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Tower of Kings Drop Rates v1 after Eudaemons

Hey guys, below I have prepared the 1st version of Tower of Kings drop rates with 319 chests of my own after the implementation of Eudaemons, where the Eudaemon Warpath, Resist Reduction and Resistance Essences were added into the Tower of Kings chests. The reports are already good, but if you want to help by sending more chests’ data (20+) then just email me and I will gather more data and release 2nd version.

So what are the results from Tower of Kings Drop Rates v1 after Eudaemons?

NORMAL Difficulty: awesome news that we get 1 to 1 Warpath Crystal for each box. Even more awesome news is that we can have more than 100% of the essences, so you see from the 110 chests I opened I actually got combined 128 essences. I think this is great for normal difficulty!

As for the regular TOK items the Soul Crystals and Insignia remain as the highest drops (thankfully! as a lot of players don’t need at all the legend stone and shadow soul), so all in all I think the Tower of Kings NORMAL difficulty Silver King Chest is great!

HARD Difficulty: very cool to have all 3 crystals 1 to 1 inside each box, so every time we open 1 box we get all 3 of these on top of a random drop! The rest, i.e. the random drop items, follow the standard logic, and again, I am so very happy that the Level 6 crystal and the Shadow Soul have such low drop rates! The Soul Crystals and Insignia continue to dominate with 30.4% and 33.3% drop rates, but additional good news is that apart from the guaranteed 3 crystals there is a total chance of nearly 25% that we will get 1 more crystal, which I think is decent! So all in all I think the Tower of Kings HARD difficulty Gold King Chest is very solid!

NIGHTMARE Difficulty: Very good chest drops! We get a lot of 1 to 1 crystals for each box: 2 Warpath Crystals and 1 of each of the Resistance Crystals! On top of that we have 15.7% of getting yet another Warpath Crystal, 9.3% of getting another Resist Reduction and 12.1% of getting another Resistance Essence! So very good news for Eudaemons!

As for the regular TOK items the Soul Crystals and Insignia, as the previous boxes, are the highest drops with 31.4% and 26.4%. Again, very happy to have extremely low drop rates for the legend stone and shadow soul – the only thing better than this is completely removing those items 🙂

Runestones are very solid giving 120 per drop, but the chance is very low unfortunately at 2.1% only. So in conclusion, I think the Tower of Kings NIGHTMARE difficulty Diamond King Chest is a dream come true for Eudaemons!

Data Support and Sharing

Data support: As mentioned I collected these 319 chests of data with my own character, so if anyone wants to support with any data from anything in the game please email me and if I receive sufficient emails I can make new reports or release updated versions. The best way I prefer is to receive an email (Home > Contact) with a bunch of data written in an organized way (please be careful to be accurate in your recording). Please don’t send just 1 or 2 boxes 🙂

Sharing: It takes a lot of careful work to prepare these reports, I’d appreciate it if you guys would like and share so that more people can see this work. Thanks in advance!

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