since. Their guild cant call the guild beast because their guild master was in the group that can no longer log into game. Wartunes told them two days ago they would take a look at it, but up till now, nothing has been done. I am so close to telling them to take their game and shove it!

  12. as long as the last whale will pay to be a supergamer, they wont fix the fkin lag, but they are too stupid or arrogant to realize it (that their only way to improve game is to stop paying with optioon to do again when they fix problems; but maybe superwhales get lagfree version of the game, if not. well, u pay for lag, others get this for free)

    of course there will be some new useless minigame, and of course it wil be a ballens only game. tkae the koks away from the dev kiddies and force them to do a good job.

    atm there is no clear line. and im sure that 99% of palyers would prefer 1 month without any event and fixed bugs or get rid of lag instead. but lag is palyers fault , they dont pay enough so company cant run good servers or pay devs with good skills to save their own game.

    glad that gw2 new addon is out > no lag, better gameplay and not totally skilless ptwnoobs on the servers.
    and best: not too many stupid minigames !

  13. Ture always the lag increases every update, it get to a point where i couldnt play in my previous computer, so i got a new one, but still every update you can feel all going slower, and i really like that poker thing but most likely it will be like jack attack with unbound balens only 🙁

  14. Clearing Cache helps the lag a BIT. Just advice.

  15. I saw these potions in wartune china somewhere , but I can’t remember where.

  16. Wich date will be released?

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