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TABLE / ANALYSIS: CUTIES EXP per Level (v2) | Wartune Patch 8.5

Hey everyone! In this article I share with you my calculations & graph showing the actual and predicted required EXP per Level for Cuties of the Wartune Patch 8.5. I also thank my guild-mate Gast and all others who added data for helping me gather the data. After that I add another table/analysis to show examples of how long various EXP take to level up.
UPDATE: V1 article updated to Version 2 with more accurate data/calculations thanks to data sharing

Article Content:

  • TABLE #1: EXP required for Cuties to level up to the next level
  • CHART: for the above
  • TABLE #2: How long it takes to level up? EXAMPLES
  • Other / Discussion / Feedback

TABLE #1: EXP required for Cuties to level up to the next level

The actual / confirmed numbers are the “normal” numbers, while the predicted or calculated values are the ones with the asterisk (*).

I think I have managed to get pretty accurate numbers, but I stop at level 60 instead of level 120 as I don’t want to predict so high up.
That said please share in the comments below more actual numbers, especially from higher levels.

Level EXP required for next level
Level 1 335
Level 2 437
Level 3 604
Level 4 837
Level 5 1,133
Level 6 1,494
Level 7 1,917
Level 8 2,404
Level 9 2,954
Level 10 3,566
Level 11 4,241
Level 12 4,977
Level 13 5,776
Level 14 6,636*
Level 15 7,559*
Level 16 8,544
Level 17 9,590
Level 18 10,698
Level 19 11,866
Level 20 13,096
Level 21 14,387
Level 22 15,739
Level 23 17,152
Level 24 18,626
Level 25 20,161
Level 26 21,756
Level 27 23,412
Level 28 25,129
Level 29 26,906
Level 30 28,744
Level 31 30,642
Level 32 32,600
Level 33 34,619
Level 34 36,698
Level 35 38,837
Level 36 41,036
Level 37 43,295
Level 38 45,614
Level 39 47,994
Level 40 50,433
Level 41 158,796
Level 42 166,473
Level 43 174,327
Level 44 182,364
Level 45 190,578
Level 46 198,972*
Level 47 207,543
Level 48 216,294
Level 49 225,222*
Level 50 234,330*
Level 51 243,615*
Level 52 253,080*
Level 53 262,722*
Level 54 272,544*
Level 55 282,543*
Level 56 292,722*
Level 57 303,078*
Level 58 313,614*
Level 59 324,327*
Level 60 335,220*
Level 61 346,290*
Level 62 357,540*
Level 63 368,967*
Level 64 380,574*
Level 65 392,358*
Level 66 404,322*
Level 67 416,463*
Level 68 428,784*
Level 69 441,282*
Level 70 453,960*
Level 71 466,815*
Level 72 479,850*
Level 73 493,062*
Level 74 506,454*
Level 75 520,023*
Level 76 533,772*
Level 77 547,698*
Level 78 561,804*
Level 79 576,087*
Level 80 590,550*

CHART: Cuties’ EXP to level up

And here I have prepared a graph to visually illustrate the numbers and also to easily show that:
UPDATE: V1 chart updated to Version 2

  • There is a massive jump from level 40
  • It is a near-straight line of increasing difficulty / time taken
  • At present “prediction” / calculation is done up to level 80 – perhaps there is another large jump from Lvl 80

TABLE #2: How long it takes to level up? EXAMPLES:

And here just some examples of how long various EXP amounts take to build up. I have made 1 scenario with 150 EXP per minute (that’s 450 EXP total if using 3 Cuties) and a 2nd scenario with 375 EXP per minute (which is 1125 EXP per minute total if using 3 Cuties during leveling).

We can see that the lower levels are quite fast, but the higher we will get it will start to take some days to level up.

EXP amount EXP income per minute How long it takes? EXP income per minute How long it takes?
2,000 150 0.2 hours 375 0.1 hours
5,000 150 0.6 hours 375 0.2 hours
10,000 150 1.1 hours 375 0.4 hours
20,000 150 2.2 hours 375 0.9 hours
50,000 150 5.6 hours 375 2.2 hours
100,000 150 11.1 hours 375 4.4 hours
200,000 150 22.2 hours 375 8.9 hours
400,000 150 44.4 hours 375 17.8 hours
800,000 150 88.9 hours 375 35.6 hours
1,600,000 150 177.8 hours 375 71.1 hours

Other / Discussion / Feedback

  • While leveling up 3 Cuties per go is probably the “standard” some players prefer to use 1 or 2 to speedup reaching level 40 / 60 / 120 to evolve.
  • While in my analysis I have stopped at level 80 the data should go until level 120, but at present we don’t have sufficient data to go that high.
  • Please share in the comments below if your actual EXP is showing a significantly different number than the prediction (this will be probably especially needed for higher levels).
  • Let me know by posting in the comments if you found my (this) analysis on CUTIES EXP per Level (v2) useful.

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  1. how do you get them to evolve or to get 2nd skill and to get higher than level 40

    • Go to the Feed tab, and there’s a button for Evolve

      You need one extra Cutie, because you will have to feed it to the main one.

  2. To go from level 42 to 43, it takes 166473 exp.

    • To go from 48 to 49, takes 216294

      • 51 to 52 takes 243618

    • thank you, i released updated Version 2 of the article, please refresh to see new updated table/graph/article
      – COSMOS

  3. 43 to 44 takes 174327 exp

    • 44 to 45 takes 182364 exp

    • 45 to 46 takes 190578 exp

      • 46 to 47 takes 198969 exp

    • 47 to 48 takes 207543 exp

    • thank you, i released updated Version 2 of the article, please refresh to see new updated table/graph/article
      – COSMOS

  4. i am bad at math but i love these articles 🙂 they are interesting

    • thanks for appreciating my work 🙂

  5. When leveling, exp/minute is divided by number of cuties. so if getting 150/min with 3 selected each gets 50 where as if only one is selected it gets the full 150.

    • Yes, that is correct. So sometimes we need to switch around between 1, 2 or 3 especially if one is near level 40 / 80 for evolving.

  6. 36 to 37 41036, 37 to 38 43295, 38 to 39 45614

    • thank you, i released updated Version 2 of the article, please refresh to see new updated table/graph/article
      – COSMOS

      • you’re welcome and thank you for the post

    • 14 to 15 takes 6637 exp 15 to 16 takes 7560 exp

  7. Bad part is that once you Evolve it to star 2 the cutie’s level resets to one! And remember, to make star 3 you need a second star 2 to evolve it, not a one!

  8. Item GRAVER.. it say in Cutie expedition, but is not there

    • You’ll find it in some boss chests – maybe only after moving up to the Murken Forest zone. Boss chests are a little random.

    • The Basic Material Chests in Murken Forest have a chance of dropping it.

      They should show up in the accessory tab of your Cuties, not your main inventory.

  9. With a maximum error of 15 minutes, total build time in hours is


    Levels are 1 thru 40, wrapping for each evolution. ExpPerMin is the Exp/minute listed in the bot dungeon interface divided by the total number of cuties running the dungeon during the build.

    • Spiff how u got this formula? can u make/share lvl40-80 one pls?

      • Gast I just did the math.

        There is an error in it. The first value, GoalLevel^3.007 should be (GoalLevel+1)^3.007.
        This is valid up to level 41.

        I can’t build an accurate equation for the second stage without knowing the actual EXP for the whole series

    • Gast, this might be kinda close, but it’s anybody’s guess what happens to exp above L48

      [CurrentLevel^3.0038- GoalLevel^3.0038]/(2*ExpPerMin)

      Valid inputs range from L41 to L80

  10. Thanks Spiff. i think i got it at the end…

    Your 1st formula was correct without that +1 but it do i thought about and discover from 41 to 80 it have to be +2. all maths working now.

    Lot of thanks again.

  11. For 60 to 61, 335208 xp req which is very close compared to the table.

    • 61 to 62 takes 346,272 exp

  12. Random Thought: Since level seems to be a major, if not the primary modifier for damage in the Expedition, most (if not all) aren’t able to beat the monsters much past Fetid Swamp 10.

    As we start getting higher and begin making three-star Cuties (at my current rate, I am slightly over 19 days from upgrading my team, and I won’t be blitzing). I think it will become become possible to beat monsters even in the highest level, allowing us a small XP bonus if we leave the Cutie Expedition window open.

    • Good team makes the difference. I am at fetid swamp L26 gaining 896xp/min. No need for 3 star. After 20, boss has heal buff also, but not very much.

      • I’m at the last earning 1031. But I’m not talking about the boss, I’m talking about the monsters.

        Leveling a full team to 80 on a max level dungeon will take 30 days. I’m talking about options that might accelerate leveling back to 80 and beyond once we start upgrading to 3-stars.

        Every last XP we can squeeze out of the system will become important if the scale continues to increase as it does now.

      • Hi Jayleia, thanks for clarifying, I indeed did not understand that you were speaking about the monster, sorry 🙂
        You are right, if we can beat that we can squeeze a little bit extra EXP

    • BTW, I am a free player using 1 owen and 1 summon. 2 star is enough.

  13. I would be interested in hearing views on which cuties to upgrade. so far, most powerful appears to be demon eye with starting patk of 10000. sheena has 9400. do not know about gladius but all others appear to be less. while not keen on using a single factor to determine the best cutie, it apears that all other attributes have the same relative positioning…

    • What I don’t get about the demon eye is yes he has the highest patk but he deals matk damage. Why wouldn’t his matk stat be higher?

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