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March 2017 Update – Wartune Mounts REFERENCE

Hey guys, I spent a bunch of time updating and adding mounts to our big awesome Wartune mounts reference article. With this short post I want to remind everyone about that reference article, inform you below in bullet points all the updates I did and thank all those who have been helping.

Mount updates done:

  • Sapphire Whale mount stats video, title info/picture
  • Ghost Angler mount info, stats video, animation, stats pic, icon
  • Tree Spirit mount info, stats video, icon
  • Bloomin Beast mount info, stats video, icon
  • Nether Dragon mount info, stats video, stats pic, icon
  • Water Beast mount info, stats video, stats pic, icon
  • Water Spirit mount info, stats video
  • Metallic Leopard mount info, stats video
  • Snow Yak mount stats + picture
  • Savage Turkey cost/stats
  • Royal Guardian cost/stats
  • Twittering Spirit cost/stats
  • Icefyre speed correction to 110% from 100% (thanks Hana)
  • Razor (+500) mount stats + video
  • Savage Seahorse (+500) mount stats + video
  • Phantom Eagle (+500) mount stats + video
  • Dark Amethyst Panther (+600) mount stats + video
  • Nine-tailed Fox (+500) mount stats + video
  • Wildfire Lizard (+500) mount stats + video
  • Zombie Horse (+500) mount stats + video
  • Golden Cuckoo (+500) mount icon, stats + video
  • Pyre Snake (+500) mount icon, stats + video
  • Wintersweet (+600) mount stats + video
  • Flame Wolf (+500) mount stats + video
  • Diving Crane (+500) mount stats + video
  • Icefire Horse (+500) mount stats + video
  • Flowery Boat (+600) mount stats + video

Reference article location:

All Wartune Mounts, Stats, Types, Titles – REFERENCE

A couple of mount pictures / videos from the update:

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  1. Thank You 😀

    • kind of you 🙂

  2. I guess cloud caller and blazing lynx are balens only :/

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