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Wartune Events 1 Feb 2016

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 1 Feb 2016:

Holy Water Refining – 3 days

Note: 1 Mahra in previous events replaced with 3 Sylph EXP Scrolls.

(attempts: unlimited)
Golden Holy Water
During the event consume 10 Golden Holy Water in refining sylph to receive: 3 3 100k

War Emblem Upgrade – 3 days


Use Eudaemon Warpath Crystal x20 during the event, to receive:
  • 5 Eudaemon Warpath Crystal
  • 200k gold
  • 1 Sweet Chocolate

Daily Rewards:

Once per day
Upgrade War Emblem to Lvl. 3 during the event, to receive: 1 50k 5
Upgrade War Emblem to Lvl. 4 during the event, to receive: 1 100k 10
Upgrade War Emblem to Lvl. 5 during the event, to receive: 2 200k 20
Upgrade War Emblem to Lvl. 6 during the event, to receive: 2 300k 30
Upgrade War Emblem to Lvl. 7 during the event, to receive: 3 500k 50
Upgrade War Emblem to Lvl. 8 during the event, to receive: 5 800k 80
Upgrade War Emblem to Lvl. 9 during the event, to receive: 8 1200k 120
Upgrade War Emblem to Lvl. 10 during the event, to receive: 10 200


Sylph Road Exchange 1 – 3 days

  • 6x Magic Hat Chest = 100 Star Sand
  • 6x Magic Hat Chest = 100 Star Tear Shard
  • 8x Magic Hat Chest = 100 Divinity Shard
  • 10x Magic Hat Chest = 100 Moon Dust
  • 10x Magic Hat Chest = 100 Moon Rock
  • 15x Magic Hat Chest = 100 Divinity Stone
  • 80x Magic Hat Chest = 100 Sun Core
  • 80x Magic Hat Chest = 100 Blast of Sun
  • 100x Magic Hat Chest = 100 Emblems of various elements

Sylph Road Exchange 2 – 3 days

  • 100x Magic Hat Chest = Epic Sylph seals (Hercules, Cerberus, Triton, Medusa)
  • 380x Magic Hat Chest = Epic Sylph seals (Athena, Gaia)
  • 600x Magic Hat Chest = Legendary Sylphs of basic elements (Poseidon, GoP, Arise, Zeus)


Sylph Road Consumption (balen spender) – 3 days

Various additional prizes for spending, which include event chests, mahra and sepulcrum:

  • 2000 balens
  • 5000 balens
  • 10000 balens
  • 30000 balens
  • 50000 balens
  • 80000 balens; this tier also includes a legendary sylph seal for Hera or Venus

One Time Goodie Bag / Discount Coupons – 3 days

Note: coupons will expire within 24 hours, so some players prefer to send them to the mailbox by not taking them from Hot Events to preserve them for longer.

Spend 500 – 999 Balens on a single purchase to receive: Discount Coupon 50 balens
Spend 1000 – 1999 Balens on a single purchase to receive: Discount Coupon 200 balens
Spend 2000 – 99999 Balens on a single purchase to receive: Discount Coupon 2000 balens

Big Spender 24 hours

Note: the amount of RES Reduction reduced from 100 (top tier) in the past to 50.

Balen Spend Required
1,000 5 2 20 5 20
2,000 10 4 50 10 40
5,000 20 10 70 15 60
7,000 30 15 100 20 100
10,000 50 20 200 30 200
20,000 100 30 300 50 300

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  2. Yes they need you to spend more money , they are going broke

  3. We’re the ones that’s going to go broke. 4th event now that unlimited is removed. You guys know how much gold we lost on that?

  4. They went back to old, crappy ways which took away players. Oh well, greediness.

  5. Better have a mahra/sepulcrum event soon so i can exchange them

  6. Freaking hate those double chest so annoying

  7. These people are insane….. they keep lowering the rewards and expect people to spend more on this game? Are they for real? Typical greedy buggers…..

  8. money on hold until good events come back. If they don’t come back no more spending. It’s that simple

  9. u wrote 30ààà balens instead of 30000 in Sylph Road Consumption

    • thanks, fixed

  10. So we can just assume all eudaemon unlimited events will be removed. I really hope they don’t do the same with sylph events.

  11. we need to mass quit this crap game…

    the recent tons of bugs and screw up by these new recruits at r2 is pathetic and appaling

  12. What happened to their ” players come first”? Seems like they just got too greedy & want paid with no mind paid to the players they supposedly cared about

  13. Armor Games West server, we are not getting any eudo event so far. No eudo scroll event or eudo gems event….

  14. It seems a lot like they are punishing everyone for the fact they had a possible exploit with the eudaemon recycle… an exploit that I really don’t see how you could get any big advantage from.

  15. Where are you getting your information for these events? I looked on Kong Server 4 Oceanic and there were no new events tomorrow. Also, there were no events today, but you posted some earlier. I know that you guys are just other players trying to help us out with news of upcoming events, I’m just curious where you are getting your info.

  16. i think there will be more disappointing events for crystals and sylphs
    i hope im wrong

  17. we don’t need to mass quit, but we all need to stop spending money till they sort their shit out. I bet things change real quick if the money stops rolling in

    • actually if u could convince all players on all server to stop spending till they fix it, they will get annoyed and shut down the game on us for the boycotting. they spiteful basturds like that

  18. Haven’t had a new event in two days even though I saw the two postings here… Adding on to that is still no GB and weekly PVP rewards has been messed up so that we’re all only getting iron and silver rewards even though I’ve been getting into Gold every week. Maybe it IS time to quit?

  19. Hey, COSMOS,
    as it seems you are in deep connection to those “putting-players-first-people” as arranging payed votes for them, please ask them a few things:
    1. Is the “placing players first” means removing and reducing the rewards from some of the best events for free players?
    2. Does it became easier to gain diamonds, warpath crystals and other removed stuff easier?? And if so please explain.
    3. Why are the fake fishes in the only event that really gives nickles? Aah, got it – players are placed first again.
    Thank you in advance for all your efforts.

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