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Wartune Events 7 March 2017

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 7 March (article + video):

Holy Forge – 3 days

Daily Rewards / Once per day
White Bone Mark I

Vulcan Pack
Forging per event item
Holy Forge 10 times. to receive: 2 2 5
Holy Forge 30 times. to receive: 4 6 5
Holy Forge 50 times. to receive: 6 10 4.167
Holy Forge 100 times. to receive: 10 20 4.54
Holy Forge 300 times. to receive: 20 60 7.14
Holy Forge 600 times. to receive: 50 100 6.52
Holy Forge 1000 times. to receive: 100 200 5.21

Mount Training (v-25-1500 return) – 3 days

Daily rewards:

Note: Nirvana Phoenix, Meow Queen, Silver Tiger and X- Dragon do not count in this event.

White Bone Mark I

Real Whips Used Cumul. Event Chest Analysis:
Whips per Event Chest
Train your mount 50 times to receive: 100k 1 25 25 1 25
Train your mount 200 times to receive: 300k 3 100 75 4 18.8
Train your mount 500 times to receive: 1000k 5 250 125 9 13.9
Train your mount 1000 times to receive: 2000k 10 500 125 19 6.6
Train your mount 3000 times to receive: 5000k 30 1500 625 49 12.8

Mount Refining – 3 days

Daily rewards:
White Bone Mark I

Real Hoofs used
Hoofs per Chest
Hoofs return
Refine your Mount 20 times with Mount Hooves to receive: 1 5 15 15 25%
Refine your Mount 50 times with Mount Hooves to receive: 2 10 35 11.7 30%
Refine your Mount 100 times with Mount Hooves to receive: 3 20 65 10.8 35%
Refine your Mount 200 times with Mount Hooves to receive: 4 50 115 11.5 43%
Refine your Mount 500 times with Mount Hooves to receive: 5 150 265 17.7 47%
Refine your Mount 1000 times with Mount Hooves to receive: 10 300 465 18.6 54%


Tattoo & Holy Forge (Exchange) – 3 days

Event Chest x100 to receive: 250 Vulcan’s Hammer or 750 Vulcan’s Stove or 120 Vulcan’s Stithy or 360 Vulcan’s Clamp
Event Chest x120 to receive: 120 Titan’s Stone Shard or 120 Titan’s Iron Shard or 120 Titan’s Heart Shard or 1000 Advanced Henna



Advanced Henna #1 – 3 days

Daily Rewards:
White Bone Mark I
During the event, advance cleanse tattoos 10 times. to receive: 100 2
During the event, advance cleanse tattoos 30 times. to receive: 300 4
During the event, advance cleanse tattoos 50 times. to receive: 500 6
During the event, advance cleanse tattoos 100 times. to receive: 1000 10

Advanced Henna #2 – 3 days

One Time only Rewards:
White Bone Mark I
During the event, advance cleanse tattoos 40 times. to receive: 400 5 500k
During the event, advance cleanse tattoos 80 times. to receive: 800 10 1m
During the event, advance cleanse tattoos 150 times. to receive: 1500 20 2m
During the event, advance cleanse tattoos 300 times. to receive: 3000 50 5m


For those players playing specifically on servers covered by R2Games we remind that they have in the past banned/attacked accounts without any warning or communication and they have an unprofessional / unethical track record in communications and support, so your spending is your risk. For all other players under professional companies thank you for spending and supporting Wartune, your contributions help the game to remain successful.
Game Companies Ranking by DolyGames:

Upcoming casher events are:

  • Big Spender (1 day) – extra rewards for spending 1000-15000 balens
  • One Time Goodie Bag (3 days) – discount coupons rewarded for balen spending
  • Epic Spender (Tattoo & Holy Forge)(3 days) – 2000 to 30000 balen spending rewards
  • Mount Training Balens (3 days) – spend balens to train stables 100-3000 times; rewards = Beast Souls, Event chests and gold
  • Beast Soul Chest Exchange (3 days) – exchange for mounts including the new Zombie Horse +500 stats (non-recyclable)

Zombie Horse +500 Stats Mount

Video: Wartune Events 7 March 2016

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  1. You criticise R2 but are there actually any alternatives to them for English speaking European servers, Ennia seem to be the only European ones left and they are Romanian.

    Personally I’d rather go with Proficient since they seem to be the primary provider but they only seem to have PST servers which aren’t viable for Europeans given the 8pm stuff is 4am here and tanks is 5:30am, EST is just about playable given I tend to stay up until after 2am anyway so a quick tanks would be OK and boss isn’t that big a deal but I’m not aware of any of those that aren’t r2 derived.

    • i communicate the truth and if there is no other alternative for someone that does not change the truth

  2. What is the honor gain in imp wars?

    • Honor is gained through the medallions given at the end of the round.

  3. have dark crest 1 – clothing shards but no items appear to be on offer. Anyone know what’s going on in this regard?

    • sounds like you kept an old event item

  4. so hard to get vulcan stoves and clamps now 🙁

    • vulcan? that’s coming from a daily free income from Purgatory Maze as well as from weekly Tara/Nara – those are normally no problem

    • Lvl 60 and above Mp dungeons hell mode drop Vulcan stuff.

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