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Wartune Events 11 November 2015

Hey guys, for the Wartune Events 11 November 2015 we only have just big spender, but coming up are a lot more events in the next days such as:

  • Mount Refine,
  • Sylph Tamer,
  • Sylph Upgrade (mahra) up to 1000 per day + unlimited,
  • Epic Spender,
  • new exchanges,
  • Login events,
  • Increase Honor,
  • Blessing Wheel,
  • Conseq. Recharge
  • and of course more big spenders

, so stay tuned and we will inform you daily about upcoming events.

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  1. spend spend spend spend it feels we always give and not get lol am i a A.T.M machine feels like it half the time

  2. I enjoy playing this game and I also enjoy reading the news etc. on this site; so don’t take this the wrong way. I know you are just helping 🙂

    I just don’t understand the events. I have not seen an Advanced Mahra event.
    GEM event’s are horrible as of late. I get all the different reasons why but you have to feed people good events, so it’s not all about spending cash. In the end they might get more cash out of people.
    Server lag is horrible, and hiding players in events to reduce the lag is just sad. It means they either don’t have the ability, or don’t care to make the changes needed. It’s not a lack of money that is for sure.

    They have to feed the bottom so they have a reason to stay and play. I am not on the bottom by any means, but understand the frustration. I have stopped spending money until these things have been resolved.

    I now horde all resources, GEMS etc. for unlimited rewards. Keep gaining that milk for the boxes.

    • the only adv mahra event is the one u buy balens with i asked r2 about it and they said this event will be ere for a good few mnths and wont change


    • He didn’t lie, he said “in the coming days” those events would occur, and that JUST the big spender was happening on the 11th

    • you are always so rude Benja, please re-consider your attitude

    • he never lie to u , read what he said , “Hey guys, for the Wartune Events 11 November 2015 we only have just big spender”

  4. if the player is unhappy that no live and let others

  5. i just want to say thanks for the info, you help me keep wolvs up to date, although I did see on FB that they are gonna have the mahra (upgrade) event on 11/12/15, just wanted to say thanks guys, you do a lot, and I appreciate it!

    • WOW Dear Lady 🙂

  6. if u have connections to wartune devs (*muahaha* just a joke) let them know that some events even for the smaller /lower players are needed.

    when they lose the base they will also lose the big cash players (they just need longer to realize they get fooled.

    latest changes in tok seem also to infect the big ones heard 2mio br players complain its impossible (stopped doin tok myself cause useless waste of time)

    hope maybe devs read this side sometimes, cause definitely they dont read their own forum cause they dont care about the players they justr care about milking dump people

  7. and again no soul crystal event, but we get them from mpd, fishing and curcuit quests

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