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Attacking Fire Guardian Gauguin

Hey guys, as I was clearing out an Expert Fire dimension in Wartune I had to fight and kill Fire Guardians – the Gauguin. The picture below is from one of those encounters. Seeing this a thought came to my mind – would I be as brave in real life as my character is in Wartune? 🙂

Granted there is probably not going to be a Gauguin in RL, but there are situations in RL where you could face a “monster” such as a large animal or a tank in wartime or maybe there is an alien invasion some day 😛

So the question is – do you think you would be as brave as your Wartune character in standing up against evil? 🙂

COSMOS attacking Gauguin in Wartune

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  1. since you need to make threads like that, no you wouldnt

    i do already

  2. Well, to be honest. I’d look silly all geared up + staff attacking fierce spiders in the woods.

  3. if it is like 10 times in size and I’m 10 times in strength then why not ? it is like fighting an elephant with a tank or F-22

    • hehe

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