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Special Articles and Videos for Supporters

Hey guys, we are going to start creating special content for all people who support us via Patreon as of $10. We decided to do this for 2 reasons: (1) We want to honor and thank our supporters (Patrons) giving them additional benefits/thanks for supporting us and (2) We need to get funds to cover our websites / running costs (Cosmos has been paying everything from his pocket for 4 years now).

We are still going to continue with lots of free content for everyone, just some articles and/or videos will be for our supporters. So if you want to sign up to thank us or to support us please register on and we will create a login/password for you to be able to view any special content we publish.

Our first goal will be to try to break even with our running costs, but over time we hope to have extra funds both for our work and to use to create more cool content for everyone.

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Thank you to those Wartune players who are supporting my work, COSMOS Wartune blog and DolyGames gaming portal & the games that I create for people to play for free.

My goal is to reach 300 PATRON SUPPORTERS to help pay my monthly costs. Currently I have 33 Patrons! (Also thanks to Patrons who supported in the past!)

So please consider supporting my work via Patreon and check back for new articles and updates at the COSMOS Wartune blog and/or follow announcements on the Twitter page or Facebook page.


  1. As long as Elias commentary videos will be available for free to watch I’m ok with this. Love her voice she could read stories for me while i fall asleep.

  2. No you didn’t, you just ruined yourself with that statment.
    Anyone with a litle brain knows the reason for this money lol. You’re addicted to the game, this become a drug you need help asap!

    • Not sure what you are trying to communicate, but you are welcome to have your opinion.

    • It can be seem in this way after all. It’s better using your cash here rather than paying unbound balens in wartune in this days.

  3. What about the money paid for the wartune bot that never happened? will that be counted as a contribute?

    • sorry you seem to be confused, there has never been a Wartune bot related to us and we have never received any such money

      • Really… so when this used to be called you didn’t advertise the wartune bot with MMO Cheats team?

      • Please stop with the false accusations. We are in no way connected to the website or the people who ran that. We never had any connections with MMO Cheats or any Wartune bots. Thanks for getting your facts right before you accuse or insult people.

      • Didnt you get banned and censored from R2 Forums because you were selling a bot program? Oh, I know – it was just an “auto-clicker”

        Still, you sold a program that automated tasks in-game.

      • there is a huge difference between a game dedicated bot and an all-purpose simple clicker tool which can be used for anything

      • That auto clicker that DolyGames sell is a powerful tool with many possibilities.If used right it can save you some time or help you do a task or multiple tasks,but if used wrong,you can cheat in games(cheating in games with a 3rd party program is bad (for me),and not with ingame secrets like secret buttons or codes or commands,that I think is okay).Cosmos wanted to make this program to help people with saving time.Without using the autoclick in eg Wartune,you get the same things but in more time,but using it in eg Lineage,the auto click will fight for you and you get exp and drops that you could only get if you played normally or cheated.So pretty much in both game types you save time but in games like Wartune you get same things in an extended amount of time while in games like Lineage you get things that you get only if you actually play.

  4. So now this website follows the Wartune economic model… you want the best stuff you have to pay for it?

    • it follows the basic logic that we have costs to pay to run the website and maybe you are happy for us to keep on losing money but we are not

      • I am sorry I must agreed with the player above.

        I DO UNDERSTAND the time effort and costs involved.

        IF you say you have costs, make them public n on free offer.
        it will be MUCH less than the typical “wartune style situation” which we ALL hate.

        If you dont make everything crystal clear n “see through” pubicly..i must say “U LEARNED WELL” from Wartune.

        I will still love you all for your effort so far.VERY VERY MUCH

      • “…MUCH less ‘greed-like’ than the typical…”

  5. Hmmm…. $10 per month? More than the cost of VIP!HAve to ponder this one! Maybe the $1 🙂

  6. Not that big of a deal people. There is nothing wrong with wanting a bit of money for what they do and they arent trying to hide it. Tbh i probs wont pay but i really dont see this as a big deal. As long as the regualr videos like classwars etc are still free to all im fine with this. Just my humble opinion.

  7. hi all

    is the game dying? seems last few days has no events for free players…

    getting bored…..ZZzzzzzz

  8. Just bad timing on your (doly games) part. This is the time where a lot of people have stopped “cashing” on the game, to include some of your contributors. You are asking. Good luck.

  9. Not to sound like an ass, but how much is it costing you to run this site?

    I’ve been doing web development / web hosting solutions both professionally and freelance for over 20 years. In today’s internet economy, it’s very easy to run a website that serves over 3 Tb of data for about $8 / mo, and that includes a lot of robust tools, and advertiser free pages.

    There are also loads of free options – but they often come with limited tools, lesser limits and minor forced ads (but a smart developer can css-kill them from public view).

    The point being, if this website is costing you more than $100/yr, you’re doing it wrong. Way Wrong. Hell, given the content load here, you could easily be using free hosting with 3rd party links to heavier content (youtube, google-docs, etc..). This isn’t 2006 where one has to pays hundreds of $ a year for basic web-hosting. It might serve you far better to find a cost-free solution to this site rather than creating levels of subscribers based on what they’re willing to pay to fund poor business practice.

    • OK how about I pay you $8 per month and you provide the same level of web hosting that we have and you start writing high quality content every day including articles and videos.
      Let me know if you are interested to do quality work and provide all the things you mentioned for $8 per month.

      • You wrote, “We need to get funds to cover our websites / running costs (Cosmos has been paying everything from his pocket for 4 years now)”

        Pardon me. You made it sound like you want to cover the costs of the site, not pay yourself a wage for it. Now, if you want to put $ in your pockets above and beyond the cost to run the site – you should plainly state so… You want us, your “customers” to effectively pay you for a service.

        I’m just disappointed. I liked this site for the commentary moreso than the content. I’ll just go back to getting the same information from another source without the fun personalities.

      • 1) I am very far away from getting any wage yet although i do want to get there some day.

        2) Running a project includes all costs that are required to pay for doing so and that is a lot more than the $8 nonsense you wrote.

        3) You are not our customer. We have never seen any payment from you to name you a customer.

        4) We have not charged anyone or demanded anyone to pay us.

        5) Nowhere have we said that everything is paid. There are more than 2000 articles and videos completely free and so far just 1 post for exclusive for our supporters.

      • 1) Glad you’re admitting you want to profit off this. I was not under this impression, as you’ve been quite vocal about your altruism in both the blog and this website for quite some time.

        2) Yes, it takes time. Cost – it takes about $8/mo. Now it’s not my problem or anyone else’s problem that you want to charge us for your time via premium content. You indicated it was to help cover costs. Your TIME is not a COST – unless you’re paying yourself to do this through a dummy LLC.

        I admin (along with my wife) a very robust, moderated website for the parents of children with special needs. We get 4500 – 6500 hits per day. We make a hair over $3 a day off a single Ad. About $100/mo. We donate all of it to AutismSpeaks after the site is paid for.

        I was under the mistaken impression you were doing this for similar reasons – to form a community of people around a game you enjoyed. I didn’t think you were trying to get as many viewers so that you could eventually profit of “premium content.” It just leaves a bad impression. That’s all.

        3) Actually, I did – in early 2014 via Paypal. Was only $5 – but I liked what you were putting out. My PayPal email does not match the email I use to post here – it’s solitary and not shared anywhere other than for PayPal uses. Also did that Amazon link like 4 or 5 times.

        FYI – It’s fairly unprofessional to accuse someone of not being a customer when they’ve given you $. Actually, it’s not unprofessional, it’s fairly insulting. Guess you’re showing your true colors.

      • 1) We are not charging anyone anything. Those people who like what we do and wish to support us do so. Those that do not wish do not do so.

        2) My time is a cost as is the time of everyone else in the Team who spend many hours creating content for everyone to enjoy. But before we even get to my time or my problems, I have to make sure that my team’s time is covered, which it currently is not.

        3) You pretend to know a lot of facts about our situation and keep on pushing your $8 monthly cost but the fact remains that you simply do not have any of our facts.

        4) It’s great that you manage a website for kids and making donations. However, I do not see what is the connection with that project with this project.

        5) You are of course free to turn our Team into evil people, but please note that those accusations are 100% your perception. The facts remain very clear that for 4 years we provide great content to players and promote Wartune, which are all positive actions.

        6) If you indeed sent us a one time $5 support and any other support, of course thank you. We do not have any customers which is why I stated that you are not a customer.

  10. You can just use the ad-dons to your blog where people will not disable ads with their adblocks plugins…

    What Z said is also true…

  11. Dolygames you guys have done a great job in keeping us posted and informed of all events. However the way things are going I don’t see the game worth my time it’s gone to cashing only most of my friends quit already thanks to the events. Was a good game but now it’s ridiculous it’s all pay to get anything done besides this game is shitting down real soon

  12. hi all , just to make point here first game suks mager banana its getting worst an worst by day, i totaly understend about making vebsite an all, an paying money for it for all thouse years, BUT this game not worth money or attention anymore u friends choose wrong investment so dont think anybody will contribute to this , mssory to sey that – now if game was running proparly thats another deal, plus what happend this days? with recharge ? mssory, wish u all the luck

    respectfully niku

  13. with a esstimated daily views of 1k for dolygames youtube channel

    $0.25 – $4.00
    $7.50 – $120.00
    $90.00 – $1,440.00

    Even if only 7 per month from youtube that covers the cost of hosting for this site.

    If you want people to pay money for this site admit that you want to make money from it. Don’t feed people a line about how you only want to cover costs. People will not believe that and will never bother to spend a penny.

    Just a heads up if you choose to delete my post ill simply fill in people via the forums with a handy screen shot as well.

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion and analysis based on imaginary numbers. I would love to pay my bills with your imagination also, but unfortunately people don’t accept that currency.

      I do not feed anyone anything. Everything has been very clearly written and communicated.

      • Then change hosts. Those numbers are the same from 5 different youtube income calcs. Even a high end webhost costs at best 10 per month less if you pay months in advance 3 6 9 or 12. You have or should have youtube income how ever much or little it is as well as your affiliate play and app store link. I get that that is like .0x cents per click through but still.

      • like i said, you are welcome to have your opinion without having any facts whatsoever, but i do not remember us asking you any advice about our life or our work or us trying to give extra benefit to people who choose to support us

  14. You’ve worked, earned money, and you’ve made the decision to spend them for something you love doing (this blog). So not sure why are you talking about losing money.

  15. Another thing you may want to consider before turning this site into a money-making venture. COPYRIGHT. Much of the material you post here includes copyrighted images and videos of the game. The makers of Wartune own those images. If you make money from displaying those images you are in violation of that copyright unless you have specific written permission to use them. (Even if you don’t make money you are in violation but they probably wouldn’t bother to pursue it. Make money off their work however and they most likely will).

    • Not to mention the hot events is simply pulled from the wartune forums as it is posted. That in it self is owned by r2. The second they start charging for content here r2 is going to come down on them. If one item is pulled from a other source the could get sued for copyright infringement.

      • Events articles aren’t from the forum.DolyGames’ daily events article is posted 1-1 and a half hours after refresh in Oceanic server,while r2 posts the events around US servers refresh(I don’t know if they post them at that time at r2 forum,if they post them in r2 forum earlier inform me).

  16. Hahahahaha wanting to charge for something anyone can find out them self’s have an acount on test servers (alpha ones not the ones announced to get patch first) have one on China should I start charging my guild for the info that takes 5 minutes of my time to get nope and as people have stated start trying to earn money of copyright material u get shot down all my vids that made over 5k views on a different mmo got copywriten against with in 2 days of advert hitting the video regardless that only 1-500 these days don’t use add block

    • Apparently you have difficulties in reading. Nowhere have we said that we are going to charge for everything. So please don’t make a fool of yourself. In fact we don’t charge anyone.

  17. so…the first thing exclusive to those who pay came out and it seems like something that would be good for everyone to see so i wanna know if a patch is actually coming cause i can’t find anything and i can’t read that post or the comments! we can’t all afford to pay to see the content on this website some of us have payments to make in the real world and no money to spare for these types of things. this is becoming like Wartune those of us who don’t pay lose out on some of the good stuff.

  18. Z tried to post more, but he’s being “moderated” now.

    • Z has not written any insult and has communicated his opinion in a normal way and so he is not being moderated as you claim. His last comment was held by our anti spam program but i went and approved it.

  19. Can solo up to level 19 with knighthood, takes to long so normally just to reg for the bound balens

  20. So you’re deliberately withholding information from your users now? All is about money in the end…

    It happens so often around the web – at first they are enthusiastic and provide something which is useful for all, but then sooner or later it occurs to them that: “Hey, I can make some coin out of this! Why pay for it myself when they can do it for me?”
    You’re following Wartune’s model with hot events – generous at first, then rewards decrease and become suckier as time goes by. Congrats

  21. I honestly don’t think this is a very bright idea. Making specific articles that charges $10 per month when in all honesty someone could go on the web, there’s bound to be the same info for free. Especially at a time when people are frustrated with the game and the devs etc. Dolygames, I don’t think this is a very smart decision since it just causes backlash from your loyal fanbase and it kind of implies that this project is more for making money rather than entertaining/having fun doing what you love.

  22. Hey Cosmos, big fan of your blog. I would like to know if paying 10$ is one time or monthly thing 🙂

    • Lol i found out now

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