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Wartune Events 12 March 2017

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 12 March 2016:

Note: Rune Consumption is still discontinued. Use your Runestone 100 times to receive 50 Runestone. A good deal for anyone who has not maxed out their basic runes.

Login Gift (Holy Sword)

Daru x10000000, Gold x10000000, Adv. Mahra x100, Sylph Soul Orb x20, Energy Stone x1

Runestone Exchange – 2 days

Standard exchange same as in the past:

Runestone common icon Wartune

Exchange basic runes (Brutality, Blood, Healing) for 10 Runestones
Exchange “middle” runes (Guardian or Purge or Purification) for 30 Runestones
Exchange “top” runes (Rage or Amnesia or Chaos) for 120 Runestones
Exchange Runestone x20 to receive: 1 Battle Rune Pack (one of basic runes) Rune Pack 1 icon Wartune
Exchange Runestone x60 to receive: 1 Class Rune Pack (one of middle runes) Rune Pack 2 icon Wartune

  • Knight Rune Pack
  • Mage Rune Pack
  • Archer Rune Pack
Exchange Runestone x240 to receive: 1 Ancient Rune Pack (one of top runes) Rune Pack 3 Ancient icon Wartune
Exchange Runestone x5 to receive: 1 Mystery Runestone (10 exp for advanced runes)


For those players playing specifically on servers covered by R2Games we remind that they have in the past banned/attacked accounts without any warning or communication and they have an unprofessional / unethical track record in communications and support, so your spending is your risk. For all other players under professional companies thank you for spending and supporting Wartune, your contributions help the game to remain successful.

Upcoming casher events are:

  • Big Spender (1 day) – extra rewards for spending 1000-15000 balens
  • Patron’s Gift (1 day) – event that tries to motivate people to spend cash starting from 1 balen reward, then 10 balen, 100, 1000
  • One Time Recharge Gift with Wraithstones / Talent Stones / Henna or Bound Balens

Tomorrow’s Upcoming Wartune Events

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  1. Wartune dev decisions always baffle me. They still have SC events even though very few people need them, but they removed the rune consumption event, which a lot of people still need to max out all their runes. I need to max out my purge rune, which is now useful again with all these titan buffs and buffs in Ares Wars… I’m guessing since it’s been gone this long, consumption is gone for good.

    • i offered one of the companies my help, but they said they are doing a great job and don’t need advice. What can you say…
      – Cosmos

  2. i was curious …with beginners mine 30k ..if you recharged 50k balens …is it possible to hit 100k spender ….any one xd

    • The answer is no.

    • The amount you actually spend is counted towards the event.

      • i mean 30k is already spend for the beginners mine…which leaves me 30k ..with discount coupons ..and all i know u can make 80k with 30k balens with beginners mine and coupons

  3. if u do all 3 beginner mines at once however 50k would give 85.5k it would take another recharge of 14.5k balens to reach 100k spender and that doesn’t count towards the actual recharge pack events

    • But if u spend what u gett from it it. Is more like 90k spent if do all 3 beginner mine

  4. Kabam servers are down. Didn’t find any reference about server maintenance in FB.

    • Time change maintenance. Forms listed maintenance schedule a few days ago

  5. Event rune have a problem: not have “Ancient Rune Pack” option. R2games S1

    • Rune stone event. (Fix’d.)

    • Same in kabam 34

    • I’ve put together 2000 runes to get chaos. ;_;

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