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Wartune Events 4 Feb 2016

Hey guys, here are the Wartune Events 4 Feb 2016:

Sylph Upgrade – 3 days

Unlimited Rewards:

During the event upgrade your Sylph 20 times, to receive: 5 Mahra + 5 Sylph EXP Scroll + 200k gold

Daily Rewards:


Love Chest

During the event, upgrade your Sylph 20 times, to receive: 5 1 100k
During the event, upgrade your Sylph 100 times, to receive: 25 3 200k
During the event, upgrade your Sylph 200 times, to receive: 50 5 500k
During the event, upgrade your Sylph 500 times, to receive: 125 10 2m
During the event, upgrade your Sylph 1000 times, to receive: 300 20 5m
During the event, upgrade your Sylph 3000 times, to receive: 1000 50 10m

Sylph Tamer – 3 days

One time ever reward collection – this is the same event that keeps repeating.

Login – 3 days (+7 days daily login rewards)

During the event non-VIP players can check-in to receive: 1 + 1 + 200k
During the event, VIP players can check-in to receive: 2 + 10

Increase Honor – 7 days

During the event raise 500 Honor, to receive:

100 Insignia  + 1 Double Honor Scroll  + 1 Cupid

Blessing Wheel – 7 days

Daily Rewards


During the event spin the Blessing Wheel 3 times to receive: 5 1 100 200k


Love Chest Exchange 1 – 7 days

Exchange Love Chest x1 to receive: 1 Sun Core or
1 Blast of Sun or
1 Wind & Water Emblem or
10 Cupids
Exchange Love Chest x30 to receive: Demon Fighter Helmet (Event Clothing – S quality)
Demon Fighter Weapon
Demon Fighter Armor
(see below for picture)
Exchange Love Chest x120 to receive: Demon Fighter Wings
Exchange Love Chest x1200 to receive:  Just Guardian Mount Card (+300 mount)
(see below for full stats)

Love Chest Exchange 2 – 7 days

Exchange Cupid x1 to receive: 10k gold or
1 Level 40 legend stone
Exchange Cupid x2 to receive: 1 Rough Stone or
1 Level 50 legend stone
Exchange Cupid x3 to receive: 10 Soul Crystals or
1 White Iron or
1 Level 60 legend stone
Exchange Cupid x5 to receive: 5 Mount Whips or
1 Level 2 gem


Consecutive Recharge – 6 days

Note: Recharge amounts reset at midnight every day. Recharge a minimum of 500 Balens every day to join the event. When a player recharges, they must log in to the game to activate the recharge.
Beast Soul

Love Chest

Recharge 1 day during the event to receive: 15 1 5
Recharge 2 days during the event to receive: 30 2 10
Recharge 3 days during the event to receive: 60 3 20
Recharge 4 days during the event to receive: 120 5 30
Recharge 5 days during the event to receive: 300 10 50

Epic Spender – 7 days

  • 2000, 5000, 10k, 30k, 50k, 80k balen spending
  • Not themed – focused on various resource rewards, but nothing particular

Related items:

Love Chest item description:

Cupid item description:

Just Guardian +300 mount item description:

Demon Fighter clothing set:

Connected Titles

Mount: Warden of Justice: +2000 PATK/MATK and +8000 HP

Clothing set: Demon Fighter: +2000 PDEF/MDEF and +8000 HP

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  1. 3000 soul crystals for blessing wheel event? are you sure?

    • thank you, was a typing error, corrected it, thanks for pointing it out
      – Cosmos

  2. 89 chests for 3k upgrades… this seems less than before, or is it just me??

    • It’s just you lol

    • Zenkai is right.It is unchanged.In 3 days(if you do 3k upgrades) you get 263 chests which is more than enough for clothes.

  3. ah~ thk god mahra unlimited event still there…

  4. very nice the new clothes i will get it ty

  5. Thanks, I must be thinking of the Adv sep event… for some reason I remember getting 100 or more chests

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