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Tip for Killing Purgatory Maze level 30 Boss

Hey guys, here is a tip for killing the Purgatory Maze level 30 Boss in Wartune, which became a lot harder following the September 2015 patch 5.0 implementation. This tip is not a guarantee that you will win – it is just something to give you an extra edge if you are relatively close.

A lot of the time people take AOE attacks and APE-and-heal-friendly Dark Element sylph for these situations to help kill off the guards and get to the boss as fast as possible. I have found another way to go about it which I want to share with you here:

Tip to Kill Purgatory Maze level 30 Boss

I found that using Electro Element with back row damage attacks, especially those that can prioritize players works a lot better (some people might not realize but priority to players also works to prioritize attacks on bosses if they have helper mobs with them). The reason for this is because it completely prevents the boss from powering up. The combat will usually go like this:

  • Stage 1: getting the boss as fast as possible to last life while trying to slow him down with any skill and/or rune that is available (Shadow Thrusher, Mire Rune, etc)
  • Stage 2: ideally be able to go to sylph mode 10 seconds before boss calls his guards. Reason: Electro delphic cannot find boss easily with guards so ideally you want delphic to go out right before the guards appear.
  • Stage 3: kill boss using “prioritize player” or “target enemy with lowest health” or “attacks back row only” skills
  • Stage 4: with boss gone, go into survive/protect mode as you kill off the guards in a more peaceful way

Actually I will share an additional tip for killing the Maze boss

Passive Damage Increase and Damage Reduction cards for Catacombs, Necro and Maze

A lot of higher BR players usually ignored cards to do with Catacombs, Necropolis and Purgatory Maze, because they were simply not needed to complete these goals and over time these might have got forgotten. So remember that you have cards for passive buffs specifically for these areas. Here is a picture of my White Undead Assassin card which I upgraded to level 9 with 500 Magic Dust giving a 30% damage reduction, which is very significant for this purpose.

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  1. Resistance-wise which would you use for lvl27? I’m stuck at that dang boss and after patch it just deals way too much damage to me. I am a 1.9mil BR

    • patch is out only a short time so its hard to say if resist type matters; normally PVE rule is it is supposed to count your highest resist, but because they lowered effect of resist this is the situation we are in

      • They messed up on that badly, pre-patch 5.0 I could hold a lot, but the stun of those mobs was too nasty. After patch 5.0 I can’t even survive 1-2 minutes fighting.

      • i read somewhere , u need water ad fire res for lvl 27..and i still cant beat it

  2. I’m stuck on 18, though I never thought that about prioritize player skills hitting boss mobs reliably, because boss is not player

    Same with back row skills, because its in the middle.

    • 30 boss is in back row that’s why i said, but yes other level bosses can be / are in the middle which then doesn’t let the back row skills

  3. I once saw a table with res of each Purgatory Boss (they all follow a cicle of res, like old skytrail).
    Can you post it here?
    Or post a list of what lv.XX Boss is strong/weak against which element?

    Before patch with those info I was able to get to lv 20purgatory maze whilst I was stuck at lv8 🙂

    I know things have changed now, most probably the way Res works, but I doubt the nature of these bosses have changed.


  4. Thank you sooooo much for this post! Finally cleared level 30 again thanks to this information!!!

    • wonderful to hear, thanks for taking the time to write 🙂
      – Cosmos

  5. Yes. I found this tip very helpful and when i use this tip with Wind Ranger then its hell lot of easier. I used archer euda but failed but now i can pass it. Thanks 😉

  6. I am having the hardest time passing level 27 is there a trick to passing this level? Is there a certain res or slyth to use for this boss

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