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TOK NM Diamond Kings Chests Drop Rates [Patch 5.6 with Whips]

Hey guys, I have been gathering TOK NM chest drop rate data (350 chests) which I share with you below. In our previous drop rate report, TOK NM Diamond Kings Chests Drop Rates v2, we had the situation without the whips. And from patch 5.6 this chest was changed with better rewards including whips, which I share below.

The 5.6 Diamond Chest is made up of 2 sections, main and additional rewards, whereby from 1 chest you get 1 reward from each section.

Main Item Drops

  • Insignia and Soul Crystals remain the top drops from this chest. Together they make up 64% of all drops.
  • All Eudaemon items add up to 30% drops which means that from 1 chest 94% of the time we get either a Eudaemon item or Insignia/SC.
  • Thankfully the Shadow Souls and the stupid Legendary Stones are very rare!
  • 120 Runestones are nice though, however, rather rare, at 2.6% drop rate, so only about 3 chests out of 100.
Icon Item Qty %
Insignia x500 130 37.1%
Soul Crystal x120 94 26.9%
Eudaemon RES Reduction Essence x1 38 10.9%
Eudaemon Warpath Crystal x1 36 10.3%
Eudaemon Resistance Essence x1 31 8.9%
Shadow Soul x3 10 2.9%
Runestone x120 9 2.6%
Level 70 Legendary Stone x1 2 0.6%

(Additional) Mount Training Whip drops

In the whip rewards it seems the best reward drops slightly more often. In my data of 350 chests the 80 Whip reward fell 39.7% of the time compared to around 30% for the other 2 options.

Item Qty %
Mount Training Whip x48 109 31.1%
Mount Training Whip x64 102 29.1%
Mount Training Whip x80 139 39.7%

For 350 chests the above whips come up to a total of 22880 whips, which is a nice amount 🙂

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  1. you are a very patient person

  2. awesome analysis

  3. mm… since after patch TOK nm chest will drop 7x more rewards, shouldnt you have wait to open those 350 chest??

    • I had already opened them to make this report for you otherwise i would have saved them. So I lost ’cause I tried to help players, which happens regularly.

      • ouch! Still we have 20 days we can save, so like 100 nm chest and 480 spire nm chest.

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