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Purgatory Maze Boss Stats and Resistances Level 1 to 30

Hey guys, I received a contribution from Jessy sharing full / detailed information of all stats and resistances of Purgatory Maze Bosses. This information should help you pass the levels much easier. I also note that it was not clear for me where the actual data came from, so thanks to whoever made it.

  • “Boss lowest resistance” is the element you need to use in order to achieve maximum damage.
  • “Boss highest resistance” is the element you need to defend against / convert your resistance crystals to.
  • Don’t fall for the tricks like level 18 guard who seems like a fire monster when actually you need wind resistance against him.
Purtagory Maze Level Boss / Guard PATK Boss / Guard PDEF Boss / Guard MATK Boss / Guard PDEF Boss / Guard HP Boss / Guard lowest resistance Boss / Guard highest resistance
Level 1 28,749 1,597 28,749 1,597 287,496 electro water
Level 2 34,785 1,931 34,785 1,931 347,869 water fire
Level 3 42,089 2,336 42,089 2,336 420,930 fire wind
Level 4 53,242 2,954 53,242 2,954 532,463 wind electro
Level 5 70,864 3,930 70,864 3,930 708,706 light dark
Level 6 64,422 3,573 64,422 3,573 644,279 electro water
Level 7 81,493 4,519 81,493 4,519 815,011 water fire
Level 8 118,327 6,560 118,327 6,560 1,183,395 fire wind
Level 9 143,174 7,936 143,174 7,936 1,431,907 wind electro
Level 10 181,113 10,039 181,113 10,039 1,811,361 dark light
Level 11 164,649 9,127 164,649 9,127 1,646,692 electro water
Level 12 199,224 11,042 199,224 11,042 1,992,496 water fire
Level 13 241,060 13,360 241,060 13,360 2,410,920 fire wind
Level 14 304,940 13,360 304,940 13,360 3,049,813 wind electro
Level 15 368,976 20,449 368,976 20,449 3,690,273 light dark
Level 16 405,873 22,493 405,873 22,493 4,059,300 electro water
Level 17 446,460 24,742 446,460 24,742 4,465,230 water fire
Level 18 491,106 24,216 491,106 24,216 4,911,753 fire wind
Level 19 540,216 29,937 540,216 29,937 5,402,928 wind electro
Level 20 594,237 32,930 594,237 32,930 5,943,220 dark light
Level 21 653,660 36,223 653,660 36,223 6,537,542 electro water
Level 22 719,026 39,845 719,026 39,845 7,191,296 water fire
Level 23 790,928 43,829 790,928 43,829 7,910,425 fire wind
Level 24 870,020 48,211 870,020 48,211 8,701,467 n.a. electro
Level 25 957,022 53,032 957,022 53,032 9,571,613 light dark
Level 26 1,052,724 58,335 1,052,724 58,335 10,528,774 electro water
Level 27 1,157,996 64,168 1,157,996 64,168 11,581,651 water fire
Level 28 1,273,795 70,584 1,273,795 70,584 12,739,816 fire wind
Level 29 1,401,174 77,642 1,401,174 77,642 14,013,797 wind electro
Level 30 1,541,291 85,406 1,541,291 85,406 15,415,176 dark light

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  1. Stolen Info wow. No wonder DolyGames is losing profit

    • Could you clarify what you are talking about?

    • Are you kidding me? I am jasserHm and i got this post and it was not stolen my friend got it from game admins and sent it to me! You’re very rude mister!

  2. Cosmos I written all that info. You should see me in smart mode with my glasses and dress. Do you want to?

    • Could you explain why you are using Elia’s name in your unclear comment? I renamed you to “Strange person”

  3. I know I like women Cosmos, And Pandas do not forget them to. Fortunately I have changed my ways and moved onto blokes. = you. Your voice in your videos make me horny. I love you <3

    • I renamed you to “Strange person”, please kindly don’t use another person’s name when you comment. Thank you in advance.

      • ppl are strange…..when ur a stranger…. 😀

      • faces are ugly…. when your alone

  4. hiya cosmos longtime no talk. can you please remove this faker above. no one should disrespect elia or you in anyway

    • Thank you for your kind words, I hope you are doing well.

  5. Tipical krishna ! Cosmos it’s krishna using my name and elia’s not nice bro! Not nice at all! I told u i didn’t steel it and i didn’t even see u publishing it anywhere! Do i look like i read your mind to steal your ideas? Not cool!

    • How could it be me? Why would i want to do this?! i have better things in my life then to do this. i have parted ways with DolyGames it does not mean i hold a grudge against him.

  6. This info would come from tempinfos.xml, your game downloads it every time you log in.
    Just decompress the file as a zlib archive and you can find the info.

    • Yep. I had sent some other info to Cosmos that I’d extracted and formatted up all nice in a spreadsheet, but he said he’d have to mention where the info came from, thus he’d have to mention my “abnormal access” to game data.

      A lot of people can’t read XML, though, so they still need people like us. I wasn’t even aware anyone else had tried to read tempinfos.xml, let alone succeeded.

      • Thanks SineniF and ZeDingo, I am just not super confident if I can be safe publishing all that. I don’t want any big company to take legal action against us. Do you by any chance know if that file is considered generally legal to use or not?

      • There was/is no encryption on the file. The values in tempinfos are (mostly) attributes, not story, images, audio, or source code. There is little in there they can copyright, and any court would throw the case out immediately if you published the dialogue/story because this is a site for information about Wartune, not a production of a game/story/movie.

        Not to mention shutting down fan sites for being helpful fans effectively ties a noose around their neck as game publishers.

      • Good point ZeDingo, I had not considered the legal aspect of the whole thing too closely, due to the content of the file.
        Nearly everything in there, except for boss stats, can be discovered simply by going to an in-game location and talking to an NPC, looking at items in inventory, etc.

      • Hey Zedingo,
        what if you could get access to all the files the game has?
        Could you make it readable for youself?

        Or, have you already done it?
        I know a way on how to get the full list of those xml files the game loads aka that can be downloaded

      • Hey Zedingo, what if I could list you all the files the game loads…will you be able to make something good out of it??

        Unless…u done that already 🙂

        I am no IT expert but i discovered a “trick”

      • ty for tip cosmos

  7. Oops sorry guys it’s not krishna my bad

  8. Oops sorry guys it’s not krishna my bad

  9. saw this info over a month ago somewhere else exactly the same table and wasn’t posted by jessy where i saw it before….

    • hi yes that is why i wrote thank to whoever made it

  10. I dont trust the stated resist types, given that I have 61% DR on Purg 30 without any light resist in. I’ve seen nothing to indicate ithings in purg arent just taking your highest resist like everything else without [elementType] in its ID

  11. Yep I agree with Barraind. I have done perg bosses with no light resistance in for a very long time and also have high dr % shown and i take little damage. It hasn’t mattered at all what res i have had in for perg (different res for cw and dims in non cw time) and aways approximately the same. I even had a guildie post-patch say he had the highest success with electric resistance on boss 30. It was then pointed out that electric was his highest res when he had hercules on. I think that table is wrong and it just takes your highest res. and has no element itself

    • I think you are right every elemental boss has his element written down his name an in purgatory none of them has an element so thei’re element neutral and takes the highest resistence.

  12. Pertaining to the xml file this is in – this isn’t a good snapshot of the data really. For example – it gives the lowest / highest resists – but those numbers are all still at the old standards. 700 max, 400 min. With the new resists, the +/- 300 pts of resist is trivial.

    Also, the HP for the adds aren’t listed right – which makes a huge difference for some still struggling with it.

  13. Is it possible to find out what the resistance level is, as well as if the enemy has any will crystal effect built-in?

    • If you have Fiddler, you can capture and save the tempinfos.xml file locally.

      Then, as SineniF said, decompress it as a zlib archive. There’s a few very lightweight tools out there that can extract .zlib contents. It results in an XML dump.

      And yes, some enemies have reduce resist built in. It also defines skill orders in there of enemies, special actions and add stats – and not just for purgatory. You can grab everything from the various catacombs levels, sky trail, wilds, MPs, etc…

  14. Ty for the info and also don’t be letting nub skulls be tearing you down I love yours and Elias videos I been watching everyone that has been beei g posted since nr has been released and I’ve watch some earlier ones. But they are good and also elia has been very kind to me and helped me out with my own toon. Ty for the info. And who ever made this table I’ll test this out sometime when I’m not low on up.

    Ty ~ dolygames

  15. Would your source be kind enough to do the same for Sylph Expedition and/or Eudeamon Bounty?

    Thank you again for all the useful information

  16. but what is this n.a for lvl 24?

    • NA means not available

  17. great work… good tips..ty

  18. How about br requirements? As of the latest patch, I have 1.1 million br; I can get up to L10

  19. 24thlevel should be weak with wind . if you check the res in table, the res follow always the same rotations fire water electro light/dark wind .

    so, 24th boss should be weak vs wind

  20. Wind on LVL 24 worked great for me and it is my lowest level pet.

  21. are you sure this chat is a 100% proof for purgatory maze?

    • chart*

    • well this was the situation in 2015, so theoretically it could have changed since that time, but there is no evidence that it has

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