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Single Dog Mount Info, Stats & Animation

Hey guys, this post is dedicated to the first Wartune mount, Single Dog (), which is exchangeable by 1000 mini-event items (Cupid ) on the 11th of Feb. 2016. This is the first time the Wartune operations team has made a +100 mount easily accessible to most players (both cashers and free player), which is, of course, super nice for everyone.

The mount itself is sort of cute, I think in the “love it or hate it” category and, naturally, people who care only about stats will not care about the look 🙂

I took this mount right on Day 1 of the events by exchanging 1000 Cupid items, which is something that a lot of people who follow our website could do (we announced the event info 1 day in advance and I highlighted the ability to get this mount in my article) and below I share with you pictures of the mount as well as an animation that I have prepared for it at the bottom.

A very important question still remains to be addressed – is the Single Dog recyclable? Unfortunately I do not have enough items right now to test this for a 100% confirmation, so if anyone can confirm in the comments below this it would be great. I assume for now that it is indeed recyclable, which means that it would yield 400 Beast Souls  for 1000 Cupids  or 100 Red Wine Chests or, if you followed our advanced reports and exchanged, 100 Love Chests , which, of course, is a great deal for those players who still have mounts to purchase in the Mount Shop.

Update: it seems you can only exchange 1 mount.

Single Dog mount preview Cloud City:

Single Dog mount preview Stables:

Single Dog mount stats / item description:

Single Dog mount animation:

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  1. easy for free players? how so?

    alot of events has nerfed…so the return for cupid/chest is very limited..

    u dont thk r2 is that dumb not to do a calculated risk/return ^^

    • Well as a free player you have to plan and be smart, i got mine 100% free on Day 1 as i explained in the article. And if you followed our website you would have seen the event information 1 day in advance and you could easily do the same which i did – exchange the previous chests for Cupid. Collecting 100 chests from the previous event was very easy.
      – Cosmos

      • ah…which day was it? 11 feb? 10 feb?

        din even saw got such event…my bad…it didnt appear for me until too late

      • On 10 Feb you could read my article showing the events on the 11 Feb as I post every day “tomorrow’s events” and in this article you could see what is coming and that it is using Cupids and you could already prepare the Cupids on 10 Feb before events even started.

      • well, it was 4feb events that has the useful info on converting love chest into cupid…and that ended on 11 feb…
        just too bad…
        without remembering whats on 4feb most likely will miss it too…oh well better luck next time…thx

      • So You can only exchange for the Dog 1x?

    • If you were smart you wouldn’t open all those chest that you got from mahra and sylph event…I collected 400 of them easily and only used about 60 chest to get my cupid to 1000…



  2. Easily I took it. I exchanged the Love Chests. And took with these chests the clothing set too. And about 370 more chests remained to just open them or exchange them with something else.

  3. very nice article, i got mount too ty Cosmos for tip

  4. Recycle single dog card give 160 beast souls

    • can be recycled?

  5. ty anonymous

  6. just got the dog and cant recycle it
    so dont give fake info dude

  7. “I assume for now that it is indeed recyclable, which means that it would yield 400 Beast Souls”, in the article is wrote so its not 160 but 400 beast souls, but yes can recycle as all mounts which you have extra cards and activated already 1 time

  8. shouldnt be recyclable ATa LL YET, because it says in the exchange event that there is a limit of exchanging for the dogs only once per person. i dont see how it would be possible to recycle it unless sum1 traded the card(we dont have that system) or if they give the exchange again at a later date

  9. tomorrow when I get another 100 chests I will find out if its recyclable or not and let you know what “really” happens for me.

    • We are waiting…. 🙂

  10. anyone know if single dog is recyclable yet and the amount? thanks

  11. This is an absolute answer about recycling:
    You can’t exchange second Single Dog.
    So, to tell anything more, is totally useless.

  12. SO not worth getting second card to recycle?

  13. Is there any confirmation that the Exchange may only be made by the dog once?

    • What i wrote above…?

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