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Wartune Symbiosis System – First look

Hey guys, in the Wartune China 6.0 patch, a cool feature that links the sub class and your main hero class was added which is called the Symbiosis System. Learn more below 😛.

Disclaimer: We may or may not get some of these features on our servers. If we get some of these features in our western servers, there may be changes to it.

Symbiosis Requirements:

To activate the Symbiosis System, you need to be level 40+ and must have the sub class activated. The Symbiosis System is located in the “Inventory” page underneath the VIP Icon.

What is the Symbiosis System?

The Symbiosis System is used to allow your main hero class equipment and your sub class equipment to share attributes. The Symbiosis System shares the following attributes:

  • Holy Cast Attributes
  • Enchanting Attributes
  • Gems Attributes
  • Refinement Attributes

As you can see from the image below, there is a sword, armor, necklace, helmet, x2 Jewels and x2 Rings. These represent your main hero class equipment and your sub class equipment (I call these Symbiosis Equipment Piece).

Symbiosis Levels and Stats:

Each of the symbiosis equipment piece have levels. The max level is unknown at the moment but the highest so far is 40. If I see higher levels, I will update you guys with the stats per level. Each level gives a certain amount of percentage boost for attributes. As far as I know, the percentage increases by 0.50% each level.

To upgrade a symbiosis equipment piece, you need a certain amount “Twin Stone” per level. Currently, the Twin Stone can be gained only from Recharge/Big Spender Events but I am sure they will be available for free players pretty soon.

Upgrading a Symbiosis Equipment Piece will give you a shared attribute boost to your main hero class equipment piece and the sub class equipment piece by a amount of percentage.

For example: I choose to upgrade the Symbiosis weapon piece to level 10, then I get a 5% attribute boost to my main hero class weapon and my sub class weapon. So if my sub class weapon piece has 1,000 HP, then my main hero class weapon will get 5% of that 1,000 HP which is 50 HP and vice versa (other way around).

Upgrading Panel:

Hope you guys enjoyed this piece of info and be sure to comment below and ask any questions 😀 .

Reference: Dragon Whisperer – Sub Class Guides, click HERE.

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