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Rave Event Details of 28 Mar 2017

Hey guys, here for your comfort and clarity i have compiled all the details of the 2nd Rave Event which starts on the 28th of March 2017.

Rave event 28 Mar 2017 – Main Points

Individual Points

Guild Points

Server Points

Rave Observations

  • In the top Spending rewards you get a +300 gentle mount Cute FeiFei Card (thanks Fernando).
  • The free devotion rewards are pretty much the same as the previous event.
  • Individual rewards are useful orbs to make sylphs stronger.
  • Guild rewards are the same adv. mahra and sepulcrum, again, to make sylphs stronger.
  • The “most important” server rewards do have a useful item – smelting stones, however, I predict that a lot of players will be angry or disappointed because this was the only free way to get a good amount of Fusion Chi which has now been removed.

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  1. cute fei fei is a mount on the gentle page +500 stats and 50 max lvl 300 strenght

    • ah thanks

  2. to bad no chi on server points, but stil if we imagen how long it would take to get 60k bb, im not gonne complain, the chi goes a bit faster. Stil i think instead of 1k chi for one fusion, could have been better if it was just the chi we could use, 1 chi worth 60b/bb, if you have for example 30k bb already, then use 500 chi first and the rest with bb. but sadly it isnt like that.

    • yes great idea if the chi’s itself could been used this way instead of one fusion spirit

  3. Guys, i have 1 question:i forgot to use my fun coins from last event, do they still “work”? ☺️

    • yes

    • I just tried, fun coins from last event do work, we can stack them up with new ones

  4. Thanks COSMOS

    • you are welcome Mookie 🙂

  5. Yeah I’m disappointed in them for removing the fusions

  6. Keep in mind that on the last event, some of us didn’t got the server 1 place reward. The explanation was: you need to have at least lvl 1 on personal points

    • as i posted on our FB page: “Note: to get RAVE Server + Guild rewards you must have minimum 1000 individual points”
      – Cosmos

      • not necessary i got 500 indiv points and could claim the guild and server rewards

  7. The developers are greedy and stupid. I was hoping to get some fusion chi from server rewards and now they removed it.

  8. Well no fusion chi for server reward is kinda fair i guess because small servers wont ever have a chance what so ever to get the rewards. smelt stones are decent rewards i guess.

  9. So it says, individual points gained by completing hot events, but as far as i can see, that doesn’t work at al. Does anyone if there is a specific hot event for that or that they are talking about the rewards of hot event and using that to up your individual points.

    • basically you get Fun Coins and you must use those to get the points, so the points are not directly deposited

      • yeah was afraid of that, oh well, thx

  10. Ty Cosmos for your work!

    • welcome buddy 🙂 thanks for taking a moment to write

  11. Hi Cosmos, maybe a stupid question but what would you do?
    I am not a big spender so is a epic seal a good option/deal? or just keep saving the Chi for more events in the future?

    a epic seals Aris: what do you get for it? I mean it’s organge but with a low BR?

    Love your site BTW and thnx for the answer already 😉

    • Hi, thanks for the compliment and being our fan 🙂
      If you are semi active or active you can easily make the epic sylphs yourself as mahra/sepulcrum are very much available and upgrade items come 1-2 times per month in Exchanges, so for me the Epic seal for Fusion Chi is a last resort (like if they announce tomorrow they are stopping the whole thing).
      I’d suggest for non-cashers and light-cashers to plan for Loki specifically, work on preparing this: //
      while gathering enough for 1 Fusion Spirit
      P.S. if can, plz support us via Patreon:

      • Thnx Cosmos for your advice and i will do just that i think. a Loki sounds good enough for me.

  12. u can get level 1 rave points easily. u get 210 points a day and the event or usally 5-6 days u get 200 devo u get fun coins that worth about 210 points. each day 200 x5=1000 boom there your level 1

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