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Wartune Events 2 November 2015

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 2 November 2015:

  • The main event is Soul Seal Engraving both with unlimited and (messed up) daily rewards, however all the people who maxed out SS will naturally not be able to participate in anything as there is no exchange for neither SC nor for SS.
  • And the only other thing is the 1 day big spender

Wartune Events 2 November 2015

Soul Seal Engraving – unlimited – 2 days

And the daily reward event is messed up, but here it is:


Big Spender 1 day

Going from 1000 balens up to 20,000 balens:

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  1. Would you mind elaborating on how it’s ‘messed up’ (other than the third one showing 100 instead of the obvious 1000)?

    • yes i refer to that mistake where the give a big reward for 100 when it should be 1000

      • Thanks for the response (after I found out for myself – lol). I don’t consider a simple typo that anyone with half a brain cell can figure out on their own as ‘messed up’. ‘Messed up’ is when they claim it’s unlimited or daily but it’s only once per event, etc.

      • Sorry for any misunderstanding, by that phrase i was referring to the poor quality of work by the team who creates the events as you said anyone with half a brain could see that mistake, so what a messed up job they are doing that they constantly make poor decisions and poor quality work

  2. Nothing mentioned about the bug which is the hide objects button you see none of your team till u press thr hide button but all only appear for 2 seconds then they all go again it happens in various parts of the game if anyone knows how to get it sorted I think we would like to know

    • and nothing should be mentioned because this is not a post about bugs, but it is a post about events of 2nd of Nov 2015

  3. none of the people on my server can attend this event >.<… we need soul crystal…

  4. Hi all
    i wanna refer also to the hide objects button which is realy crap.
    I struggled 30 min. in Elemental Forest because I cant see my team…

  5. Cosmo,
    please create an article about hide objects = autmatic enabled

    • i am not sure what article i can do about that buddy – they just have to do a proper job to implement that feature properly… currently they are doing a poor quality job

      • poor quality? wartune? pftttt never

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