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Top Player’s Resistance Crystals in Wartune China

Hey guys, when we see top players in Chinese Wartune, we get awestruck by thier battle rating, but what is even more impressive for me is their Resistance Crystals. I get impressed by RES because in PVP and PVE, RES is a game changer. So here are some cool screenshots of my servers top player’s RES and a brief explanation on why the top player chose those RES builds.

Wood Shield – Level 12 Dark, Light and Electro Resist:

Iron Shield – Level 12 Wind, Light and Dark Resist:

Copper Shield – Level 12 Wind, Dark and Light Crystals:

Silver Shield – Level 12 Wind, Light and Dark Resist:

Gold Shield – Level 12 Wind, Dark and Water Resist:

Diamond Shield – Level 12 Dark, Light and Electro and Dark Resist:

Level 12 Will Crystals / Reduce RES:

  • Reduction RES: 2,840
  • Fire RES: 175
  • Water RES: 875
  • Wind RES: 1,575
  • Electric RES: 875
  • Light RES: 1,550
  • Dark RES: 2,350

Chinese Wartune has Sylph Fusion and mainly everyone has Light + Dark Sylphs so the Light/Dark RES is highly needed. Fire + Electro Sylphs are not so popular as of now so the top player wouldn’t worry about that. Wind + Water Sylphs are not so popular but they are out there so he does not want to take the risk. So what do you think of this players RES?

My thoughts:

This player has an awesome RES build and I am pretty impressed by it rather than his battle rating. You might think this is all cash but overtime, all of us can achieve it. A map run everyday and doing events can improve your chance to have higher level RES. Right now, I have all level 8 Electro RES and this was done with patience and smart choices. Yes it will take a long time, but every player has a fair chance to have the best RES without cashing. I know for a fact that 70% of players out there are all about there battle rating and sylph but the others choose to build up their resistance.

Hope you guys enjoyed these cool screenshots of the Chinese Wartune Top Player’s RES and feel free to share your opinions below :P.

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