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Wartune Patch 7.7 New Ice-fire Peak Battleground Dev Guide

Hi everyone, here is the Developer’s guide for Wartune Patch 7.7 New Ice-fire Peak Battleground. Unfortunately I could not test or record this myself due to some problems.

[Wartune 7.7] New Battleground: Ice-fire Peak


New challenges await you in the Battleground. Who will become a legend? Be ready for battle!

[Event Entry]

Click the Battleground icon to enter. (Event unlocks 13:00 – 23:30)

[Unlock Requirement]

Character level 30

[Gameplay Info]

Participants will be divided into two teams: Blue and Red. Points can be obtained by killing enemies, raiding flags and mining. The winning team is the first to obtain 5000 points or to have the highest points by the end of the event. Both teams will be rewarded if there is a draw by the end of the event.

Ways to gain points:

  1. Killing: Defeat rival players to gain points
  2. Raiding flags: Raid rival team’s flags and submit them to the Resource Recovery Officer to gain points; defeat guardians around the flag to gain points. The process will be disrupted if attacked during transportation. The transporter will lose the flag if they are defeated and the flag will be returned to its original place. If the transporter successfully defends the attack, they keep the flag.
    • The first flag a player submits is worth 20 individual points and 200 team points,
    • second flag is worth 30 individual points and 300 team points.
    • Each following flag grants 40 individual points and 400 team points.
  3. Mining: Collect Amethyst and submit them to the team’s Resource Recovery Officer to receive points.
  4. Resource Plunder: Kill Resource Plunders to earn some points.

[Output / Rewards]

Insignia, Honor, EXP

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  1. Same limit 6000 honnor daily? That is a problem, for upgrade Medalion need millions every level. Other problem, people not join Imperial War, because they need to e there 1 full hour, waste of time, and no honnor, because 6000 from battleground is limit, including Imperial War. Not even for posibility to get Empire Truncheons… better 2 minutes in Speed Clearance. Many players see not much Battle rating after upgrading Medalion, but need thousand hours in Battleground for honnor, hundred of thousands of insignias (12 hours farm busy for 18 seeds, just stupid waste of time), Better they fix prices in Shop, not keep 1 Adv Henna to 50 balens (100 adv henna = 50 euro + VAT = 62 euro). Or rename Willpower cards thousands balens, wth…

    • I know exactly.. A lot of time people asking for a new honor limit and they still can’t change it. We need maybe 12k or 15k limit. Sounds a lot but people nowdays can manage to get that but obviously with the 6k limit you can’t noticed. Also would be cool if they add more honor to the rewards of victory at the end of the bg.. 200 honor is a joke.

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