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Wartune Events 5 Feb 2016

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 5 Feb 2016:

Mount Refining – 3 days

Unlimited rewards:

Refine your Mount 10 times with Mount Hooves to receive: 3 Mount Hoof
300k gold

Daily rewards:

Love Chest

Refine your Mount 20 times with Mount Hooves to receive: 1 5
Refine your Mount 50 times with Mount Hooves to receive: 2 10
Refine your Mount 100 times with Mount Hooves to receive: 4 20
Refine your Mount 200 times with Mount Hooves to receive: 6 50
Refine your Mount 500 times with Mount Hooves to receive: 10 150
Refine your Mount 1000 times with Mount Hooves to receive: 20 300


Dimensional Exchange – 3 days

Exchange Cupid x15 to receive: 1 basic dimensional essence (5%) + 100k gold
Exchange Cupid x30 to receive: 1 inter. dimensional essence (5%) + 200k gold
Exchange Cupid x100 to receive: 1 adv. dimensional essence (5%) + 300k gold
Exchange Cupid x300 to receive: 1 expert dimensional essence (5%) + 500k gold
Exchange Love Chest x15 to receive: 1 basic coor. + 1m gold + 5x basic dimensional essence (5%)
Exchange Love Chest x30 to receive: 1 inter coor. + 2m gold + 5x inter dimensional essence (5%)
Exchange Love Chest x100 to receive: 1 adv coor. + 3m gold + 5x adv. dimensional essence (5%)
Exchange Love Chest x300 to receive: 1 expert coor. + 5m gold + 5x expert dimensional essence (5%)


Dimension Spender 24 hours

  • 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 30000 balen spending rewards.
  • Giving RES and Will crystals, Coor. chests and essences and event chests.
  • Top reward includes level 8 Will crystal

Big Spender 24 hours

Balen Spend Required
1,000 5 2 10 10 2
2,000 10 4 20 20 5
5,000 20 10 40 40 10
7,000 30 15 60 60 20
10,000 50 20 80 80 40
20,000 100 30 100 100 60

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  1. no sepulrum event?

    • you get what you see 🙂

  2. refining? again?

  3. when id adv sepelcrum event

  4. or adv mahra event

  5. it’s a ploy. unless you spend money on recharge event good luck gaining enough beast souls to make this event useful.

    Just Sayin

  6. well they actualy will get the opposite what they want
    cause those high b’s are all fakers working for China as call ensures ppl will spent less they only didn’t get it after many warning
    they should do more for ppl who actually pay for the game.They claim to want fair play where is t fair where you give for 800 usd balens each month also they say not to have employees working for them those call center guys are working for them aren’t they
    now they try to make us sour by holding in on us cause ppl saw spending real money not getting them any where.Instead of more ppl spending. It will lead to it ppl just stop playing instead
    What this game realy tought me is that economy in China is not gonna work

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