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Wartune Patch 6.5 Teaser Pics 1

Hey guys, for you: Wartune Patch 6.5 teaser pictures #1. This Wartune update is being prepared/finalized during February 2017 and is expected to be released in March 2017 for all players to enjoy.

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Time Portal Teaser

Patch 6.5 Teaser Time Portal 1

Secret Chamber Teaser

Guild Treasure Teaser

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  1. can you please tell us when we will get the new patch ?

    • it’s written in the first sentence…

  2. When are you going to be able to release full info?

    • not 100% sure at the moment

      • cant release early cua r2 will get funny again hahahahaa

  3. So does that time portal in outlands have to do with the secret chamber? If so, it looks like secret chamber has nothing to do with outlands so why have us enter it through outlands?

    And I see titan temple is still entered through outlands. This is something that needs to be changed especially now that outlands is a monthly thing.

    So looks like still missing titan temple once a month for no reason and missing secret chamber unless how we sign up for outlands is different.

    • pictures are not related to one another, they are teasers of different things

  4. would be nice the dumb asses at r2 didnt situate stuff in the outlands island cuz of reset u cant enter untill guild signs up then can enter next day this sh ite needs its own npc in cloud city

  5. secret chamber might be an updated world boss,maybe?

  6. Not sure if you will be able to answer this yet but are there likely to be any changes to the existing stuff that might make it beneficial to delay doing stuff until after the patch?

    Personally I’ll be ready to create my first merge sylph in about a week when the next exchange comes for the remaining materials I need. I’m leaning towards waiting unless I know there is unlikely to be any significant change to dual sylphs since it seems highly unlikely they’ll make merge sylphs harder to get by changing price or restricting the use of BBs for example but there is a possibility they might make them easier or change something that changes my decision on which to pick, such as major skill changes or even new merged sylphs. Waiting does have a disadvantage of missing a few weeks use and missing the event expected next week to use advanced sep so if their are unlikely to be significant changes it would be useful to merge as soon as I can.

  7. Guild treasure image shows a yellow crystal, given Eudemons fall incredibly easy now I think there is a logical case for increasing resistences on them since resistence seems to be the major stat difference between players and eudemons.

    The new crystals could potentially be a resistence type shield for eudemons along the lines of the one the main character has with 6 or 7 different colour crystals.

    There would be room for yellow and red levels on the existing eudemon resistence which would make more sense but given the abundence of the stuff to upgrade them it is unlikely that doing so would significantly increase revenue so from the developers side a new resource would probably be preferable although players would obviously prefer to use the existing stuff they have stockpiled.

    It is also possible that the new crystals are actually for upgrading the existing resistences to higer levels, yellow crystals for the yellow levels and red crystals for the later red levels

  8. “Please find it and defeat it”. Is that the monster or the person that woke it you have to go kill? Be cooler if you had to kill the idiot that woke the monster. I am hoping that Titan Temple is adjusted, but won’t hold my breath.

  9. Time Portal is how we will be able to return to Wartune of the past, complete with players who quit since, mighty guilds now forgotten, old bugs, and even the pre-sylph era!

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