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Wartune Major Events Overview 14 Nov 2015

Hey guys, here I share with you my analysis / illustration of major events in Wartune covering October and November to date. This should give you a clear idea on how they are creating events and what you can expect roughly at what timing assuming nothing major changes.

I hope you will appreciate / like the overview (you can enlarge – it’s a high quality image) and share with your friends; cheers, Cosmos:

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  1. Super cool that you’re tracking events like this. I’ve thought about doing that for a while now, just too lazy. THANKS!

    • thanks for the appreciation buddy! 🙂

  2. When was the last (first?) Adv. Sylph Upgrade?

    • Adv. Sylph Upgrade have always been balen only so i ignore that in my list, but if a lot of people wish i can include in the overview

      • If its real-money balens, blah, but if BBs can be used, I would LOVE to have that info.

        Also, I saw the impossible today. A lvl 7 gem dropped from the VIP Wheel…first time I’ve seen it in about 2 years of playing.

  3. Thanks for this, really helpful, I get all my info from here and appreciate all you do.

  4. Seems the events like recharge, sacred tree and such have been moved a day. That might be because they moved maintenace from wednesday to thursday. Thanks very much for all info. Hope to see u in arena/bg soon, cosmo.

  5. I’ve always tried to track like this: Sylph events, eudaemon events, character event’s. I always thought they alternated but could never figure out if it was a specific order or not.

  6. I noticed no SC events. Should I just use them since I don’t ever think will be another one?

  7. THANKS!

  8. I have VIP 4 so I get to skip through Sylph Arena easily.

  9. I have seen rare times of adv mahra events & hope to see it soon. With them wanting everyone cashing for red I doubt it will happen. But be good & ask Santa lol. This site is my top used for the game, awesome info always … Keep up the great work

  10. Great job. Keep it up, it’s very usefull 🙂

  11. makes no sense whatsoever, go back to doing it the way u were b4

    • This is a way of doing it in addition to what he was already doing.

      This also adds some level of predictive value, by keeping track of what happened last month on a certain day, you can estimate when that event is likely to occur again.

  12. PLS can you get it back the way it was ? this way is not clear and confusing

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