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Sky Trail Drop Rate with 558 data points

Hey guys, in this article we share with you a drop rate analysis for Sky Trail based on 558 data sample collected by Kazuto (thanks!). I have prepared a visual chart to easily show the results which you can see below and here is what we find:

  • The most frequent drop, as expected, at 17.7%, is the 100,000 gold.
  • The most rare drop, at a small 0.7% chance, which is both hilarious and dumb, is the 1 single Star Sand. While the “more valuable” Star Tear Shard x15 is dropping at a 16.5% rate (I believe they made a mistake and these should have been visa versa and they never bothered to correct this).
  • The 40 and 60 Energy drop at 3.2% and 2.0% respectively, so 1 out of 20 chance only to get extra energy.
  • All the power ups, which we don’t really use, add up to 44.8%, so roughly half the time the drops are “useless”.
  • And finally, Sepulcrum drops roughly 1 in 10 (8.2% chance) , which is probably the main reason for most players for grinding Sky Trail daily.

Sky Trail Drops Table

And here is also the data in table format:

Item Drop # Dropped % Rate
100,000 gold 99 17.7%
Star Tear Shard x15 92 16.5%
Defense Bonus 60 10.8%
Attack Bonus 53 9.5%
Sylph Sepulcrum x20 46 8.2%
Hero HP 38 6.8%
Natural Protection 34 6.1%
Vulcan Wrath 33 5.9%
Paean of Life 32 5.7%
Star Tear – Fire x1 25 4.5%
Energy +40 18 3.2%
Star Sand x2 13 2.3%
Energy +60 11 2.0%
Star Sand x1 4 0.7%
Total 558 100%


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  1. I normally grind Skytrail for Gold ONLY.
    Plus anytime I need to pot up, instead of click buying hp potions, i pop in sky trail n heal up.
    It turns out much quicker to me 🙂

    PS: did you get the mail with the furniture/count of archeolgy??

  2. Heya, thanks for sharing your opinion, it’s always great to hear new ideas from other players 🙂
    Yes I got the email, I am just trying to handle everything alone and it is a lot of work, so just doing one thing after another 🙂

    • I can give you another section of 441 data points from Sky Trails. Assuming it hasn’t changed since this new one came out in 2015. I did it for a while then stopped bothering, but still have the excel spreadsheet that contains the information.

      • sure email me and I will see what it is

  3. Yay four of our servers top toons quit lol nice

  4. hi it is a bit off-topic – but what is
    the content of this dubious mail that top players
    quit? is there a nerf on archeology?

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