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Buying Title Mounts in Mount Shop and Redrock Dragon

Hey guys, in this post I want to give you a specific example from my mount buying strategy for title mounts in the Mount Shop.

Brief Discussion on my Mount Buying Strategy

As a short reminder, the mount buying strategy that I had recommended in the past was focused on gathering Beast Souls to purchase Title mounts before regular ones. The aim in this strategy is to buy all mounts in as short time period as possible and because Title mounts appear very rare it is important to never miss an opportunity. Some players gave correct feedback that getting regular mounts and refining them, purely from stats point of view, results in higher stat gain, but this is a misunderstanding of my strategy. While the stats feedback is correct the main point is being able to gather all mounts as fast as possible, so if a player spends his/her beast souls on non-Title mounts and then is unable to purchase the Title mount when it appears he/she may not see that mount appearing again for months and it is very common to find players who did not get any new Title mount during the Monday Mount Shop refresh for 4-5 weeks even.

Secondly, the mount refining events have been absolutely horrible in past months, so I did not even want to participate in them and, if you agree with this point, then without refining the purchase of non-Title mounts does not give more stats.

Redrock Dragon +200 mount example

Following my own strategy I had gathered over time 5k+ Beast Souls, which some players may consider as a lot. However, the Title mounts are very expensive and the Redrock Dragon Card, for example, costed 3120 Beast Souls, which took more than 50% from all my saving in 1 click. If I had spent my Beast Souls on regular mounts I would have missed the opportunity of grabbing this cool mount. Additionally, if I had gotten 2 Title mounts in the Monday refresh, even though I did my best to collect a lot of Beast Souls, they would not have been enough to get 2 mounts. And even if a Title mount appears next Monday I probably will not manage to collect around 1000 more in 1 week.

My Redrock Dragon achievement

Playing 100% free way it is very difficult to get the new cool mounts (aka Title mounts), so even though it took months, I was very happy to carefully plan and get this mount and I was very surprised on how long it is LOL 🙂

Redrock Dragon mount animation

Redrock Dragon +200 mount stats and description


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  1. After what devs have done to mount refining event i call off my last comments about your strategy. Let the beast soul colect event begin lol 🙂 gratz for that mount 😀

    • Thanks 🙂

  2. How do you collect so many beast souls?

    • over time + daily active + smart planning (e.g. i wrote guide for archaeology rewards where players can choose the correct map for most beast souls) + basically any possible action to get as many of them as possible (chest drops, fishing, exchanges, etc)

      • One thing most new plays do not know though is you can get title mounts for 500-8,000 beast souls

      • And sometimes waiting for a cheap title mount to show up is a good idea if they want more for same amount

  3. It is the same way. if you get all the normal mount first and then the mount tittles after is the same as the mount titles first and then normal . both ways take the same time, the point depends on how many beast soul you can get and how fast . i prefer do first normal mount, there are cool style mount that i want time ago when only cacher can get. 😀 😀

    • Sorry that is just totally wrong. Normal mounts are always available. Title mounts are not always available. Therefore the entire point of making these articles – otherwise i would not waste time if it was all the same like you describe.

      • like i describe is me point, how i see (dont missunderstand :D). Since free player no have much chance to get beast soul fast, there are form to get beast soul, i know.. but you need accept that take time get enough. Is same way both forms will take alot time get they all.

  4. Normal mounts cost 12 beast soul/stat increase. So, for 3120 beast souls, you could have gotten +260 to stats from normal mounts (non-title). So what I want to know, is the stat increase from the title worth +60 to all stats? If not, then I think your strategy is backwards.
    Not to mention the greater number of stars you would be able to refine from several normal mounts. That mount would be 5 stars I assume, but normal mounts would result in 13 stars or an additional +130 to stats.
    So, after refining, you get +250 to stats and title, smaller mounts gives +390 to stats and no title.

    • 1) Please read the paragraph titled “Brief Discussion on my Mount Buying Strategy” – you missed the entire point of mounts not available for purchase and mount rarity.

      2) If you don’t know the mount title is +2000 PATK and +5000 HP. And yes that is significantly more than +60.

      3) Also in the above paragraph is explained about mount refining problems.

      Sorry it seems you simply have not read the article.

    • What he means is that you can get the normal mounts at any time in the game, but you can’t get these title mounts because they are so rare. Even though the title mounts appear to have less stats, it is better to get them because they will never be in the game for a long time unless you refresh the shop a lot, but the normal mounts will be there every day 24/7 so you can get them eventually, and you also gain more stats in the long run than if you had not purchased the title mount.

  5. You should update the thread i added a couple more mounts with titles you can buy

  6. i see the title mounts not only give title together with mount but also increase movement speed +110% and can fly too, btw, congrats Cosmos, very nice mount!

  7. so what is the best way to farm beast souls?

  8. Sorry but your strategy is fancy mount + fancy title. This is not the best way to get br. Big title mounts very rare in shops? no not rly, I get 2-3 per month. Let people choose how they want to spend their beast souls.

  9. I agree with the writer. Even though stats wise it isn’t the best strategy to stock beast souls and not buy anything till a title mount pops, if you want to collect all mounts asap, this is the best strategy.

    I started 2 months ago in new server and got around 2k beast souls. I think you can gather around 1000 each month.
    The problem with title mounts is that they appear rarely. So, every title mount we get early is like 2k balens we’ll save later for refreshing available mounts.
    If someone has practically unlimited bound balens, he can easily go for normal mounts, and when he gathers them all, he can refresh mount list for 2k balens and get the others.

    For low cashers and free players this isn’t a good option. They have to plan ahead and keep enough beast souls, in order to take advantage of any title mount that appears 🙂

  10. Gratz on the mount, now that we can get more then 999 nickels it makes it easier to save up to get the extra beast souls.

  11. congrats on getting that mount!! it looks really cool!! i want one heheheheh I’m going to save and try to get that redrock dragon mount

  12. Er.. i need to say this 1st. I always, always have/had 2 title mounts in shop every week. Usaly one i already have one i dont. Issue here, is that higher cost mounts r very rare to appear(1260 beast souls up), but they do. Which gives u a lot more time to gather a lot more beast souls. Seams that Cosmos plan is right on. To bad R2 lowered the beast rate drop from archeo, but heck we can still get other things to get the beast souls other way. Another point, the beast souls collected fron event chest’s this last month didnt came on the Sylph event’s, which for free players r ofc a major income source. Gz on the mount.

  13. Hey do u think it would be possible for u to create a talent xp weekly ratio chart after last update it now been increased in how much u can do

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