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Sky Trail Stage 11 & 12 Rewards Wartune Patch 7.5

Hey everyone! In this post I show you the rewards of Sky Trail for the newly added Stages 11 and 12 of the Wartune Patch 7.5. This includes the total stage reward as well as the daily collections which have also been improved.

Sky Trail Stage 11 Clearance Reward

  • 100 Mahra
  • 200 Advanced Mahra
  • 1 mil Gold
  • 100 Advanced Sepulcrum

Sky Trail Stage 11 Rewards Wartune Patch 7.5.jpg

Sky Trail Stage 11 Rewards 2 Wartune Patch 7.5

Sky Trail Stage 12 Clearance Reward

  • 150 Mahra
  • 300 Advanced Mahra
  • 1.5 mil Gold
  • 150 Advanced Sepulcrum

Sky Trail Stage 12 Rewards Wartune Patch 7.5

However, much more important than the stage rewards are the newly adjusted daily rewards starting from Stage 11. These new rewards now give the possibility of earning Advanced items and here below I have prepared a compilation image for you to show some examples:

Patch 7.5 New Daily Sky Trail Rewards

These include new items such as:

  • 3 Moon Rocks
  • 3 Moon Dust
  • 4 Advanced Mahra
  • 8 Advanced Sepulcrum

Which can all be earned multiple times (luck based) as long as you are spending your energy to Explore Sky Trail. For example I had completely abandoned Sky Trail for many months – there was no point for me to do it and I ignored the Hot Event of it as well. However, now I do it daily as it is now again relevant for my character.

Sky Trail Stage 11 & 12 Daily Rewards Wartune Patch 7.5


Feel free to discuss or share your opinion.

  • Did I miss any important information – if i did, please share it.
  • Do you again do Sky Trail daily now like me or you always did it or never did it?
  • Do you like these new Sky Trail settings and stages of Wartune Patch 7.5?

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  1. to answer your question cosmos: yes i do like it. not only because it gives relative useful rewards for ppl who still dont have multiple red merges sylphes but also because the fights might become a challange again. well in stage 11 it still only took me 3 turns to win against a boss but im still optimistic and hope for alot harder stages.

  2. Mahra amount seem to be random. I’ve seen more than the amount that you say and less in some cases I think

  3. still not get divinity soul that suck and take VERY TINY amount in sylph expedition UH that wartune become SHIT

  4. sylph were here long before Eudaemon was come in

  5. all useless to me ,, lag killing this game now 70 secs to blitz , slyph exp is crazy ,,same everyday sorry , they take our money and make the game more unplayable

  6. A little more adv mahra/seps is good, along with moon stuff. Wish the amounts were a little higher, but it’s fine. It’s actually helpful.

    • Adv sep is useless they give it out at higher amounts than adv marha, you only need 50% Adv Green to Adv Blue. All the rest is just crap to fill inventory that can never be used.

      Moon rocks and moon dust is good sort of but I think re-evaluation of the merged aquisition is needed due to the recent changes.

      Prior to 7.5 the difficult to get item was Adv blue. This created a strategy to get a merged sylph by merging 1st evolved sylphs into orange Loki/Freya/Tyre the moon rock/dust was easier to get than the adv blue.

      Since 7.5 I think you might find that changed making moon rocks/dust obsolete or creating a dual strategy to create 2 merged at the same time. Adv Blue is no longer the most difficult to get and moon rocks/dust now are.

      Since we can get Adv blue we can now take advantage of doing the complete sylph marble events giving us 400 tokens per day to trade for useful items.

      Testing, my alt is getting enough adv blue to monthly do the event with adv blue/green and normal green. This allows me to upgrade 2nd evolved sylphs to red to take advantage of getting more tokens. I think you will find it takes 4-6 months of the event to get enough moon rocks/dust and emblems, in that 4-6 months you can also get 2 second evolved sylphs to red to merge without the moon stuff.

  7. how much is lvl in sky trail ??

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