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Wartune Patch 7.7 Dragonchant Sub-Class Guide

Hi everyone, here I share with you the Developer’s guide for Wartune Patch 7.7 Dragonchant Sub-Class with some additions by me.

I also put below my video playlist for Wartune Patch 7.7 (best for you to see and understand) which is an ongoing work that you can refer to for all aspects of the Patch (some still being prepared).

1) Patch 7.7 Video Playlist:

2) Dragonchant Developer’s Guide

Dragonchant Male & Female Wartune Patch 7.7 800px

[Wartune 7.7] Dragonchant


With the appearance of the Time Cavern in Titan City, those defeated Bosses are trying to invade the Continent via the time passage. The brave lords of the united to guard the peace of the world. They learned to harness their abilities in the form of Dragonchant to dispel the evil…

[Unlock Requirement]

Complete “Activate Dragonchant” related main quests after completing Class Advancement to unlock the Dragonchant system.


Click the Dragonchant icon at the bottom to gain access.

Wartune Patch 7.7 Dragonchant Sub-Class Developer Guide


1. Dragonchant

Character’s Dragonchant appearance displays in this panel. Players can click the switch icon to enter Dragonchant mode and inherit a certain percentage of the character’s Battle Rating. 6 Stats Talismans can be equipped and different Talismans give different stats effects. Set Effects can be activated when equipping Talismans of the same set and quality.

Wartune Patch 7.7 Dragonchant Sub-Class Developer Guide 2

2. Symbiosis

Dragonchant and character can share stats via Symbiosis. Different Talisman can be equipped to different body parts accordingly. Consume Symbiosis Stones to upgrade Symbiosis level and strengthen symbiosis effect.

Wartune Patch 7.7 Dragonchant Sub-Class Developer Guide Symbiosis

Wartune Patch 7.7 Dragonchant Sub-Class Developer Guide Symbiosis 2

3. Talisman

Talisman Enchant: Consume EXP Talisman or Talisman of the same body part to enchant Talisman and increase stats. Talisman with the maxed enhancement level can be upgraded to higher quality and gains more sub stats.

Talisman Engulf: Target Talisman can engulf Talismans of the same body part to gain a random stat of the source Talisman.

Wartune Patch 7.7 Dragonchant Sub-Class Developer Guide Talismans

4. Skills

There are two skill sets: Freeze and Enchantment. Players can choose one skill set to activate, according to the battle scene. Dragonchant skill points are based on character level. 40 initial skill points are guaranteed upon completing class advancement. 1 skill point adds at class level 2. Each 4 class level increases adds 1 skill point.

Wartune Patch 7.7 Dragonchant Sub-Class Developer Guide Skills

5. Battle Beast

Consume Terra Grass to upgrade Battle Beast and gain stats bonus as well as combo points. New Battle Beast image unlocks at higher level.

Wartune Patch 7.7 Dragonchant Sub-Class Developer Guide Battle Beast

Wartune Patch 7.7 Dragonchant Sub-Class Developer Guide Battle Beasts Window

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  1. Hi, do we need x2 level 12 willpowersfor Dragonchant quests ?

    • Willpower has nothing to do with this.

  2. Hey cosmos Great Info keep up the good work , i just need to know two things.

    1.Where do i get terra grass from?
    2.where do i get symbiosis stone from?

    • probably in the new dungeon for subclass

    • hi, thanks
      i have not seen terra grass anywhere so far
      and all the Dragonchant items are normally from the Time Vortex, i will double check about the symbiosis stone as soon as i can
      – COSMOS

  3. awesome!! china servers have sub class since so many years. it’s nice now we can have it too, in english servers. Thanks Cosmos for info 🙂

  4. I’m small player who can only beat a few cities for new Talismans. I currently don’t have a #4 Slot(HP) Talisman. How do I get new Talismans to fill 4th Slot if I can oly beat couple cities in Murken Forest?. Can I fuse 2 other Talismans together to make a HP?

    • exactly. So blimmin hostile to non-cashers honestly.

  5. Hi have question anyone knows whats talisman max enchantment?

  6. i would sugest NOT using EXP stones/Equipment on Lower grade Talismens, The EX does not transfer over to the Higher Grade Talismans when you Engulf/Enchant using those pieces

    • you can upgrade talismans to the next rarety when max enchanted and than it keeps the enchantment level in the talisman. so it would only be a waste if you change to a diffrent type of talisman.

      • good tip, thanks for sharing

  7. Yeah, would love to know where? we find symbiosis stones and terra grass?

    • terra grass was only via balen event so far
      symbiosis stone was available in a good amount during previous exchange
      and it is available daily through Rift:

  8. Do u have some info what is piercing?(Its some kind of buff)But if someone can explain how it works it will be great.

  9. Where for heaven’s sake can you find Terra Grass? Does it even exist?

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