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Very Bad News for Gamebox, Gamefuse, and Miniclip Players

Hey guys, so it is official and absolutely horrible news for all Wartune players maintained by Gamebox, Gamefuse, and Miniclip that they will not be transferring accounts and so all characters will be 100% completely dead “closing all payment channels as of July 18th, and all servers will officially close on August 18th”.

We feel truly sorry for all the players who suffered from this highly unprofessional action / behavior by all the relevant companies.

Proficient City confirms that all other Wartune servers continue operations as normal, that the only affected players are those maintained by Gamebox, Gamefuse, and Miniclip.

All affected players are “invited” to start from zero on Proficient City servers and have said that they will give “generous rewards” although what these are have not been specified (R2Games also “invited” players but we highly recommend to avoid that company).

“there have been rumors”

(Yes, when companies do not communicate anything to players then players have no choice but to follow rumors)

“Wartune is continuing strong”

“it is unfortunate”

Additional info from Support Staff

“servers are not going to be merged”

“accounts can not be transferred”

“create a new account”

“technical restrictions / devs could not transfer accounts”

(or companies could not come to a professional agreement? or companies chose not to spend any money to install transfer solutions?)

Update – 1 more screenshot

From DolyGames Team

We did the best from our team to highlight and communicate about this issue. If I am not wrong we are the only people who tried to make noise, bring clarity and bring support to the poor players. We feel very bad in solidarity with all the players who will lose their accounts / characters built over months and years. If you start a new character or if you play other games in the future we hope you will still follow DolyGames blogs / vlogs / sites as we do our best for the players.

We also remind that now we have a ranking of companies that all players can consult before deciding to invest long time and money (naturally we will expand and continuously improve the ranking over time and especially with your support). Also considering to manually adapt rankings to give additional bad scores for all involved companies, so we will discuss if and how we can do that as right now the ranking is objective, that is without manual change for each company.

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Feel free to express your opinion, solidarity, or any other feedback regarding Wartune or related companies in the comments below.

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  1. I have been told by Wartunes that we on Koram servers will continue logging in via Koramgames for the time being, but will eventually be moved to ProfCity/ logins. I see no reason why the servers closing cannot do something similar to how Koram is being handled. All they need to do is transfer the character data to a new server. It seems that these companies do not care for the customers that they have screwed over!

    • Because Koram is probably working with them to do that, but these companies for whatever reason have decided not to.

  2. Announcement

    Recently there have been rumors that Wartune is going to close all servers. We would like to officially state that this is not true. All servers except those maintained by Gamebox, Gamefuse, and Miniclip will continue to run normall. Please spread the word that Wartune is continuing strong.

    While it is unfortunate that Gamebox, Gamefuse, and Miniclip are closing all payment channels as of July 18th, and all servers will officially close on August 18th, we are more than happy to invite players from these servers to our own Proficient City servers. We have prepared generous rewards for all of these players to thank you for continuing to support the game, and to help you get back to your previous level.

    To receive the rewards, please send us the following information from July 18th to Sept. 19th:

    1. Your old platfrom, server and character name.
    2. Your new Proficientcity platform account, server and character name.

    Customer Service:
    1. Ticket:
    2. Wartune Facebook Message:

    Play Now:

    If you require any help please feel free to contact us.

    The Wartune Team

  3. If I am not mistaken, yahoo accounts got merged when they closed a while back. Why can’t the same be done here?

    • My gut feeling is that they wanted ProfCity to pay for the characters and they wouldn’t do it. I cannot see how they could not do so otherwise.

  4. this is what happend with servers .. they got closed after near 3 years and profcity didnt get to a agreament on $$ to get the server data so we lost our account with hard work and cash on them . i feel your pain but life goes on and we cant do anything about it

  5. I am so sad 🙁

  6. it’s very hard for them to make new server but very easy to take people’s money

  7. You may want to update your raking for miniclip and gamefuse on your company ranking page. They both show good company, yet…..

    • F–k the gamefuse & miniclip

  8. You must file a lawsuit against them because they are thieves

  9. We must press them to find a solution , especially casher ppl

  10. in my server (Necropolis)in gamefuse many strong ppl like TorreCity or nullbyte or Hyperion all have more than 12 M BR

  11. I can’t live without my wartune account pls help us dolygames any solutions

  12. Just look at the gamefuse website. They’re still advertising the 2.46 patch for wartune. Their forums are overrun with spam and have been for a couple of years. There’s no moderators present for maybe a couple of years. Their last facebook update was in July of 2014. There was a server merge maybe 6 months ago (or more), but aside from that it seems like there’s been nobody home there for a long time.
    Maybe Prof city could do more to transfer the data, but I would be greatly surprised if there’s anybody left at Gamefuse who cares (or has the expertise).

    • Also, the parent company for gamefuse is Changyou. I did get a lot of fun out of playing wartune (I started pre-slyph), lately the game had become frustrating to play and less fun. I doubt that I’ll touch a browser (f2p but p2w) again, and I’d suggest avoiding anything associated with changyou as well.

      • Been playing on League of Angels since.. I was like you darkling playing wartune on gamefuse (Uratis, player Sobaream) before marriage or sylph update was on the game, but ended my game journey somewhere at the start of the year when I was getting tired of the lame bs from wartune in terms of anniversary and rewards and such. Been on league of angels of GTArcade, and I must say that they do communicate with their players about what they really like about the game update, unlike most game platforms that isolate their players feedback from the devs

  13. Hey.
    Darkling, u are right. I tried to contact changyou but I failed coz the address they give in their website “didn’t exist”. I tried also other emails but same shit.
    I think changyou died long ago or…. just playing dead. And my feeling is that was not changyou’s decission to end like that but the franchise provider “cut them” for, let’s say, bad administration of money.

  14. Hey.
    Darkling, u are right. I tried to contact changyou but I failed coz the address they give in their website “didn’t exist”. I tried also other emails but same shit.
    I think changyou died long ago or…. just playing dead. And my feeling is that was not changyou’s decission to end like that but the franchise provider “cut them” for, let’s say, bad administration of money.

  15. Nice to hear… maybe coram do it so well too? Fnd we will be free)))))

  16. Make lots more noose guys threaten lawsuits…they tried the same thing on yahoo with k abam players and they were allowed to transfer to nothing they can do b.s.

  17. They wont give those servers data for free and if they wont get the price they want they better just close and servers and erase the data . If ProfCity will have some balls they could just copy the data from the interserver files but ofc why would they work at all they just sell license to anyone who is ready to pay without asking if they will shut down in 1year , 2 years or when the game will die

  18. You guys just don’t get it do you? Soon R2 Games will follow too. This game is already dying. I have a level 80 character with knighthood almost completed but I have now decided to stop playing this game. It’s a complete waste of time and I refuse to be surprised when R2 shuts down this game. I might wait for the release of it on steam, then maybe I might consider again to play this stupid game. That’s just my opinion though, I don’t need any reply from anyone. Have a nice day fellas.

  19. You should review your ranking because GameFuse, miniclip is ranked as “good compagny”, it is a non sense with your article. They are worst than R2 …

    Do you have the number of wartune players on miniclip and gamefuse ? I am curious to know that comparing to R2. I think, this info could have an impact of the decision, you cannot take same decision if your plateform is used by 10 players or 10k

  20. kabam browser is even worse we get jack didly squat from them no help no rewards they only help if ur on the wartune phone app

    they ave the worse customer service its worse than r2

  21. i feel sorry for those players. fortunately i do not play on these platform but on r2

  22. Agreed

  23. I was playing Wartune for 3-4 years, that’s just outrageous. I will never play at any game of this company. They sux 😀

  24. This is completely and utterly unfair. I hope someone does sue them, because while I haven’t spent as much compared to some people, I would still like the money I invested returned to me. If they don’t and continue to refuse… Well, then I hope that they are stopped from continuing on by screwing over people who have been playing for years.

  25. I very much doubt that miniclip will do anything / care either. Their main focus is the 8 ball pool game. Their forum got ” hacked ” a few years ago and while it could have been retrieved or started afresh, they didn’t, choosing instead to leave players in limbo for a year before opening a new forum, dedicated to 8 ball pool. Yet another company that feigns concern but only follows the money.

  26. Hurt Farewell Wartuners (^o^)

  27. Got some funny answer from gamefuse support =) On my question what technical problem don’t give you to transfer us, answer was:

    Hi, of course we’re not able to know internal information of other company . However, account can not be transferred to other servers/platforms in this case.

    Best regards,

  28. Very generous offer from proficient city.
    After spending three years of my life on this game, and some money offcourse, the “generous reward” received it’s so funny that I’m thinking that maybe they just want to make us quit paying for their salary.
    So, for the rest of you guys who may want to consider joining proficient city for a new beginning the reward is: 100 runestones, 200 sepulcrum, 200 mahra, 100 fate stone, 1 fashion core, 3 medallion.
    That’s a reward that made me quit playing this game.
    Nice playing with you guys.

    • very sad 🙁
      best of luck buddy
      (i hope you will still continue to follow DolyGames)

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