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Wartune Events 2 Apr 2016 and Millionaire Recharge

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 2 Apr 2016 (definitely check out the new Millionaire Casher event!):

No free events tomorrow.


One Time Recharge Gift – 5 days

Event Note #1: To avoid any losses, please make sure you have enough space to store your Gold rewards before recharging.
Event Note #2: During the event, recharge required amount of (unbound) Balens in a single purchase to be rewarded. (This event has unlimited attempts.)

Fool’s Hat Chest
During the event, recharge 500 Balens to receive: 1 750 500k
During the event, recharge 1,000 Balens to receive: 2 1,500 1m
During the event, recharge 2,000 Balens to receive: 5 3,000 2m
During the event, recharge 4,000 Balens to receive: 10 6,000 4m
During the event, recharge 10,000 Balens to receive: 25 15,000 10m
During the event, recharge 30,000 Balens to receive: 100 45,000 30m

Big Spender – 24 hours

  • Up to 20,000 balen spending rewards, giving:
  • Giving Event chests, gold, Event Clothing chests, RES and Warpath crystals

And also there is a new unbelievable event, check it out:


This is some new crazy mad event – a Millionaire Recharge event where you have to recharge 1 million balens!
It has a massive gift pack including a unique Wartune mount with +20,000 to all stats! Check out the picture of the event:

If you love this new Millionaire Recharge event and if it made you laugh or smile then share it with your friends! 🙂

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  1. LOL finally they show their true color – its all about money not gamers.

    Game not that bad but devs behind it cant possible be more greed.

    The saddest thing is that some ppl prolly cash that million balens. Or hack it.

    • And yeah i know, its april.

    • this is a hackers dream..and i know plenty of them.

      • well if u know someone pls tell us so we can all grab that mount 🙁

    • Feck if that was legit people would do it just for the mount!!

      I assume the first one is legit though and pretty damn good for cashers of all lvls really. Wish i had the money to drop right now but don’t so maybe next time

  2. Is this for f**king real?? wtf seriously… This is a kick in the head to all wartuneplayers, they fix nothing but ask 10 000 dollars…

    • Its april joke.

      • well cosmos, still on april I wouldnt think this as a joke, knowing how R2 works… you should put this pack for 10 balens, then I would know for sure it was a joke =)

  3. April fools!!

  4. how many money will cost this stupid thing :))))

  5. Dont give them ideas >:(

  6. The sad thing is…that “unbelieveable” casher event doesn’t seem all that unbelieveable.

  7. lolololololol

  8. R2 is too incompetent to make such a great pack with ONLY useful items.

    Price is almost right, if only they even had the brains to make that….

    Surely, top cashers spend over 10K already, so a great way to catch up for a newb-would-be-top-casher.

  9. This is a April 1st joke people! lol

  10. you know if this wasn’t an actual joke, i’m sure there are people that play this game that would pay for that lol

  11. nice mount lol
    thanks for the joke.. really describe the game right now

  12. it must be r2 birthday and they need prezzies

  13. hahaha good one you had me for a second.

  14. april’s fool about the millionaire recharge lol

  15. It’s not a joke it’s real f the game f them all

  16. who cares if its april fool joke or real…

    only fools will spend 1mil balens

  17. Maybe in a faraway future this joke become more than real. XD

  18. last tiem i checked sprils fools was april 1st this event is april 2nd so that make them the fool if it is even a joke

    not put it past them to do this for real

  19. I dont think it was funny

  20. I actually believed it until I saw that the mount gave +50000. That’s when I didn’t believe it… Don’t think they’d give us that even if we DID recharge 1mil balens

  21. Be nice if they would return all my gems they stole from me!

  22. Well…
    If it coming, all top players cashers go get it… lol
    They spend easy 1kkk balens… ^^

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