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Wartune Events 2 September 2016

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 2 September 2016 (article + video):

Coconut Chest – September Event Chest:

 and the mini item is Olive Tree

Open for a chance to obtain one of the following:

  • Clothing Shard x1
  • Clothing Shard x2
  • Clothing Shard x10

Plus, one of the following:

  • 400k gold
  • Eudaemon Warpath Crystal x4
  • Eudaemon RES Reduction Essence x3
  • Eudaemon Resistance Essence x4
  • Pure Refinement Crystal x4
  • Mount Hoof x4
  • Horus’ Ornament x1
  • Horus’ Sword x1
  • Horus’ Armor x1

Login – 3 days

During the event non-VIP players can check-in to receive: + 2  + 200k
During the event, VIP players can check-in to receive: + 10 + 200

There is also a daily login for 7 days which includes:

  • Pig mount on day 3
  • Phantom Yeti mount on day 5
  • Chubby Guinea Pig mount on day 7

Sylph Arena – 7 days

(rewards: once per day)


Olive Tree

Participate in the Sylph Arena 10 times to receive: 20 20 2 200k

Increase Your Honor – 7 days

During the event, raise 500 Honor, to receive:

  • 100 Insignia
  • 1x Double Honor Scroll
  • 100k gold
  • 1x Mango

Defend Sylph Atoll (Advanced) – 7 days

Advanced Mahra


Olive Tree
Defeat 3 Advanced Sylphs in the Defend Atoll Event 5 100k 0
Defeat 6 Advanced Sylphs in the Defend Atoll Event 10 300k 1
Defeat 12 Advanced Sylphs in the Defend Atoll Event 20 500k 2

Henna Lab Harvest – 7 days

Collect 50 Henna from the Lab 50 2 100k
Collect 100 Henna from the Lab 100 2 200k
Collect 150 Henna from the Lab 150 1 500k

Sky Trail – 7 days

once per day Wartune Events 24 Dec 2015 Wartune Events 24 Dec 2015 Olive Tree icon Wartune
Use 200 Energy 10 100k 0
Use 400 Energy 20 200k 1
Use 600 Energy 50 300k 1
Use 800 Energy 100 500k 2


Event Chest and Mini-Item Exchanges:

  • 1 Chest = 3x Blood of Zeus
  • 50 Chests = 200 Soul Seals
  • 50 Chests = 200 Hoofs
  • 50 Chests = 200 Fate Stones
  • 50 Chests = 200 Beads of Influence
  • 30 Chests per item = Midnight Enchanter clothing only
  • 1 Chest = 10 Mini Items
  • 300 Mini Items = again offered the 4th Year Hero title item
  • 10 Mini Items = 1 Clothing Shard (maximum 10 exchanges) see analysis
  • 10 Mini Items = 1 Beast Soul (maximum 99 exchanges)
  • 200 Mini Items = 100 Advanced Henna (maximum 1 exchange) see analysis
  • 1 Mini Items = 10k gold
  • 3 Mini Items = 1 Runestone or 1 Fate Stone or 1 Fashion Shard
  • 200 Mini Items = 1 white Apollo or Hades seal


For those players playing specifically on servers covered by R2Games we remind that they have in the past banned/attacked accounts without any warning or communication and they have an unprofessional / unethical track record in communications and support, so your spending is your risk. For all other players under professional companies thank you for spending and supporting Wartune, your contributions help the game to remain successful.

Upcoming casher events are:

  • 5 day consecutive recharge (6 days) – includes Gem Solvent and Kirin +50 mount
  • Epic Spender (7 days) – 2000 to 50000 balen spending rewards incl. 1000 Beast Souls
  • Titan Training (2 days) up to 750 times with balens only
  • Talent Upgrade (2 days) up to 30,000 balens only

Video: Wartune Events 2 September 2016

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  1. btw one commet,u can take mount with fangs dont know correct name blazing …. mount in adv shop from gulid—is 120beast soul too.i wos try ,and is working

  2. Ugh, still no mahra event. I wanted to get the pyre horse mount errr!!! 🙁 *this is an disadvantage for being a non-cashier*

  3. Hey dolygames do u have any idea when next Mahra event is or sepulcrum either or

    • Unfortunately these companies do not share any events information so we only have what we can find out ourselves.
      Stay tuned

  4. Cos u forgot mahra and selp event

    • I did not forget anything. As you can see there is even a video included clearly showing proof of the events and there is no Mahra/Sepulcrum there.

  5. Mahra and sepulc event start on tuesday.

    • You mean next Tuesday it will start? What is the source of that info?

      • I make notes on events. As you know every “big chest” last for a wewk which then is separated in 2x 3 and half day. One part of it is usually holly forge, and mount train and redine. And the other is “main” part of it, like mahra and sepul, or soul engarve… all deppends of that time in month….

      • Hi thanks for sharing. If you would like, if you prepare an article for everyone I will be happy to publish it and write thanks to you. Feel free to email me. Cheers,

  6. wow just wow i never seen so much hate for a game in my life your little “notice” up there about banning and attacking with out provocation. You wrote freaking hacking bots for wartune id have banned you out right and sued your asses. I basically quit wartune but not because of crap like that or that it was to hard to get higher for free. I quit because the latest patches have made the game lag so bad do to it sucking down every drop of ram it can it locks my computer up solid to the point of me having to power it off after between 5 minutes and a hour depending on if i do nothing but chat or go to my farm or guild battle or any thing else. If i go in to say gb ill lock up solid in 5 f i sit and chat i might have a hour.

    • Regarding the lie you posted that any of our team members wrote hacking bots, you should be ashamed to post lies against honest people. Such a thing has never happened.
      Shame on you,

      P.S. And regarding your aggressive attitude to people of proposing to punish people before investigating any facts, that is a very dangerous attitude to have in life and could end up hurting a lot of innocent people. Decisions should always be made fairly and justly based on clear evidence.

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