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Wartune Events 7 Apr 2016

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 7 Apr 2016:

Login – 3 days

During the event non-VIP players can check-in to receive: 1 + 2 + 200k
During the event, VIP players can check-in to receive: 2 + 10

Sylph Arena – 7 days

(rewards: once per day)



Participate in the Sylph Arena 10 times to receive: 20 20 1 200k

Blessing Wheel – 7 days

Daily Rewards
During the event spin the Blessing Wheel 3 times to receive: 100 1 10 200k


Golden Wattle Exchange 1 – 7 days

Exchange Golden Wattle Chest x1 to receive: 3 or 3 or 1
or 2 x level 1 HP diamond
Exchange Golden Wattle Chest x30 to receive: Golden Scale Blade (weapon) (S Quality)
Golden Scale Headdress (hat) (S Quality)
Golden Scale Finery (body) (S Quality)
Exchange Golden Wattle Chest x120 to receive: no wings
Exchange Golden Wattle Chest x1200 to receive: no mount
Exchange Golden Wattle Chest x1 to receive: 10 Diamonds

Golden Wattle Chest (Diamond) Exchange 2 – 7 days

Exchange Diamond x1 to receive: 10k gold or
3 level 40 legend stones or
2 level 50 legend stones or
1 level 60 legend stone
Exchange Diamond x3 to receive: 10 soul crystal or
1 white iron or
1 rough stone
Exchange Diamond x5 to receive: 5 whips or
1 level 2 gem or

Clothing Shard Exchange – 7 days

“added (picture below)” – no new set added on this run

  • 120 Clothing Shards for Holiday Cheer set (S Quality)
  • 120 Clothing Shards for Liquid Silver set (A Quality)
  • 120 Clothing Shards for Crystal Swan set (A Quality)
  • 120 Clothing Shards for Frosty Christmas set (S Quality)
  • 120 Clothing Shards for Reborn Phoenix set (S Quality)
  • 120 Clothing Shards for Majestic set (A Quality)
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Lilac set (A Quality)
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Flaming set (S Quality)
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Violet Night set (S Quality)
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Solemn Angel set (A Quality)
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Dreamy Orchid set (S Quality)
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Haunted Halloween set (A Quality)
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Egyptian Pharaoh set (A Quality) – removed
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Venus’ set (S Quality) – removed
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Oriental set (A Quality) – removed
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Sacred Temple set (A Quality) – removed
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Fabulous set (S Quality) – removed
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Feathered Witch set – removed
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Alpha Lion set – removed
  • 80 Clothing Shards for Anniversary Blood set – removed
  • 65 Clothing Shards for Assassin set – removed
  • 45 Clothing Shards for Royal Crusader – removed
  • 40 Clothing Shards for a random chest – removed
  • 3 Clothing Shards for a Fashion Core or Good Luck Charm


Consecutive Recharge – 6 days

Note: Recharge amounts reset at midnight every day. Recharge a minimum of 500 Balens every day to join the event. When a player recharges, they must log in to the game to activate the recharge.
Empire Truncheon

Golden Wattle Chest
Recharge 1 day during the event to receive: 100 5 15 1
Recharge 2 days during the event to receive: 200 10 30 2
Recharge 3 days during the event to receive: 300 20 60 3
Recharge 4 days during the event to receive: 400 30 120 5
Recharge 5 days during the event to receive: 500 50 300 10

Epic Spender – 6 days

  • Up to 80000 balen spending rewards, giving:
  • Focused on various rewards, most notably, for the top tier: 1000 advanced henna and 1000 beast souls or 160 Fashion Cores / Good Luck Charms, 1000 beast souls

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Golden Wattle Chest item:

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  1. Seems like they keep changing the chest names to have the same events so disappointed

    • ya they are not doing a good job with events for a while now

  2. Tired of double cloth boxes, in 1 or 2 days another box with wings what a joke

    • yep one of our recent polls showed also that many people don’t appreciate that system

    • And those wings just don’t drop! I have yet to get any wings since they moved to this new chest system. Just like I have gone through hundreds of chests and never get the mount anymore. I used to get a mount at least once an event. Haven’t gotten on in months.

  3. another no clothing changes for shards, why are we given them in boxes if we can’t use.

  4. I just wonder how many people come to this site to see what will be compared to what once was… Actually I’d bet people come here more to see what will be, period.
    Listing things that aren’t offered anymore, even with the ‘removed’ tag attached, only makes things unnecessarily confusing.

  5. any word or projected date on new patch yet

  6. Can’t believe they’re still not putting anything new in the clothing shard exchange. They’ve really walled off non-cashers and mild cashers. At this point, they might as well make it a subscription only game.

    • Don’t give them any ideas lol

  7. With clothing engulf coming with the new patch, does it matter if there’s no new clothing items?

    • it does matter
      those sets give title stats

  8. no new cloth set added….just like wat i suspected

    in future need to exchange event chest for unique chest to exchange cloth set…


  9. tenso so tem eventos mediocres pior que as franquias do legend online e pior que o chinês

  10. Since there are no new title clothes sets I am wondering whether to buy a few of the 100 shard ones or wait till the patch and see if new title sets will cycle through.

    • I think they are going to remove clothing shard exchange soon. Probably when we get patch. I’m gonna exchange all to fashion cores.

      • No I don’t think so

  11. I just saw your post about giving 3x time more exp for cloths. Non cashers can not recharge in game and you now, using inside info (as you have a char in a test server), are using that info to earn money (wich non cash players cant give to this blog…. Realy unfair and give another advantage to cashers over free players..

    • You should have correct facts before throwing accusations. The article you refer to is 100% based on a special analysis of existing information which we have published 100% for free for everyone and has nothing to do with any special access.
      (As a side point, one can also make a case that it is unfair to work 10+ hours daily and get nothing, which is what some people demand of us)

      • well, you are saying 3x+ more exp. With your free post you can at most get 20% more total exp. So then 3x more exp is an exageration then.

      • It seems you continue making assumptions and accusing us based on those made-up assumptions.
        We never exaggerate or cheat our fans and supporters. The 3+ is a mathematical calculation which is explained fully in that post.

  12. I think the people in here that work on these statistics, and figure out how the benefit the players are great. It take a-lot of time and effort on their part, to do this. I may complain about the game on things I don’t like, but want to say BIG THANKYOU to Cosmos and those who help get these things done, that give the players a better knowledge of what they need to do in Warune

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