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Wartune Events 2 Feb 2016

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 2 Feb 2016:

War Emblem RES Reduction Leveling – 3 days

Unlimited rewards: Unlimited Event Removed

Use Eudaemon RES Reduction Essence x20 during the event, to receive: 3 + 100k

One time rewards:

Note: Upgrade Eudaemon’s war emblem RES reduction slot to the required levels and be rewarded. Each reward may be redeemed once during the event.
Upgrade War Emblem RES Reduction to Level 3 during the event, to receive: 1 1 50k
Upgrade War Emblem RES Reduction to Level 4 during the event, to receive: 1 2 100k
Upgrade War Emblem RES Reduction to Level 5 during the event, to receive: 2 5 200k
Upgrade War Emblem RES Reduction to Level 6 during the event, to receive: 2 10 300k
Upgrade War Emblem RES Reduction to Level 7 during the event, to receive: 3 20 500k
Upgrade War Emblem RES Reduction to Level 8 during the event, to receive: 3 50 800k
Upgrade War Emblem RES Reduction to Level 9 during the event, to receive: 5 120 1200k
Upgrade War Emblem RES Reduction to Level 10 during the event, to receive: 10 200 200


Big Spender 24 hours

Note: the amount of RES Reduction reduced from 100 (top tier) in the past to 50.

Balen Spend Required
1,000 5 2 20 5 20
2,000 10 4 50 10 40
5,000 20 10 70 15 60
7,000 30 15 100 20 100
10,000 50 20 200 30 200
20,000 100 30 300 50 300

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  1. Mmm, I’ve come to the conclusion R2/7Road are actively trying to drive away the free/light casher from this game. Poor events with rewards that are so poor u think why am I bothering. But of cause if u can throw a few $ there way the spender events of cause are most usefull. Over the last 2 weeks I’ve gone from a player who could not stop playing, to someone who can barely be bothered to log in. The new patch added far to much in one go leading to confusion with many at best. At one time I had 3 accounts, Now with dimentions/archaeolgy the time required to be spent on this game has gone up considerably and I barley find the time to paly this one account I hope they sort it out, don’t want to offind that I have wasted 2 years

  2. 🙁 more unlimited events removed, lol 3 day res event lucky to do 1 day

  3. I am beginning to have that feeling my wife is going to enjoy what R2 and co are cooking up, coz I am beginning to lose interest and she will be happier that I do more than R2 will

  4. As servers keep getting merged then the only way for non cashers to play is not to do every event that comes along. This useless magic hat event is not magical except for having your cash disappear from your bank account. Even the balen lode is for cashers only and no longer can we use bound balens for world boss or other things. plus with all the clothing you need to open more inv space, which again costs money.
    Wait for a worthwhile event and save your sep/mahra/whips/res crystals/books/hoofs/ and everything else for 5 weeks, then you might have enough to make an event worthwhile.

  5. been waiting for adv mahra event I dont know, like 4 or 5 months now ,maybe they dont even have them anymore or , if they ever have ,, they seem to have adv mahra in all the recharge packs ,, but never have adv event for it

    • they have never done a Adv mahra event only a spender one. they do adv sep event though. i typically use adv mahra during regular mahra event so you can atleast collect more regular mahra for using your adv mahra.

  6. Even if you were to cash it will be much harder to level.
    They must not want those 3 to 5 mil BR’s to climb.
    So sad. Though tempting without unlimited events which help the Gold flow I will not spend cash. To bad I really enjoy the people on my server as well.

  7. wow unlimited…i dont even bother do any of the events anymore (the recent skills, war emblem etc)

    i guess r2 trying hard to please the mega casher and pushing the gap between them and the usual free/casual players even more…

  8. With players now having 10-11-12 mil BR after the latest patch forget about competing here unless you want to spend 100’s of $$. I’ve got better things to do with my money….. Then send it to China to maintain R2 and 7 roads…

  9. Im a long time playing wartune but the recent turn of events with events turns my stomach. No more unlimited events means no more boxes and no more gold. Wise up DEVS if what youre searching for is a method to reduce your player numbers youre on the right track. You guys are slitting your own throats treating your players like this. If this keeps up no one will be logging into wartune and the music will stop.

  10. Been playing sense server 2, have seen a lot of changes. Taking the unlimited out will hurt the game big time. Pretty soon, ppl will stop playing and it will be just the big cashers left.Then they will leave as well .Lots of other mmo out there now

  11. theres always been lots of other (and far better) mmos out there but browser/facebook/flash games don’t require a decent computer to play them, that’s the only reason they are so popular, no decent mmo game is run by Chinese, only those games designed to empty ur pocket are

  12. I have left do to the stupid things they keep on doing. Someone needs to teach them about how to run a business… dont give less and less to you players and expect them to stay?

  13. when is the next sylph event in this mounth

  14. Can everyone PLEASE go to Wartune community official page on Facebook and complain about these shitty events? every complaint counts, we need you to go, and we need you to spread to word so more goes to complain

  15. where is this magic page

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