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Thanks to Zoieraptor & Helpful Guilds

Hey everyone! In this post I have 2 parts – a thank you and talking about guilds who help players in Wartune.

So first up, the thx:

(note: i do ask for permission before writing the name)

A big huge thanks goes to Zoieraptor who signed up as a Level 4 supporter as a thank you and support for my work via Patreon. The support from players is critical in me being able to continue to work creating content and to pay my monthly costs, so this really helps a lot! Thanks Zoie!

(want to help?)

Guilds that help

With many added activities and quests over the years many players focus to get their daily quests and events completed and don’t have time left to help other players who need help. However, it is important to remember that Wartune is an MMO game and we also spend a lot of time talking with each other, becoming friends and even more than friends for some people.

Keeping that in mind it is really good to be part of a guild who helps you progress in the game so that all players can feel happy about playing as not being able to complete a simple MP-dungeon to get your equipment can be very frustrating for newer players.

Zoie’s guild is one such guild where I have personally seen both top BR players and lower BR players help people who are in need. That is unfortunately not as common in all guilds of Wartune and hopefully this reminder can help change that even by a little bit.

I have also seen many cases in various servers where even for quick activities like Speed Clearance or Cross Server MPD for devotion people keep on calling for help for a long time and nobody is responding even though that would take just 3 minutes. This is not because people are mean, as mentioned a lot of it has to do with being really busy with many activities, but I just want to urge people to be available for 3-5 minutes to help friends and even strangers.

In Zoie’s guild and other such guilds (because there still are a lot of nice guilds) it is not uncommon for people to do many runs of the same dungeon to help guild mates and even non-guild players. That makes the game environment much more pleasant and positive for everyone to play.

This also does not mean that every single person must help. If random people help on random days then there will always be someone to help. That said, finding 3 minutes to help out is not that difficult for, at least, smaller activities.

Finally below I share with you, just for fun, DEFIANCE guild members surrounding the Guild Beast in mass 🙂
(note: not all players are visible, some are behind others – there are a lot of people just on this picture)

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Thank you to those Wartune players who are supporting my work, COSMOS Wartune blog and DolyGames gaming portal & the games that I create for people to play for free.

My goal is to reach 300 PATRON SUPPORTERS to help pay my monthly costs. Currently I have 29 Patrons! (Also thanks to Patrons who supported in the past!)

So please consider supporting my work via Patreon and check back for new articles and updates at the COSMOS Wartune blog and/or follow announcements on the Twitter page or Facebook page.


  1. Wow, thank you so much, Cosmos for the lovely article. It’s my pleasure to be able to support your work because it’s very helpful and I believe very important because you give everyone insight into the coming events as well as patch notes and tips. Please keep up the good work and keep making those videos I personally love them. I must admit you have taught me a thing or two about how to better enjoy the game.
    Last but never least I want to give a big shout out to my Peeps because without them we would not be the guild we are. I love them all and I feel honored to be their Guild Master but even more Proud to be called Mama because I can feel the love.
    Thank You From The Bottom Of My Heart,
    Alex aka Zoie 🙂

    • 🙂

  2. I have seen many guilds are basically a collection of individuals with many struggling and praying for the help (often bigger folks) and get things completed for the week. I found many guild leaders are just players, not per say leaders, they have no role just a title. I also found that an upset player actually marks a problem to be solved but instead of attempting to solve it they toss out I will kick you if you do not conform. Unfortunately not all problems can be solved as some could be the player for example not willing.

    The guild I am in the guild leaders share leadership, we have no GM. The simple job of the leaders is to recognize problems from both sides of the issue and work out a solution together as a team. Together all leaders make sure all guild functions are operating smooth and no one person must be there 24/7 to call functions. No favorite few to share the GM, we have 20 who share the GM responsibility to reduce load on any one.

    Hmmm, a football team.. There is a team of leaders and a team of players all making up the entire team. Leadership spots problems and finds solutions and then teaches the team how to solve it.

    Guilds are a part of the game that need to grow, it is part of the overall strategy of the game and often left to its own devices, then form clicks and of course circles within circles start to create problems and tensions within the guild. Tensions then often form around deficiencies within each circle until all the circles become against each other. Wham blowup, drama, all the things we do not want.

    For example a leadership problem, happens in every guild I have seen, helpers are few and get overworked then quit. Not sure if ever realized by many but running any MPD say Black Gold Cavern 34 times a day everyday for 9 months wears some on fun for that player even though they really want to help. But guildies still need this run so a solution must be formed or many unhappy people will appear. Each side of the issue has a problem that if not solved will effect the entire guild happiness.

    Our solution for the problem of overworked helpers vs people who can’t get runs done: We setup help windows, 1 hour at a set time a few times a week as needed structured no different than an event so that every single guildie knows when to be around and all the helpers that can be there also know when to help. A few leaders act as facilitators to team guildies up, not every run needs bigger players, just a right team is needed of similar peers. Apply the help size based on the need. One of the complaints I have heard helpers commonly say is they are constantly interrupted and one of the common things I have heard people who need help say is they always have to wait to get help or can’t get help when they want it.

    Our leaders have a very simple job to be a leader. They simply monitor for problems to be discussed for a solution, sometimes there is no solution. If there is a solution it is relayed to all guildies or if there are options all guildies get to vote on the options to see what method best fits everyone. Or of course best we can with the horrible guild chat.

    From a leadership point of view all a leader had to recognize is a helper say “ok ok ok, I will help in a minute” or a guildie say “I keep asking for help or spotting repeat world posts looking to fill a room”

    Perception, some players view leaders basically as guild slaves, some leaders view guildies as some sorta annoying small monster. Like in every other aspect of our lives, leaders lead and keep things running smooth. They solve problems by creating solutions. Oddly enough even though we have thousands of examples all around everyone everyday as to how leadership is done it is often completely different here. I have found in a group of gamers many just want the title and feel empowered but don’t really care to fill the shoes.

    Most in game problems are 100% caused by poor leadership or the lack of leadership causing problems to last for years until it becomes an expectation.

    Oddly enough in this game many players migrate into the problems for hope of better reward. It is kind of odd to me for people to move to a place where they are forced to struggle. Nomadizm if thats a word lol.

    • thanks for sharing
      the helping hour window is an interesting concept, i’m curious if others who read this have something like this or would be excited to implement it

  3. BIG DEAL, but still sucked

  4. Agree with everything Zab said.
    Back in the days of ToK when Cosmos first posted the way to get through NM, on my server (before it’s big merge) there were so few of us who could do it, and in the beginning, we could only carry one at a time. After making sure our guild was taken care of, we’d go out to others we were friendly with to help them through.
    The same with HST. I can remember running it many many times a day. What succeeds that both demonstrate is building a culture of being helpful. And building up those willing to help so that they can.
    It’s all about communication and respect and not letting those who are user and not helpers get you down.

    Thanks for posting and I agree 100% with helper times because it helps to prevent burn out.



  5. Hey how about you so called “testers” for Dolygames actualy do your job and TEST the events etc.. so that when the patches go live us lowly gamers don’t feel like we are using a new cellphone because the beta testers didn’t do their job and are too worried about monetizing their access to the test server. It isn’t a wonder there have been so many issues with this patch rollout given that ppl like you cosmos who simply care about who supports you…i.e. I am a supporter too but have reduced my level to 1 because you are simply not doing your job as a tester to make sure the issues are minimized. Being a beta tester is an honor so do it justice and do your job first then worry about making your money!!!!! I know you aren’t the only one but seems like these patches are being released with more and more bugs to the point I have seem over 6+ R2 announcements which to be honest is pretty unprecedented for a patch…TO ALL YOU SO_CALLED BETA TESTERS…QUITE SIMPLY DO YOUR JOB!!!!

    • Wow, just wow. If you only knew how rude you are and how much lies you posted. Here is the truth for you:
      1) I do not work for any of the Wartune companies and I do not receive any money from them. All the monthly costs I pay from my own money. On the contrary companies like R2 attack me for helping people and have banned both this blog and my name from their forums.
      2) I am not a beta tester or any kind of a tester. I was never asked or paid to make any report about any of the problems in the game. I have offered them to hire me but they have refused saying that they have an expert/professional team who does not need my expertise.
      3) I have no connection whatsoever to the Wartune devs who are the ones who release untested bugs. They have never asked my opinion and have only tried to hide information from me so I don’t report or analyze anything for the players. I used to get information 1 month in advance and in last patches if I get something 1 week in advance that would already be a miracle.
      So, really, shame on you for what you have posted. I suggest that if you do not know something first ask a question and collect the correct information before you hurt someone who is working hard to help you and other players fighting all alone.
      And you say you have reduced your support because of lies? blaming me for things I am absolutely not responsible for and have no connection with? never bothered to ask me a question to find out the truth? Wow that’s just something…
      Really sad,

      • While, the rest of us really thank you for your work and patience Cosmos and the help throughout the years.

      • 🙁
        thank you

      • Being a beta tester isn’t a paid job it is supposed to be a privilege. However, you do monetize it by your Patreon and “donations”…so no wonder they try to ban your site!! You aren’t a beta tester but have an account in the test server? NOT everyone gets that. No wonder R2 wants to ban your site…

      • Unbelievable how clueless you are. I am NOT a beta tester. I am NOT any kind of a tester. I have no associations with their companies whatsoever. Which part of that is not clear to you?
        I have full right to earn money from MY OWN work. All my work is 100% of my own creation. Any blogger has the full legal right to try to earn money and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. On the contrary many people support bloggers because everyone knows that most bloggers get just the middle finger for their work.
        More than that – all my work over many years has given them a lot of free marketing, promotion for Wartune and support for existing players for which they have earned tens of thousands if not more. Many other game companies support their bloggers, but not these. All of which apparently you have no clue about.
        I have an account on that server exactly because I have spent years supporting Wartune and they want me to make videos and articles to promote Wartune and that’s exactly why not everyone gets that because there is nobody else who has done for Wartune and Wartune players what I have done for more than 5 years now.
        It is truly unbelievable how you dare to insult, attack and accuse me of things I am completely not responsible for while being so horribly uneducated in this subject. And how you dare to take the side of bastards like R2 for all the evil actions they have taken.
        Get your damn facts straight and know what you are talking about before you throw your dirt on honest people.
        – COSMOS

  6. There are some awesome people on guilds, until yesterday i was in a guild with one of the most fantastic buds i meet in a game, unfortunetly the guild is dying, stronger ones started to move, most of uild is innactive.
    I made the hardest decision i have ever made in a game leaving my fellow companions that were always there for me and helped me grow.
    I went to a new guild but i must say i feel a emptyness now, is not the same thing, the jokes on guild chat, the bashing on each others in a good way, the laughs are starting to make think is BR that important or the friendship we built and moments we got together? There isnt any BR in the world that replaces them. I know one day i will go back to it even if it is to let my toon die with them.
    I have two toons, and one of them will never leave that guild, but i feel empty when im playing with the one i left.
    Im one of those that stop what im doing to help others and will always be like that i even log my second toon if needed to help, as in narrandera smaller one cant kill the first boss i go with my 2 toons and invite from inside the dungeon to make sure they dont end up soloing the bosses.
    Smallers ones need us, they get stronger and pass the legacy of starting help others when they can, its the purpose of a guild, grow together and support each others.

    Maybe no one will read this because its too long, but thats how i feel a good guildie should be and how im feeling from leaving the only guild i have been.

    Sorry for the errors, not english lol. Nice article cosmos.

    • Thanks Akantor
      I am sure many people understand exactly what you mean.
      Sometimes people move to stronger guilds for better rewards and that’s OK but it’s better to move together if that’s possible.
      I don’t know the reason for your move but basically you can easily be in a small guild and still succeed, you just lose some smelting stones and some smaller guild rave rewards.
      Thanks for sharing,

  7. keep up the good works coscos thank you…

    • thank you 🙂

  8. Oh my god…it’s just a game.

    • lol

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