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Wartune Events 9 Feb 2016

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 9 Feb 2016 (Advanced Mahra/Sepulcrum + careful Resistance Crystals event has been greatly nerfed!):

Advanced Sylph Enchant – 2 days

Unlimited Rewards:

During the event enchant your Sylph 20 times, to receive: 5 Advanced Sepulcrum + 5 Sylph EXP Scroll + 200k gold

Daily Rewards:

During the event, enchant your Sylph 20 times, to receive: 2 10 10 100k
During the event, enchant your Sylph 100 times, to receive: 5 20 20 200k
During the event, enchant your Sylph 200 times, to receive: 10 50 50 500k
During the event, enchant your Sylph 500 times, to receive: 20 100 100 2m
During the event, enchant your Sylph 1000 times, to receive: 40 200 200 5m
During the event, enchant your Sylph 3000 times, to receive: 60 400 600 20m

Resistance Crystals Synthesis + NO UNLIMITED – 2 days

Note: on top of no unlimited event, the event chest quantity has been reduced by around 50% compared to last event.



Level 5 300k 100 5 2 1 for 1
Level 6 400k 200 8 3 1 for 1
Level 7 500k 300 12 4 1 for 1
Level 8 800k 400 30 5 1 for 1
Level 9 1200k 600 50 8 1 for 1
Level 10 2000k 800 80 15 1 for 1
Level 11 3000k 1000 100 30 1 for 1


Advanced Sylph Upgrade with Balens only – 2 days

Unlimited Rewards:

During the event upgrade your Sylph 20 times, to receive: 5 Advanced Mahra + 5 Sylph EXP Scroll + 200k gold

Daily Rewards:

During the event, upgrade your Sylph 20 times, to receive: 10 10 2 100k
During the event, upgrade your Sylph 100 times, to receive: 20 20 5 200k
During the event, upgrade your Sylph 200 times, to receive: 50 50 10 500k
During the event, upgrade your Sylph 500 times, to receive: 100 100 20 2m
During the event, upgrade your Sylph 1000 times, to receive: 200 200 40 5m
During the event, upgrade your Sylph 3000 times, to receive: 400 600 60 20m

Big Spender 24 hours

Balen Spend Required
1,000 5 2 2 30
2,000 10 4 5 50
5,000 20 10 10 100
7,000 30 15 20 150
10,000 50 20 30 200
20,000 100 30 50 300

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  1. No fun allowed in this game..nerf nerf nerf

  2. i’ve +20k will crystal shards and + 90k crystal shards…

    i would the unlimited res events

  3. so no crystal at all this time….nice….perfect infact…this won’t make anyone quit……nawwwwwwwwwww

    • lol yeah not at all mirlin

      • The Crystal match is still there. It’s just not unlimited.

  4. Haven’t you left out the water crystals from the res crystal event rewards?

  5. Seriously think they are trying their damnedest to push players away. They not even trying to give something to make the free or casual cashers a chance of improving their characters. way to shoot yourselves in the foot!

    • Yeh i mean all the free stuff from digs that have let me upgrade 1x 70 armor to lega then to 80 and 4x other bits all but ready to go from 70 non lega to 70 lega to 80 don’t help me build up my char at al. And who cares about all the free sepul (600 or was it 800 so far) and the 500 star sand just sense dig was added sub 1 week. I mean yeh none of that helps in the least….. Total br gain sub 7 days 190k+ previous 2 month 150k+ total sense coming back not counting the instant jump from 60 to 500k 300k give or take. Total time back after a year gone 4 months.

      Ive been on both sides of the gaming industry a player and a developer. I have seen the constant cry babying over not being given every thing for free constantly from both sides. Honestly it is this cry babying bs that makes more quit than any thing else. People want it all for free with out any real work never bothering to think about the huge cost just to keep a game running.

      • never bothering to think about the huge money just to keep up a game running.

        go check game industry how much it makes.these people included.

      • never bothering to think about the huge money PLAYERS PUT IN just to keep up a game running.
        go check game industry how much it makes.these people included.

      • As a developer you should know how important new players are, so tell me how new players will get their resistance when it starts at lvl 5 and gives one back, how they are supposed to collect all those crystals with max 2 dimensions, most of them cant even kill adv/exp so goes for int(900 crystals per day), so with 2 dimensions thats 2 lvl3 crystals per week, if event is every 2 weeks they will make about 1 lvl6 and get one back, in one month they will make about 2.3 lvl7. Once new players stop joining this game will die. Have seen games were everything that was free after sometime was only available for money, new players got only basic stuff, long story short, that game died in 1month.

        You also forgot that your br gain is loads of fake br, even dimension bonus boosts your br. Digging, yes, gives some nice stuff, but half of the requirements in the handbook dont even exist in synthesis, some stuff like “blue flame, violet flame” doesnt drop at all, being doing digging everyday since it came, got 0 of those. Tell Mr. developer why they dont fix their own game, constant lag, arena matching is just absurd, i feel sorry for those new players i meet in arena everyday 4,6M br get matched with people that dont even have eudaemons, always 1 shot. Rage gain is bugged and loads of other issues that have been here for more than 6months.

      • Yes I completely agree, with these nerfs they not only piss of current players, they make it impossible for new players to start.

  6. If this keeps up ,then I will go find some other game to play and spend my money. Wartune has been steadily dropping in quality.They might want to review the fact that they get their living from making the players happy. There are some very interesting games out there now. I really don’t like the nef,nef,nef on the res crystals,have been saving for a while,have 90k and was waiting for a event . How rude

    • ca I know some of those other interesting games, cos i am so quiting very soon

    • And i bet you will do the same cry babying there to right? Just like you have most likely done in every other free to play mmo out there

  7. So during eudaemon events they nerfed them because people abused eudaemon selling? ok, fair enough. Now they will nerf res event, whats the reason behind it? Whats next? Will they nerf mahra/sep events? Give none back?

  8. And the Advanced Mahra is always Casher. Very sad.

  9. Think it’s time to say goodbye to r2 & their greedy ways! I have seen enough of their greed, doly u have done a great job allowing players to know of events. But it’s the cashers that are to blame here!!!

  10. No more duplicates..when ppls struggling with res..bad bad move frm wartune..dimensions are such a boring thing..n yet ppls work hard to make some..i don’t think such steps will b appreciated..specially with non vip players with 2 dimensions on.If u dont give duplicate crystal in events..than plz make another way of making res crystals instead of boring dimensiosn.

  11. wtf? no incentive do crappy crystal synthesis anymore! I really enjoyed the second crystal we got! Really r2 that’s just messed up in so many ways. And my resistances are so low so this only discourages me to play the game.

  12. i think big spenders complaind about non spenders catching them up

  13. Was already expecting them to remove the unlimited rewards but nerfing the amount of chests it gives as well is just a big fk you to all their players.

  14. how is that fair for all the player s that got lv 12 res crystals already ,, how are we suppose to catch up now ,,spend more money for stuff they already got for nothing

  15. Dear Nanaki,

    So nice u still need gear and seps and what not, but most players have their gear and sylphs maxed and dont need stuff like that at all.I couldnt care less about your awesome developing career either.Its a simple fact this game is screwing ppl over all the time and for most ppl 80% of the digging rewards are useless.So pls go defend those *%#$*^# devs somewhere else, and leave ppl complaining about getting screwed over once again alone.
    U fckn *%#$*^#

  16. Why R2 call this game free to play when in real it is pay to play, i don’t know lol

  17. ah r2 need to protect the casher…make them feel powerful and special…

    they r slowing down the free players down obviously

    now we probably stuck at low level for 10 years i guess ^^

  18. As Feo said to Cheech Marin in Born in East LA – F me? no F U…..!!!So goes for R2 just don’t spend anything on this game let it die on the vine……When they finally shut this game down all those big spenders will have O to show for all their spending – Pathetic!

  19. will save res crystals until next event , maybe they will bring back , 1 for 1,, not dumping crystals on this event

  20. you all complain a lot for free players

  21. nothing free on this game tardo

  22. Try warframe its a download to play game but its really fun. its also for pve and pvp players and it is very fun if u dont just buy everything.

  23. @ Nanaki
    been playing this game for almost 2years.yes ur right abt a game needs money to run.players are also paying them.but will u pay or play in a game who alwaya disappoints the unfixed bugs and the unannounced changes.Im sure ur just a wandering armature who just paid a visit to game and u won’t last much longer here. I hav 100s of dead players like u in my server do pls stop barking n read me carefully.The marketing standard is very poor here.with right hands this game can make good fortune.As it used to b one year before.80% mega cashers quite till now..but nvr mind 80% more will come frm new server as time goes by.that’s the policy of this game.loot n loot till ppls quit in frustration.after all its a big big world n internet is on reach now.try making a Odin sylp.its like spending in thousands.but how many ppls bought those? very few I guess.the marketing staff could hav lowered the price tag and for totally non option to earn it by playing bit more hard would b this they can generate more diverseified money frm many sources than few once.but no lools as I said they r upto looting cashers and upset non or low cashers.I believe sooner or later they will give all these things like free..but by that time they will hav lost many costumers and also that money it could hav short they want 100s frm few plyers than 10s frm thousand of players. 🙂

  24. same thing i say here like i say all the time:

    no more free, low cash players >> no more mid or heavy cash players, cause noone they can bash, and none of them wants competition, they just want to be on top of list.

    casher : no skill

  25. yes, people complain. They always will,but i do agree with most points. I think one of the biggest issues right now is adv mahra, as most players are at that stage where they need it, not only to upgrade their sylph but also for the adv sep event. Only spending will get you adv mahra and its not even onsale because the event is to buy the mahra upgrades which is just ridiculous. Knighthood is epic mega cash fail as wel,l and is even discouraging the mid to low casher. NOt sure what they were trying to do with knighthood.
    I can live with the nerfed events but ive been playing a while. new players are doomed. as many of you said, these points will not help the game grow as many have left and no incentives for new players….. :/

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