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Wartune Events 5 May 2016

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 5 May 2016:

Maintenance Info

Wartune will be having a Maintenance on Thursday, the 5th of May at 4:00 AM EST(1:00 AM PDT, 9:00 AM GMT, and 4:00 PM GMT +8) for all servers. This maintenance includes: Fixed last week’s Steel War issues.

Blessing Wheel – 7 days

Daily Rewards
During the event obtain 100% Blessing every day to receive: 100 1 10 200k

Login – 3 days

During the event non-VIP players can check-in to receive: 1 + 2 + 200k
During the event, VIP players can check-in to receive: 2 + 10 + 100

Sylph Arena – 7 days

(rewards: once per day)



Participate in the Sylph Arena 10 times to receive: 20 20 1 100k


Clothing Shard Exchange – 7 days

  • 120 Clothing Shards for Hawker set (S Quality) – added last time
  • 40 (3 items) Clothing Shards for 3 Barbarian clothing items (B Quality) – added last time
  • 120 Clothing Shards for Holiday Cheer set (S Quality)
  • 120 Clothing Shards for Liquid Silver set (A Quality)
  • 120 Clothing Shards for Crystal Swan set (A Quality)
  • 120 Clothing Shards for Frosty Christmas set (S Quality)
  • 120 Clothing Shards for Reborn Phoenix set (S Quality)
  • 120 Clothing Shards for Majestic set (A Quality)
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Lilac set (A Quality)
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Flaming set (S Quality)
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Violet Night set (S Quality)
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Solemn Angel set (A Quality)
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Dreamy Orchid set (S Quality) – removed
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Haunted Halloween set (A Quality) – removed
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Egyptian Pharaoh set (A Quality) – removed
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Venus’ set (S Quality) – removed
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Oriental set (A Quality) – removed
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Sacred Temple set (A Quality) – removed
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Fabulous set (S Quality) – removed
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Feathered Witch set – removed
  • 100 Clothing Shards for Alpha Lion set – removed
  • 80 Clothing Shards for Anniversary Blood set – removed
  • 65 Clothing Shards for Assassin set – removed
  • 45 Clothing Shards for Royal Crusader – removed
  • 40 Clothing Shards for a random chest – removed
  • 3 Clothing Shards for a Fashion Core or Good Luck Charm

Sickle Chest Exchange 1 – 7 days

Exchange Sickle Chest x1 to receive: 3 or 3 or 1
or 2 x level 1 HP diamond
Exchange Sickle Chest x30 to receive: Howler Clothing (S grade)
Exchange Sickle Chest x120 to receive: no wings
Exchange Sickle Chest x1200 to receive: no mount
Exchange Sickle Chest x1 to receive: 10 Oranges

Sickle Chest (Orange) Exchange 2 – 7 days

Exchange Orange x1 to receive: 10k gold or
3 level 40 legend stones or
2 level 50 legend stones or
1 level 60 legend stone
Exchange Orange x3 to receive: 10 soul crystal or
1 white iron or
1 rough stone
Exchange Orange x5 to receive: 5 whips or
1 level 2 gem or


Titan Training – 2 days

Note 1: Once per day only.
Note 2: Bound Balens or Wraithstones do not count. Only unbound Balens.
Use Balens to train Titan 25 times to receive: 5 5 500k
Use Balens to train Titan 75 times to receive: 15 10 1m
Use Balens to train Titan 150 times to receive: 30 20 2m
Use Balens to train Titan 250 times to receive: 50 30 5m
Use Balens to train Titan 750 times to receive: 150 50 10m

Consecutive Recharge – 5 days

Note: Recharge amounts reset at midnight every day. Recharge a minimum of 500 Balens every day to join the event. When a player recharges, they must log in to the game to activate the recharge.
Empire Truncheon

Sickle Chest
Recharge 1 day during the event to receive: 2m 100 5 15 1
Recharge 2 days during the event to receive: 4m 200 10 30 2
Recharge 3 days during the event to receive: 6m 300 20 60 3
Recharge 4 days during the event to receive: 8m 500 30 120 5
Recharge 5 days during the event to receive: 10m 100x
50 300 10

Epic Spender – 7 days

  • Up to 80000 balen spending rewards, giving:
  • Focused on various rewards, most notably, for the top tier: 1000 advanced henna and 1000 beast souls or 160 Fashion Cores / Good Luck Charms, 1000 beast souls and a level 8 Will Crystal

Related item(s)

Sickle Chest – May Event Chest:

Open for a chance to obtain one of the following:

  • Beast Soul x1
  • Beast Soul x2
  • Beast Soul x10

Plus, one of the following:

  • 400k gold
  • Eudaemon Active Skill Scroll x3
  • Green Flame x3
  • Ice Spirit Core x3
  • Soul Core x3
  • Blood of Zeus x10
  • Howler Mask x1 (S Grade)
  • Howler Weapon x1 (S Grade)
  • Howler Armor x1 (S Grade)

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  1. Tomorrow gonna have Golden Road?

  2. Are they gonna do a soul engraving event soon? Or an unlimited gem event?

    • when we know anything we will publish; today there is no evidence of any of those 2

    • unlimited gem event … is this possible !!!

      • Don’t think we will ever get any more unlimited events. 🙁

  3. No they don’t so unlimited anymore. Stop spending money and they might

  4. No new sets in the exchange? That sucks!

    FYI… why do you list the stuff that was removed? Who care what you can’t get! Looks like the “removed” is bigger than the list you can exchange for.

    • just trying to give maximum support / information to players; some people like to see full information

      • yes we do please dont remove the “removed” part
        and tyvm for your work

    • I appreciate knowing what was removed by developers. Some people just don’t appreciate what you do.

  5. This marks my last day of Wartune. I’m done with the game, done. Not only because of the crappy events and the overwhelming advantage stupid cashers (not all cashers are stupid believe it or not) have over free players. Although they play a huge role, one thing that just convinced me to end this whole thing was the PEOPLE. Yes people. When I first started Wartune, back around 2012-2013, everyone was nice, they enjoyed playing the game. Laughs, etc. But now, it’s all changed. People are serious, cashing, they don’t talk, have fun in world chat. It’s only about accomplishing the goal of being the strongest through cash and playing 24/7. People can’t take a joke anymore. Example, I was smashed in Titan War by a group in my server. I jokingly said “We let you win” along with a tongue out and laughing emoji. What happened? Top players bombarding me with insults. Christ sakes, that was the last straw. I’m ranting, I’m not making any damn sense. Oppose my observations, my views, my opinions, I’m just trying to let out steam and what I’ve experienced throughout the years playing. And if those are wondering, this is not on just 1 server, multiple servers through the timezones. I’m just done! Can’t handle it anymore. Comment what you think, I will read them, I honestly don’t care if you insult me. Have fun playing this game, hope your gaming experience is better than mine.

    • The game is just garbage and the people are annoying.. you have weak people leeching off the stronger players with knighthood.. BORING and a HUGE waste of TIME!

      • no it are those with knighthood who made the game boring for the non cashers.
        don’t flather yourself like i would want anything from you
        Those who were so stupid to pay their 4th mortage on their houses shouldn’t think it is something to be proud off
        but most off all if one was so stupid to fall for their trap they never would have asked those high prices in the first place
        Then you are out of cash and we comming to get you like it has been from day1
        so no mather what you do YOU can’t win !
        The only winner is wartune in this game
        Games are made for entertainment and that it used to be
        so manny more ppl had laughs then now it is just a mather on how much cash you used in the game
        But top players are just as guilty as wartune.But only wartune will win
        They only eventualy either from being out of cash
        or their strenght made everything so easy the game becomes as boring as hell
        last patch even made it so that skilled players have less chance to win as they used too
        just to make br count even more for the nooby big Cashers
        Titan system is totaly stupid cause why give more help to a stronger player titan system only should be for the weak to give a chance to weaker players to beat the strong
        and true not all big cashers are totaly stupid or unskilled but most are besides being lazy
        for me the hardest part is not becoming rasistic
        good i met chinese friends along the way who showed me they even more mad on ppl like them then we are
        but rasicme can be found in this game watch top player our serverers versus top players China server what if they next merge China server with ours
        See the problem?
        aslong mostly is spoken about problems something is teribly wrong with it
        it should be only about the game play
        and how to enjoy the game mostly
        and it would be with a much better Ballance
        On the leeching part it is not so bad if they ask you for help but it is realy anoying when they even don’t take the time to send pm first and just invite
        or don’t show respect after you helped them
        on this they shouldn’t have puted roses for sale or in archelogy
        cause the title Balenors Sweetheart should be for the once who helped most
        Since they didn’t every major title you can get in this game is bought
        so again nothing to be proud off

    • you are so right,wartune turned us into robots.another reason is busy game schedule which leaves very little or no room at all to stop by and make a few jokes.dailies,events,runs…repeat

    • guys not everyone is mean, for example in our website we are often or always on the happy / positive side, you can see we have an entire section even for fun-related stuff, so some players, like me, choose to recognize the bad things but try to focus on the good things and have fun, but I have indeed also seen a lot the other type, which constantly complains, insults, etc. It is a choice.
      – Cosmos

  6. in roulette what can i do with talent stone?

    • titan stones are for the talents (knighthood)
      wraithstones are for the titans (knighthood)

  7. Hi, please can you include what clothings have title also

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