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Holiday Gift Pile Wartune Cloud City

Hey guys, there is a new upcoming event in Wartune called the “Holiday Gift Pile” which are piles of gold which appear in the Cloud City for everyone to collect:

You can collect up to 100 times (i.e. 100 piles of gifts) – a tedious job for sure but the rewards are worth it (see below):

Holiday Gift Pile Rewards

Here are a bunch of examples of what you get when you start collecting the holiday gift piles:

  • Soul Seal x5
  • Advanced Sepulcrum x5
  • Bead of Influence x5
  • Vulcan Pack x3
  • Advanced Mahra x5
  • Soul Seal x5
  • Mount Hoof x5


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  1. The mini games are very, very, VERY stupids.. The worst thing after update..

  2. show

  3. Umm but can anyone fix the gem event and make it unlimited plz and make EFNM gives better rewards plz and thanks.

    • You know that this site only give information, right?

    • Also it wasn’t broken. They just stopped having the event.

  4. When is this event?

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