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Wartune to be removed from Miniclip / Gamefuse

Hey guys, a bit of a bad news announcement, Miniclip / Gamefuse is removing Wartune from their website (this is an issue specific only to Miniclip and not other servers). Naturally any Wartune player who is playing on their servers is greatly concerned as there is little or no information about their future – do they lose everything or another company will take over their accounts?

Miniclip’s official statement is:

Miniclip is sad to announce that, for reasons outside of our control, the Web game Wartune will be removed from our website in the next couple of months.

The process of the game being removed will start on the 15th of July.

We are still unsure of the consequences of this to any accounts created with the game but we will keep you informed in this article as the process develops.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

(I think they should have not included that last phrase)

Other Wartune Companies

R2 Moderators have replied on their forum that they have no affiliation with Miniclip so although they tried to give a reply to players they have clearly specified that they are not the ones players should seek answers from.

I did not yet see any announcement / communication from ProfCity or another company. It seems that Miniclip is under ProfCity so they are the ones who should issue an announcement to calm (and take to their servers) the players, so let’s hope they do that soon.

In-game announcement

Wartune to be removed from Miniclip Gamefuse

Discussion / Update #1

I think ProfCity will take all the players, but I also think that professional companies announce / communicate critically important issues such as this in advance and take care of their player base. Unfortunately companies related to Wartune are not famous for professional communication. But fingers crossed that players are taken care of.
– Cosmos

Update #2 – Problems also at Koramgame

I received information from a player from Koramgame Wartune saying (thanks a lot for sharing info Tom):

Things got even crazier today! They merged all Koram servers into Wartune . com. All unannounced of course! I have Kcoins on Koram’s site that I cannot use to recharge as it says I have no characters on my server! Plus the default language for the Koram site is now Turkish! Not sure who to contact as Wartune . com has no forums page. Totally screwed up for the time being. Hopefully it will get better!

I asked a couple of clarification questions and received some additional info:

With us there was no announcement. Last Friday all servers merged into one. This morning they merged all Koram servers with a group from Wartune . com. I am not sure who control the servers in question. I met people from Wartune S390, Wartune S336 and Wartune S313.

So ya, it seems problems are also happening at Koramgame, but they did not announce anything, at least Miniclip put out a small announcement. Looking from the side you can see that all these companies don’t put care towards their players, communicating in advance and preparing a professional transition from the “finished companies” back to the “parent” company. Simply lack of professionalism.

If anyone else finds additional information about any of these issues please put it down in the comments below to help all the Wartune players figure out what’s going on with their accounts. Again to specify this is not a general panic. The problems are going on at Gamefuse, Miniclip, Koramgame who all seems to have stopped with Wartune, but our faith / hope is that ProfCity is taking all the players to their servers.

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  1. Sadly, there are quite a few actives, and two of the clusters top, but unfortunately none of the support has replied to the players tickets. Lets hope they will soon with either a proposal for merge or a tranfer.

    • that is very sad indeed and equally not cool is that the bigger companies have not released any announcement or taken any responsibility up to now while the concerned players are suffering
      – Cosmos

  2. Yeah, seems that was the end for us… The gamefuse moderators give a “copy paste” answer from the announcement. I suppose they try to stay away from the scandal. I don’t understand why they can’t manage e merge or relocate active players.

    • That is indeed unfortunate. Noemi what is the relationship between Gamefuse and Miniclip? I don’t know them so well.
      – Cosmos

      • I am not sure about the relation… We entered game via Miniclip long ago. After, we were given the possibility to enter via Gamefuse using this kind of link “…” coz Miniclip got “tired” of us. So I suppose Gamefuse made some space for us on their platform… Now, it seems that is not the case anymore. What I dislike is the fact that they don’t come with a solution for players (cashers and non cashers). And as long as money were spent in this game things can always be interpreted.

  3. I think is terribly sad for those that have invested in the game on these 2 platforms.. if they cannot be relocated then all will be lost and I doubt that they will refund the money that these players have spent. 🙁 so troubling and sad.

    • People need to call their banks and reclaim the money as fraudulent transactions should their accounts be deleted and not moved.

  4. Today all Koramgames servers were merged with a group of servers. No announcements, nothing! Koramgames’ website defaults to Turkish and we cannot access any Kcoins we have in our accounts as the system says we have no players on our server! I knew something was wrong when I checked Koram’s Sunnyvalle address yesterday and saw a new company was occupying their suite!

  5. i hope you are right cosmos, and proficient city will take us, the players from miniclip.

    i ve been playing this game for 3 years and i dont want to stop playing it.

    Fufu, wartune gamefuse-miniclip player

  6. So does that mean wartune the game is dying on all platforms

    • No i specifically replied to that concern in the article that the issues are with those 3 companies.

  7. ok first of all i have account on koramgame starting on 2012 and after 1 year the forum has died if anyone here has account there u can check last post by the mod was 2013 so u will never get any update in fourm by koramgame btw i play on server 1 twilight sand and my whole server know this as well

  8. Gamebox Server is close as of Aug. 18. We received and announcement last night during chaos wars.

  9. Dose this mean the Koramgame’s Wartune is getting deleted to??

  10. Sounds to me like rats fleeing a sinking ship. Obviously they know something the players don’t and maybe their lack of assistance transitioning them is their way of trying to help (warn) them.

  11. Same thing happened to me when Yahoo Games dropped Wartune. The GM’s left us without information for a month but they did transfer our accounts over in the end.

  12. BLOGISZ from miniclip its looks like The end is coming for some serwer and is bad . Lets see whats hapends Next.

  13. that’s why i don’t choose little companies websites where to play (any online game, not only wartune): they can fail easier than big companies and close the game.

  14. You have no ideea where the players go. Already decision was taken in May 2016, all players where to be moved, and the server number that will host/merge them. But i not share more to you, until you stop to be hypocritical and delete my LOG IN name in the game (that website name is my log in name, so is my right to publish any comment i want using my log name) and apologize for deleting my user name. Publisher where i play have no problem with my name, but i see you have! Than you upset when some publisher “mute” you for using dolygames name.

  15. Gamefuse replied to some players on request, but answer was.
    – Inquiry received. Hold on, please. We’ll check this out for you ASAP.

  16. I got that message just about 10 mins ago , on gamefuse, that hosts wartune and ROM. and just before that I had seen this post. what timing

    Very irritating and… so ticked, but then this is why I do not put real money into online games. Because seriously the game can be shut down whenever.

    I hope that they don’t delete are characters and move us to a place that is still keeping the game. While I don’t put real money in I did put time and work. And I am not going to go to a site that is keeping the game and starting over. Won’t do it

  17. Guys I got new answer from Gamefuse GM.
    -Hi, thanks for contacting. It’s true that servers will be closing on 2016.8.18. If you have tokens/balens in your account, you can use them to access the game’s current content until the closure date.
    As for account transfer/server merge issue, we’re asking dev. now and will let you know when we get reply from them.

    Best regards,

  18. They are giving the same copy and pasted answers to us all
    , an update on the messages they are sending out is :

    For account transfer/server merge issue, we’re asking dev. now and will let you know when we get reply from them.

    Best regards,

  19. I don’t play on these platforms but I just hope that the players that do can get switched to another platform. I just wonder if this is a sign for the rest of the servers. If one falls, they all start to fall.

    • I think it’s probably more of a case of the platforms can’t afford to repay the anual franchise fee, due to the state of local the world ecconomys. The mother company will lose out on these fees… but if they are transfered to the servers they will beefit from the cashers it will gain. Also would i be right about a lot of free players quiting due to the pressure to cash over the last patch? maybe there wasn’t enough players on these platforms anymore. i don’t know.2 highly plauseable theories as to why it’s happening

      • I used to play on a gamefuse server and I’d guess that the game just wasn’t sustainable with their small number of servers (5 for them and the 4 miniclip). the game’s bleeding players and they just weren’t attracting enough new players. Their forums have been dead for a couple of years now and their website is still advertising the 2.46 patch.

  20. As of today Koram players still cannot purchase balens as we get a message that we do not have a character on the server. Also no word from anyone about the transition. I emailed ProficientCity and will let people know what they have to say (if anything). Koramgames shut down their CS Ticketing system today. It is there, just not functional.

  21. This is the future for other platforms too. 😛

  22. about the servers on which wartune wont work anymore. zaliya is really nice because she feels like answering.

    Support Staff 1 Today at 12:15

    Hi, thanks for contacting. It’s true that servers on Gamefuse, Gamebox and Miniclip platforms will be closing on 2016.8.18. If you have tokens/balens in your account, you can use them to access the game’s current content until the closure date.

    Best regards,


  24. Go Down Wartuner’s, LOL

  25. Wartune is falling off the charts guys. If you do get a merge into Proficient city. Save your money. I don’t believe they’ll be around long either

  26. no brasil esta acontecendo a mesma coisa. 🙁

  27. Any online game like this can be ended has happened to me on 3 games i played so only spend what you can afford to lose this game is fun but to much about money so just have fun while you can

  28. The sooner this game dies the better…

  29. Are the developers on holidays?

    is this bullshit? why do you think cosmos?

    Support Staff 1 Today at 05:05

    Hi. As for account transfer/server merge request from you guys, we are still reaching out to developers now and will let you know once we have an answer or solution. Please pay attention to any new announcement.
    Thanks again for all your support and love to Wartune game. Much appreciated and we know it’s not easy to give it up, though we now have to.

    Best regards,

  30. And R2 gave negative answer regarding a merge/transfer. So … 120 less actives in the cluster.

  31. And ProfCity gave a negative answer for merge/transfer according to their policy. Well, 120 less actives in the cluster. I wonder who will play any of their games again after this. Sad. After 4 years, sad indeed.

  32. Thanks for contacting us. We have contacted with ProfCity and they have agreed to cooperate with us. They have informed us that they will check account and let us know details. As you know transfer is impossible but if players will open new characters in R2 servers they will receive:
    recharched account: Gold 5M, Daru 4M, Soul crystal 1000, Mount Training Whip 200, Mahra 200, Sylph Sepulcrum 200, Fate stone 100
    not recharged account: Gold 2M, Enchanted Bounty Scroll 100, Extreme stamina potion 2, Crypt Tokens 1000, lvl 3-5 gem pack 10, Runestone 100, 7 – Day VIP card 1, Spirit convertant (7days) 1, Crystal shard 1000
    We have to remind you that still process is continuing, these rewards can be change or they refuse it later but right now it looks positive on both sides.
    Thank you.
    -The R2 games team.

    Now, I dont know what is more offending, that we actually, the players, who are only costumers, started on our own to look bout solutions or the items that ProfCity agreed with, having the statement that it’s positive for both sides. For the people that play for 3 years this looks like a joke.
    I agree that R2 isn’t responsible anyhow to help players from other platform, and that actually what they do is an act of a good will but why the heck we have to try save our work while ProfCity is just waiting for 18th of August to shut us down?
    Thats a lack of respect. :/

    • I certainly do not regret staying in the game till now but that’s irresponsible and bad business. I totally agree that players deserved better.

      • Well yea, I do had fun as well but it’s very clear that no one is willing to take care of the stuff we menaged to acomplish. As i said, lack of respect and incompetent peaople. ^^

  33. what server do u recommend, cosmos? if one is to start wartune again.

    • If someone wants to start from zero I recommend always going to the source provider and not the sub-publishers. For Wartune that is ProfCity which is

  34. So I read through the comments and it sounded like a transfer is not going to happen, is that right? I want to make sure I didn’t misunderstand. Not that it overly matters, I’m not going to start over – that one comment about rewards for making a new char – what a joke.
    My concern is all the clothing and mounts and items I’ve accumulated, like moon dust. What good is it to get worthless items that you can get pretty easily over the items I listed? and new players can’t get the older clothing, if you cash – granted you can get some of them, but you would be foolish to put more money or any if new after this.

  35. FOR KORAM: Several Icons (currently Daily Domination) have gone to Proficient City sites. I assume We’re on the schedule to be absorbed by P City.

    As for recharging. I ignored the pop-up & listed my normal server, getting my balens with no problem. You may want to try the minimum 4 coin exchange to test it first before going on my word. Who knows when they plan to switch that over.

    • Miniclip support replied that they dont have technology to transfer miniclip/gamefuse accounts, which is bullshit so… bye all ^^

      • Hey guys, so it is official and absolutely horrible news for all Wartune players maintained by Gamebox, Gamefuse, and Miniclip that they will not be transferring accounts and so all characters will be 100% completely dead “closing all payment channels as of July 18th, and all servers will officially close on August 18th”.
        Read the full article / info here: //

  36. what about those of us with “bound accounts” from facebook? way too much into this (time and money) to start over now, but even the daily damnation rewards do not work for us

  37. It is sad because a lot of players have put in a lot of work on their toons but maybe you can find a toon on another site like wartune r2 or Kabaam

  38. Oh more fresh meat to whale campers lol

  39. I typed a novel, but realized it has all been said already. I haven’t played in months due to time constraints, but I hope all the current players -cashers and free players alike- are eventually treated with some due respect and taken care of appropriately. I wish I could say I’ve seen enough evidence in the past to have high hopes. Crossing my fingers for you all.

    • I missed DolyGames last reply…
      Very sorry to hear this news. A hell of a way to treat the people that kept the game alive for years…

  40. This really sucks.

  41. HI,

    • no need for Caps…
      I’d suggest you use one of your other emails to open a new account and create a ticket for game support explaining your situation

      • I tried to make ticket but i am asked to give my charactername and when i press there it doesnt let me write and i cant create ticket because of this

    • Have you tried to log in now? I tried but it said password incorrect

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