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TOK NM Diamond Kings Chests Drop Rates v2

Hey guys, in this report / analysis I share a large amount (650) of Tower of King Nightmare Diamond King chests’ data. I had saved these up for a long time and opened them now to do the level 9 War Emblem upgrade, and, in parallel, I wrote down all the drops so I can share with you this report. This post will share only “nightmare” information, so for other boxes please see my other reports pre-patch 4.5 or the version 1 report post-patch 4.5.

TOK NM box 100% drops: We get a lot of 1 to 1 crystals for each box: 2 Warpath Crystals and 1 of each of the Resistance Crystals! On top of that we have 10.9% of getting yet another Warpath Crystal, 10.3% of getting another Resist Reduction and 11.7% of getting another Resistance Essence! This means that if you open 100 boxes you will have approximately 211 Warpath Crystals and 111 of each of the Essences.

Familiar TOK items, such as the Soul Crystals and Insignia, drop at a rate of 28.6% and 32.0% respectively, so out of 100 boxes roughly 60 would be soul crystals or insignia.

I remain extremely happy to confirm the low drop rates for the legend stones (0.6%) and shadow soul (3.2% but is a total waste). Would be amazing to give these percentages to the Eudaemon items instead.

Runestones are the other very useful item, both for regular and advanced runes, but their drop frequency is too low, only 2.6%, but they do give 120 per drop, so that’s pretty nice.

So in conclusion, I think the Tower of Kings NIGHTMARE difficulty Diamond King Chest is almost awesome and a dream come true for Eudaemons!

Diamond Kings Chests Drop Rates v2

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