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Wartune Events 7 November 2015

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 7 November 2015 from our research (will update if needed), so we hope you will all like and appreciate and share:

FOR ALL – Wartune Events 7 November 2015

Eudaemon Skill Upgrades – 3 days

Unlimited rewards: During the event, use 20 skill books to upgrade your skills to receive 5 skill book chests (exists for both class skills and general skills):

Per day rewards: going from level 3 up to level 8 skills:

Eudaemon Diamond Synthesis – 3 days

Per day rewards: going from level 5 up to level 11 diamonds and giving out a nice quantity of Blood of Zeus and some Treasure Chests (event boxes):

Unlimited rewards: giving out one diamond duplicate for every level that you synthesize, similar to per day rewards, going from level 5 to level 11:

Update: Casher Events – Big spender 1 day

Indeed as I thought big spender event as well appeared giving rewards of:

  • 1000 – 2000 – 5000 – 7000 – 10000 – 20000 balen levels
  • Gold
  • Mount Hoofs
  • Soul Seals
  • Treasure Chests (event)
  • Vulcan Packs

There could be some casher events like a big spender, but this is the information we managed to research so far. As mentioned will update this article with more Wartune events for 7th November 2015 if needed. Please support / like / share.

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  1. Yet another synth event with rewards starting at lvl 5 now. Wow.

  2. These are troll events…
    On a 10-day / 2 Week Cycle

    R2 has really gone backwards w/ the patch, accidentally taking the tanks, and mpd event quests.

    Unless your an uber casher, or Deep-pocketsmak and love throwing money away

    China Servers don’t have new content update. Just new ways to waste your money.
    Just be cautious, these events are getting repetitive.

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