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Wartune Events 5 November 2015

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 5 November 2015 from our research (will update if needed), so we hope you will all like and appreciate and share:

FOR ALL – Wartune Events 5 November 2015

There is only 1 new event for all, rest are for cashers:

Divinity Soul Synthesis – 3 days

Rewards are once per day; nice rewards with divinity souls and event chests:


Epic Holy Forge Spender – 3 days

Good for cashers who want to have a strong boost to their holy forging:

Masquerade Chest new icon:

Epic Miraculous Shard – 3 days

  • Exchange Epic Miraculous Shard x1 to receive: 5x Level 40 Legendary Stone
  • Exchange Epic Miraculous Shard x1 to receive: 2x Level 50 Legendary Stone
  • Exchange Epic Miraculous Shard x1 to receive: 1x Level 60 Legendary Stone
  • Exchange Epic Miraculous Shard x2 to receive: 1x Level 70 Legendary Stone
  • Exchange Epic Miraculous Shard x3 to receive: 1x Level 40 Legendary Weapon Shard or Helmet Shard or Armor Shard or Necklace Shard
  • Exchange Epic Miraculous Shard x4 to receive: 1x Level 50 Shards
  • Exchange Epic Miraculous Shard x5 to receive: 1x Level 60 Shards

Big Spender – 1 day

  • 1000 – 2000 – 5000 – 7000 – 10000 – 20000 balen spending choices
  • Rewards are:
    • Gold
    • Mount Hoofs
    • Soul Seals
    • Treasure Chests (event chests)
    • Vulcan Packs

EXCHANGES – Wartune Events 5 November 2015

11/5 Holy Forge Material Exchange:

Exchange Masquerade Chest x100 to receive: 200 Vulcan’s Hammer not a good idea
Exchange Masquerade Chest x100 to receive: 600 Vulcan’s Stove lower BR cashers might consider
Exchange Masquerade Chest x100 to receive: 100 Vulcan’s Stithy not a good idea
Exchange Masquerade Chest x100 to receive: 300 Vulcan’s Clamp top cashers might consider
Exchange Masquerade Chest x120 to receive: 100 Titan’s Stone Shard not really necessary
Exchange Masquerade Chest x120 to receive: 100 Titan Iron Shard not really necessary

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  1. Holy forge event is a waste because you can’t generate enough gold to make it worth while.

    • you can if you do the new skytrail event, it drops plenty of gold, my gold stays in the 10 millions now thanks to it :3

  2. What AM I missing on divinity soul synthesizing? It takes 4 to make one higher, they match that higher one with ONE. I’m still struggling to make level 3s and they’re changing the event to be levels 5-11?!? Now I know how the newbies feel with the gem events. *grrrrrrrrr*

  3. ya they clearly don’t care about weak players and do all events for cashers pretty much – a lot of the minimums have been raised making life hugely difficult for any smaller player

    • It really sucks. I’m still struggling to max out things like fate, soul engraving, and getting higher level gems.

    • I dont know bout that mount hooves is paying off well for me. Im getting 400 each night from event and di. And 18m gold as a bonus plus 8m from di

  4. and another part of the game the changes to impossible (or useless, depends on how u define it) for low or new players.

    a bit strange when they open new servers every month (week) and then slpa the new players in the face.
    message is clear: cash a lot or off

  5. *slap

  6. For those that haven’t noticed, the minimums for gems increase **ONLY** for established/older servers. They still do all the same, lower events for new servers as they have been by the looks of it, but the servers that have been around for a minimum of many months start having the minimum thresholds increased to 5 or 6+ for all the combinations now (which should be entirely achievable even for non-cashers) after many months of play.

    They’ve made reaching level 80 incredibly easy, we can do it in a month or so from scratch on brand new servers if we really want to. At this point, once you’re up to or past level 70, you can farm level 4 and 5 gems daily from the catacombs and necropolis.. why would we need a combination event for anything lower? Divinity Souls I’m still trying to figure out why that one increased so much… but the best I can tell is that you can buy up to level 4 divinity souls for free (bound balens) in the wilds shop.

    They have a clear direction, as you may notice that all of the resources they have been giving in one event, they’ve been shifting to new ones. They removed the sylph equipment enchant materials from the sylph arena.. next patch, they show back up in the atoll event. They removed star sand in any significant quantities from the Sky Trail and they reappeared in Circuit Quest rewards. They added Fashion Cores to the Circuit Quests, and now added Spire NM to afford a second source to replace fishing. They added bound balen mines in dimensions and increased the monthly free allotment to offset removing them from cloud adventure. I’m waiting to see where the refinement materials reappear; but based on the last half-dozen patches or so, you can probably bet they will resurface again. =)

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