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Wartune Major Events Overview 5 Dec 2015

Hey guys, here I share with you my analysis / illustration of major events in Wartune covering October to December 2015 to date. This should give you a clear idea on how they are creating events and what you can expect roughly at what timing assuming nothing major changes.

I hope you will appreciate / like the overview (you can enlarge – it’s a high quality image) and share with your friends; cheers, Cosmos:

Wartune Major Events Overview 5 Dec 2015

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  1. ty nice info

  2. What happen to sylph refining. Almost impossible to get holy water now, so can’t catch up to other people that have L10 refining.

    • Hi Kurt, here not all events are included, but only those that I consider as “major” events, but if many people request a specific event i can add it also.
      The reason I do not include sylph refining is because a lot of people have already maxed that out and cannot go further without “casher” items. The holy water post patch 5.1 can be gotten relatively easily from Spire NM. Please check my drop rate report.

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