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Videos & Guide & Tips for CUTIES + Cuties Expedition | Wartune Patch 8.5

Hey everyone! In this article I share all the info / videos on Patch 8.5 Cuties and Cuties Expedition as well as extra feedback/info shared by other players. I am also adding the official guide at the bottom so that all information on Cuties can be found in this article.


  1. Updated video Patch 8.5 Cuties guide + Cuties Expedition
  2. 1st longer detailed video on Wartune Patch 8.5 Cuties + Cuties Expedition + Tips
  3. Feedback / additional info from players
  4. Bullet points Tips & info from COSMOS
  5. Cuties official guide for reference

Updated video Cuties guide + Cuties Expedition

1st longer detailed video on Cuties + Cuties Expedition + Tips

Feedback / additional info from players

Thanks to everyone who shared info on Cuties / Cuties Expedition. Below are some key extracts. Sorry if I missed anyone, please post in comments if I missed any point.

About summing & leveling:

  • You only need 3 crystals to summon a Cutie and it appears that they level up even when you are offline (thanks Tony)
  • When you summon use 2 of 1 and 1 of another no need to fill them (thanks Thomas)
  • They level up even when we are offline! We just need to set them up on expedition (thanks Rui)

About evolving:

  • You can evolve a level 40 with a level one to get a 2 star level 1 Cutie (thanks QueenAthena)
  • Can evolve with one level 40 & one level 1 Cutie, which results in 2 star Level 1 Cutie + update: 2 x Level 40 cuties result in 2 star Level 1 Cutie. So basically wastes 1 x Level 40. So better to do with one Level 40 & one Level 1 Cutie (thanks D1X1EF1ED GM HellHounds s72)

About BR:

  • I was talking with game support to get a little bit more info about Cutie evolve and about their BR not stacking to our character BR. They confirmed that they are in the process of combining the Cuties’ BR to our toons and that it will be released in a future update (thanks Blackcanary)

Various tips/feedback:

(thanks Jayleia)

  • “Cuties are heavily time-gated” – this is an important point from Jayleia I wanted to highlight. It means that the progress is controlled so cashers can progress fast while free players will need to be significantly more patient. This means that free Wartune players must be especially attentive to be more efficient because every EXP point matters.
  • If you are going to spend money on them, I would buy an extra summoning matrix in the diagram tab
  • Even if you have your dream team, you still want to spawn as many as you can, because you have to feed them to others in order to improve skills.
  • Got my wolf to level 40, and then I could evolve him. This reset the stats and level to level 1, it just increased the maximum level and max stats and then I have to redo the leveling again. Skills do NOT reset though.
  • Evolved Cuties can eat more, and get more bonus stats from feeding.
  • Leveling Cuties past 41 is going to get hard. From 40-41 it was about 50k XP, and from 41-42 it is 158,796.

(thanks April)

  1. Try to get all 12 or 13 of them, stats can only seen when you obtain them. Their skills are found in the last tab of cutie window.
  2. To level them up – choose up to 3 cuties to fight in the expedition. They can get more XP and gold, even in AFK mode. Remember to check them – if cutie is in max level, it will get some gold only.
  3. To evolve a cutie, you need some food to feed them – there are some that has success rate, use them wisely. When the feed gauge is in max, you can evolve them into a stronger version of the cutie.
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3.
  5. To level up their skill – you need some dupe cuties.

Bullet points Tips & info from COSMOS

  • In the beginning don’t stress about which Cutie monster you should level.
  • Just keep summoning non-stop (we need new ones to feed into skills, etc)
  • Produce food every 30 minutes.
  • Summon every 2 hours (need only 3 items – do not need to fill up 6).
  • Every day need to do 10 boss fights to get max rewards.
  • You can do boss fights even when the reward count is 0. So use that ability to get as deep as possible so that your income per minute is as high as possible and on the next day your rewards are higher.
  • In the beginning don’t stress about feeding or accessories. Just get as high as you can and level up Cuties. You can keep producing / cooking and collecting food until you are sure which Cuties to use it on.
  • As we can have only 3 Cuties leveling at any one time try to use 3 different ones.
  • The important levels are level 40, level 80 and level 120. At those levels we can evolve Cuties which will reset their level to 1 but allow them to level up higher.
  • In the beginning also don’t worry much about leveling up skills. A few extra % damage will not make a big difference and it’s better to make that decision after you are more or less sure which Cuties you will be using.
  • If you decide to spend 1000 unbound balens and are thinking to unlock an extra Furnace or to Unlock an extra Matrix then choose the Matrix because summoning takes 2 hours while cooking food takes 30 minutes.
  • The main 2 things to remember:
    • 10 boss fights per day
    • Non-stop summon / cook
    • All else can be done later.

Cuties official guides for reference



The Cuties, a race with shamanistic roots, has walked out of caves and caverns in recent years following their ancient spirit’s instructions. As a race known for the pursuit of adventure and strength, Cuties are fearless in the face of the most evil monsters. The flames of war rage on. Champions, stand forth and choose a Cutie to fight by your side!


  • Unlock Level: All players who have reached Lvl. 70.
  • Deploy Cuties to Sub Eudaemon slot and they’ll be able to lead the charge in solo dungeons or solo PvP battles. However, Character cannot benefit from the Cutie’s stats nor battle rating.
  • Cuties can be summoned through Summon Matrix with the cost of Cuties Essence and Cuties Crystal, which can be found in Cuties Expedition.
  • Up Matrix not yet available. Stay tuned!

Up Matrix not yet available. Stay tuned!

Gameplay Info

1. Attributes

  • Cutie possesses a total of 9 base attributes: PATK, MATK, PDEF, MDEF, Crit, Penetration, Block and HP.
  • There are 3 ways to power up your Cutie: Level-up, Feed and Evolve.

(1) Upgrade

  • Cuties can be leveled up in Cuties Expedition by gaining experience. Each level improves Cuties attributes.
  • Cutie’s level cap is star level based: 1-Star Cuties can be leveled up to Lvl. 40; 2-Star Cuties Lvl. 80; and 3-Star Cuties Lvl. 120.

2. Feed

  • You’ll need to cook cuisines to feed your Cuties. Cutie attributes can be improved by percentages when they’re satisfied with your cook. Then, at a certain point, you need to Evolve them before they can be further improved.
  • Cutie Feed is based on star levels: 1-Star Cuties can grow to Phase 1; 2-Star Cuties Phase 2; and 3-Star Cuties Phase 3.
  • Cuisines can be cooked in Material Kitchen.

Up Oven not yet available. Stay tuned!

(2-1) Evolve

  • Evolve your Cuties to improve their star levels, upon which Cuties max level, max feeding phase and number of active skills are determined.
  • Cutie evolution consumes Cutie x1 of the same star level.

3. Skill

  • Cutie skill consists of active skills and passive skills.
  • All passive skills are available by default while active skills need to be unlocked by upgrading star levels.
  • Train your Cuties to upgrade their skills, regardless of star levels.

4. Accessory

(1) Accessory Synthesis

Accessories can be synthesized via Blacksmith – Synthesis – Equipment – Cuties Equipment, at the cost of various kinds of materials found in Cuties Expedition. The synthesized accessory possesses a piece of default resistance reduction attribute.

(2) Accessory Types

  • There are a total of 3 types of accessories, and a Cutie can equip no more than 1 of them.
  • A Cutie needs to reach the right level to equip the right accessory based on their nature.

(3) Accessory Upgrading

Enchant or craft your Cutie’s accessory to get special abilities.

Accessory enchanting requires Ancient Bone Gem, which can upgrade accessory to Lvl. 50. Cuties will be able to randomly unlock 1 special ability for every 10 levels.

An accessory requires different kinds of items to breakthrough the level cap before it can be further enchanted for every 10 levels.

Accessory crafting can change the abilities and their level (there’s possibility that level will be reduced).

All materials required for Cuties enchanting, crafting and breakthrough can be found in Boss drops in Cuties Expedition.

5. Pact

The faithful Cuties made a pact with human beings: players may select any 3 Cuties and they can share ability bonuses from the Cutie’s accessory through Blood Pact during battles. (Players may obtain a maximum of 3 different accessory abilities. When there are two identical accessory abilities, players will be granted bonuses from the one with higher effect.

Cuties Expedition Guide


The road ahead is long and treacherous, champion. Don’t forget to bring a few sidekicks with you – they’re pretty tough!


Click [Map] → [Cuties Expedition] to enable auto-path and locate the entry.

Gameplay Info

1. Boss Challenge

Cuties Expedition is an AFK mode dungeon which consists of many stages. You’ll need to clear all the mobs before you can challenge the Boss and progress further. Remember, later stages yield better treasure.

  1. Note: Your character will never challenge the Boss until they are asked to by manually clicking [Challenge the Boss].
  2. You have 10 Boss reward attempts per day, reset daily at 0.
  3. You can click [Cutie] on top left to set up Cuties formation and appoint a leader before your they are engaged in combat.
  4. The leader’s skills will be deemed as default skills when challenging the Boss.
  5. Boss drops: required items for Cutie accessory enchantment, breakthrough, synthesis and summoning.

(In-game screenshot 1.1: Boss challenging)

Blitz-Click the [Stage] button at the top middle screen to select a cleared stage and enable Blitz. Exit the AFK interface or exit game to collect Blitz rewards.


(In-game screenshot 2.1: map and stages)

(In-game screenshot 2.2: AFK interface)

AFK reward consists of combating loot and earnings per minute.

  1. Combating loot: Gold and Cuties EXP.
  2. AFK earnings/minute (default): Gold and Cuties EXP. Later stages yield better loot and earnings.

2. Blitz

  • You may choose to Blitz a stage by using Balens and get all the loots and AFK earnings equating to a certain amount of time in AFK mode.
  • Blitz duration consists of two parts – fixed and bonus.
  • Bonus time is based on how many times a player uses Blitz. Each usage of Blitz gets you +1 minute. The bonus stacks, permanently.
  • Blitz has limited daily attempts which resets at 0.

(In-game screenshot 3.1: Blitz interface)

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  1. all I get is it say summoning only had 1 cutie in 2 days pff

    • we can summon 1 cutie every 2 hours, not every 2 days

  2. i love this guide

    • Thanks for appreciating my work 🙂

  3. So you get to murken forest and you start not surviving? should we have stopped before we got there? opinions?

    • Heya, no, we should go as deep as possible to maximize the EXP per minute. The battle with the monster is negligible / does not matter. So we will basically be failing the “visual” battle, but the EXP per minute still comes in, which is what we need.
      Cheers, COSMOS

      • and move to do boss battles that you can win for the goodies

        it would be nice to have a chart of the items that come from the different maps if you are short at raising the level of an accessory


  4. How can we get to Deathly Sand once we are done Fetid Swamp?

  5. What is the max EXP/minute, the one after beating Fetid 35?

    • 1031

  6. Where I get ” Bay Leaf ” I need Sheena’s Avenger set to evolve ” Sheena’s Avenger ” accessory And I do not know where I can, I’m already fighting times against a boss and I do not think the ‘Bay Leaf’ evolve level accessory … Could you help me? Where do I get each separate item?

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