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Good News for Players of Gamebox, Gamefuse, and Miniclip

Hey guys, today ProfCity announced good news for players of Gamebox, Gamefuse, and Miniclip, where:

Server Closure Confirmation

…firstly they reminded about the server closure:

“All Wartune servers on Gamebox, Gamefuse, and Miniclip will be officially closed on August 18th. You won’t be able to play Wartune on Gamebox, Gamefuse, and Miniclip after that.”

New Linked Accounts Creation

But then they added that they are giving these players a new account:

“We will send you a new account to your in-game mail. The new account will be linked to your current account information. Claim it before August 18th to be able to keep playing with your old information.”

This information however will be sent only to the in-game mail so if someone quit from anger they would not be receiving an email about this; it seems you have to see it in-game only. Also it is not 100% clear if “linked with your current info” means exactly the same account as you have now. We would hope this is the case that they copy pasted exactly the same account with all items, etc.

New Login Place

The login process is that players can login from ProfCity site from the 19th:

“Log in the official Wartune page with your new account to be able to keep playing: You will be able to log again with your new account after the maintenance on August 19th.”

For Players

Please post in the comments below:

  • If everything has gone well for you.
  • If you know any additional information on this topic.
  • If you have any suggestions for other players to help them with their Wartune account.

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  1. And yet they told us on Koram servers that they could not do what they are doing. We are still stuck on Koram’s login system and cannot do certain ProfCity stuff

    • Ya not the best management of the issue for sure.

    • we need register in wartune whit nem uname and pw to play the Game?

  2. When is this taking affect? As I logged in today and don’t see any in game mail message

    • The posted info is all we have for now. Hopefully we can learn more from comments as people share.

  3. And if we created new account cuz of the closure in proficient and have like vip/spirit convenant/balens – what will happen with them and with our acc there? will they be deleted or left? Also will our chars be moved from mini to new proficient server or to an old one with other players?

    • Not known for all questions. Regarding items I recon you might be able to convince game support to move from one account to another. Server – no info.

    • can i get my new acc and pass for my old toon in gamebox

  4. I suppose this means whoever is in charge at Gamefuse finally took a break from playing freecell and checked their email?

    • lol

  5. i wish armorgames will transfer us to profcity as well 😀
    armor hosting via kongregate anyway…

    • ya that would be great, I am on the last server of EU on AG and i worry about it; also the fact that we are under evil R2 management which is horrible also

  6. I am really curious as to how this turns out as many others are as well. I mean the mods on the forums say a character can’t be moved between platforms because of technical reasons. But now it looks like it could happen. But the way they worded it, it’s unclear what they mean. I am unsure about the technical part of it but I would think anything is possible but I would bet, like anything else, it comes down to money.

    • Of course they could move them if they wanted. All the character data is on the wartune servers and pass between servers. ProfCity is the developer and has access to all data on all servers. It is all a question of whether they wanted to go through the work of porting characters to a new server. I am still hopeful they will move Koram players onto a login.

  7. Good luck guys! I was hoping they would do that for you like they did with yahoo.


    Should Update this thread Cosmos…

    Might aswell make a logo in the front page for that page…

    • I am actually updating it, already a bunch of mounts info, pictures, videos added, I will make a small post maybe later this week saying what was updated and reminding.
      Thank you 🙂

  9. I have not seen that message in the game, though I’ve not been on all that much the last few days. But I was on a bit earlier and there was nothing in my in game mail.

    Maybe I misunderstood your article, so there should be a link in our in game mail to create an account on a server for Procity that will let us have our current character and all our stuff, but we have to do this before the server closes on the 18th? and that once it closes we can then log into this new account with our same character from here onto the Procity server?

    If that is so that’s really epic. A small part of me was hoping we would get to keep our characters and all our stuff, but I am mostly not lucky so I really didn’t think that it would happen.

    Sucks I stopped doing a lot in the game, meaning I stopped doing archeology and that’s one thing that I feel should always be done…. so many wasted days of not doing it 🙁
    Thank you for posting this, If I understood correctly then this is very good news.

    • If everything works good then I think you will get a mail in the game with a new login and password, so this account will die but the copy? of it will be in the new place.
      But please share with us exactly what happens because this is all we have officially and people are not super clear.
      Thanks in advance.

  10. tomorrow No Mans Sky comes out and horribly ran games like this one and many more just like it will be obsolete welcome to the new age….oh and a big fck you to r2 games

  11. So… I feel stupid… I wrote them, at proficient city asking for this, they said it is not possible. I made a new account, worked my ass off to get again to lvl 80, achieved CA, made a new guild with my miniclip friends, who also wrote to proficient city and gamefuse for our old accounts and were as I refused. now they say it is possible…. Fck!

    • Ya that’s a bit messed up indeed…. :S

      • what is CA?

      • Class Advancement

  12. 08/09/2016 06:04 PM


    I was a miniclip/gamefuse player. On gamefuse/miniclip servers will close for wartune on the 18th. I asked for a transfer and in the reply of my ticket you and the gamefuse devs said it is not possible. I made a new account on worked a lot to achieve lvl 80 with CA. Meanwhile I didn’t log on miniclip, now an announcement says it is possible to get our accounts back. Please tell me what exactely do we get starting august 19th? Our old stats from miniclip or just a fresh new start? because I need to know how to progress here on server 485. I want to invest in my account and I dont want to waste money on s485 if I get my old account back with knighthood, frigga and all the mounts.

    08/09/2016 08:20 PM GM-Johnny gm005

    Hi Fufu,
    We apologize for your inconvenience. You will not lose your old character and be able to login your old character in our wartune with new account and password after your platform closes because we have solved the technology problem. If you want to know more, please check this announcement: . If you still have any issue, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your time.

    08/09/2016 08:22 PM


  13. the text above I got it from a proficient city GM. so we can say for sure now we, gamefuse players, will get transferred.

  14. Yeeeeeyyyy!!!! Missed my baby thor! ❤️ Wonder if our marriages remain if both get transferred.:)) I am soooo happy!!!

  15. “We just confirmed this good news with dev. It’s true! Congratulations! You can keep your account!
    BTW, please inform your friends and players as many as possible about this news before deadline. Thank you.

    Best regards,

  16. It won’t let me login with my new username and password. Had to make a new account on just to send them a Ticket, lol

    • you have to wait to after the 19th of August to login on your new ID.

  17. Support Staff 1 Today at 08:20
    Glad to know that you can keep your account data on new server! Anyway, we’re not 100% sure if it will be done successfully as it’s going to be implemented when our servers are all closed. You can check more details in mail which will be sent in game by dev. soon. If you do not receive this mail while others do, please contact support by clicking the link.

    Best regards,

  18. Hey Cosmos, I was just wondering if you knew if those from the servers getting shut down and getting the in game – info to use at Procity, do you know if we have to wait till after August 19th to be able to log in?

    I tried but it doesn’t say I don’t exist – just says my password is incorrect – but I screenshot the info that they sent me. So I’m unsure… Though I guess if you don’t know – if I still have this same issue after the 19th then I guess I should try a ticket or something…

    • I went to the wartune news area on and saw something regarding the accounts. It sounded like we had to log in before the 18th, and then after the 19th maintenance we are to log in again. But I asked around in the game and I was told to just log in after the shut down. I’m a bit worried. Do you know anything Cosmos?

      Either way it seems to me that the info should have been better communicated.

      • yes so they sent an in-game message with login and password before the 19th and normally everyone could login via the new place with the new login and password from the 19th onward
        so if you still are having problems and you can’t enter your account you will have to contact their game support i guess (and if you dont have an account to contact them you will need to create another one just to be able to open a ticket (or ask a friend to do it)

  19. Hey guys! Former gamefuse player here, thankfully, the server swap did work and the account was fully restored to what it was, including player name, balens and inventory. There was an in game message with the new login info, but I worry about players who may not have been as active losing there account as they only sent it in game.

    • thanks for the update

  20. I was on vacation without Internet and just saw it was possible to save my old account today. 🙁 Does anyone body know if there is any hope in messaging ProfCity or is it too late?

    • You lose nothing by trying

  21. Sadly never got any mail in-game 🙂 everything’s lost, wanted to quit anyways…good time to I guess…

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